Staggering, Eye-Opening History of Britain’s Monarchy and Its Colonies and Why the Crown is Being Dismantled

Kevin Annett shared this with regard to Canada’s current steps to sever remaining ties to the Crown, and urges the other colonies to do the same because the British Monarchy is a sham and must be abolished to return us all to sovereign beings and nations.  

He says, “our colleagues in England, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand must take precisely the same step.” 

 Kevin’s history lesson is certainly one that never found its way into MY classes at school.  Fascinating, and good to know that we are systematically taking the air out of the corrupt government and justice system across the board in favour of Common Law—the only REAL Law of the Land.  ~ BP

King Charles Stuart

FROM KEVIN ANNETT 😉 Republic of Kanata Background Paper No. 1 –

The Basis for the Republic of Kanata and of England:

The History and Lawfulness of the Abolition of the “Crown” – A Brief Survey of Constitutional and Legal Precedents, and Applying them to our Work Today

The Commons of England assembled in Parliament declare that the people under God are the origin of all just power … and have the supreme authority of the nation. Whatsoever is enacted and declared law by the Commons alone has the force of law, and all the people are included thereby, with or without the consent of the king.
– An Act to Establish the High Court of Justice, House of Commons, London, January 4, 1649

It has been found by experience that the office of a monarch in this nation holding such power in any single person is unnecessary, burdensome, and dangerous to the liberty, safety, and public interest of the people … Be it therefore an Act ordained by the present Parliament, that the office of a king or other monarch in this nation shall not henceforth reside in or be exercised by any one single person and that monarchy be dispensed with in its entirety, as the chief threat to the people’s well being.

– An Act Abolishing the Office of King, House of Commons, London, March 17, 1649

For it is clear both by scripture and the laws of England that monarchs are anathema to divine law. Kings are of man’s creation, not God’s, and therefore they stand under judgement and the common law.
– John Cooke, public prosecutor of King Charles 1 (from “Monarchy: No Creature of God’s Making, Waterford, 1651)

Let the Chosen be joyful in glory; let the high Judgements of the Lord be in their mouths, and God’s sword be in their hands, to execute justice against the rulers, and to bind their kings in chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron, so that they may execute upon them the judgement that is from God. This is the honour given to God’s Chosen. (Psalm 149:5-9)
– Cited in the Judgement of the High Court’s trial of Charles Stuart, 1649

On January 30, 1649, the King of England, Charles Stuart, was executed in London after being lawfully convicted by a Parliamentary High Court of Justice for treason and conducting a war against the laws and people of England.

Weeks later, on March 17, 1649, the English Crown, including the Monarchy and the House of Lords, was legally and forever abolished and constitutionally prohibited in England. It was declared a treasonable act to attempt to re-establish monarchy and proclaim anyone King or Queen.

Eleven years later, this defunct royal power was reimposed on England and its colonies, fraudulently and illegally, by a military coup of Charles Stuart, son of the deposed King. The new regime that “restored” the monarchy was an illegal and de facto power, unlawfully created as an act of war against the laws of Parliament and the will of the people. Thus, every British monarch since 1660 has ruled illegally and unconstitutionally.

For three and a half centuries, we have lived in the shadow of that imposed tyranny and its fraudulent and unlawful authority. In reality, the English Crown has no just or operable power, and never has had, since its legal abolition in the spring of 1649.

The aim of any patriot and adherent of the common law in England, Canada or any so-called “commonwealth” nation is to reclaim the lawful authority established by the Parliamentary Republic in England in 1649, and unseat the de facto corporate fiction known as the “crown of England” and its propaganda arm, the church of England and its master in Rome.

It is not only lawful and right to stand on the Republican constitution and laws of the original Commonwealth, but it is the requirement of God’s law that monarchy, like papacy, be abolished. The rule of one man or woman is antithetical to God’s authority, to natural law and the requirements of liberty, as enunciated in the First Commandment: “Thou shall have no other gods (authorities) before me” (1).

Monarchy, whether secular or religious, is idolatry, for it places one ruler, whether king or pope, as co-equal with God, beyond law or judgement. And when such a solitary ruler has also been found guilty of crimes against the people, their continued reign becomes intolerable.

In 1649, Charles I of England was lawfully convicted of waging a treasonous war against his own people. Elizabeth II of England has similarly been lawfully convicted of committing treason against her people and her coronation oath, and of participating personally in crimes against humanity. Accordingly, on February 25, 2013, Elizabeth Windsor was deposed from her office and ordered arrested by a lawful common law court of justice convened under the laws of England.

Because of this recent verdict, there exists no legal authority in Canada, England, or any Commonwealth nation. The laws of the “crown” are inoperative today, as are the oaths of allegiance taken to the Crown by every politician, judge, police officer and soldier in these nations. Therefore, in the absence of any authority, the opportunity has been created to re-establish the lawful and sovereign Republic constituted by the People in Parliament in 1649, whose laws have never lost their authority.

Despite this, out of fear or ignorance, many people raised under the fiction known as the “crown” still hesitate from seizing back their own power as sovereign men and women from the mistaken belief that the “crown” still is lawful and legitimate. The first task of any common law Republican movement is to educate the people through word and deed of their own God given natural liberty, and unite them in a new nation of equals.

This process has begun, through the rise of a common law movement to re-establish the rule of law and trial by jury in Canada, England, New Zealand and Australia. But common law courts now being formed in these countries lack a constitutional basis and thus, ultimate legitimacy, operating as they are in the present political vacuum of a discredited “crown” law that has not been replaced with a Republican constitution and nation. And so to attempt to create common law courts without the overarching political authority to do so is to place the cart before the horse by setting up courts that have no constitutional authority, and whose judgements can therefore be considered invalid.

It is for this reason that the efforts today to create common law courts in Canada, England, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand must be accompanied by a similar movement to establish, and re-establish, a constitutional Republic in these lands. For without such legitimating power behind the courts, one cannot honesty answer the question, “Where do you get the authority to convene common law courts?”.

In a nutshell, that authority derives from a Constitution established by free men and women gathered as equal sovereigns under God and the natural law: not under de facto rulers. This principle runs throughout centuries of common law verdicts in England, in which authority rests in the people gathered as “the Commons”, meaning within free political assemblies such as Parliament.

The Parliamentary Act establishing the High Court Act of January 4, 1649 stated “the King can not challenge the legitimacy of a court established solely by the Commons … for henceforth, monarchs may not preside over government according to divine ordainment or sovereign immunity”. In short, as of that date, the people were under to be the source of law, not kings or rulers:

“The Commons of England assembled in Parliament declare that the people under God are the origin of all just power … and have the supreme authority of the nation. Whatsoever is enacted and declared law by the Commons alone has the force of law … with or without the consent of the king.”

Applying this to today, no common law court we establish can be declared illegitimate by the “crown” as long as such courts rest on a Constitution ratified by the Commons: by the people in sovereign assembly. And it is such an Assembly that is gathering, in Canada, on October 27 in Winnipeg, to frame a new Constitution and Nation. And our colleagues in England, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand must take precisely the same step.

Future papers will discuss why the “Restoration” of the monarchy in England was fraudulent and invalid, and established a de facto government that has no operating or lawful authority, either then or now. Common law and Republican activists must be armed with this knowledge to re-educate the people once more in liberty, and fortify their efforts to actively reclaim the law and the land for a sovereign nation.

Issued 20 July, 2014 by The Provisional Council for the Republic of Kanata


(1) In Hebrew, the commandment’s even broader condemnation of all rival authorities is clear, as it reads, “Never will there be opposing rulers (eloyhim) over me.” Eloyhim refers not to a single god, but to a collective authority: any group of rulers or magistrates. The First Commandment specifically prohibits any higher authority than God and the divine law: all other authorities are below God, and subject to God’s law.Sources: The Tyrannicide Brief by Geoffrey Robertson (London, 2005); Constitutional Documents of the Puritan Revolution (Cambridge, 1906); Cromwell: Our Chief of Men (Antonia Fraser, 1972)


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12 thoughts on “Staggering, Eye-Opening History of Britain’s Monarchy and Its Colonies and Why the Crown is Being Dismantled

  1. people power has always been the answer………..then we have to put up with other people who feel they r our police….even though we never asked them to be……

  2. douglasjack says:

    Starship, I lived among Dukobour, Mennonite & Quaker cooperattive peace communities during the 1970s. None of these communities formally immigrated when they landed here & joined with 1st Nations. They all ascribed to the protection, jurisdiction & laws of the colonial state. The result was quite different from what they had intended.

    Even though given the abundance appropriated from 1st Nations & their own capital investment & realization of huge economies, all these communities were stillborn mostly because they did not know how to recognize each person & all contributions to their economies. Eventually all mostly abandoned the very viable co-op economies which they had built. To say success is in the details of the here & now.

  3. douglasjack says:

    Starship Earth: Big Picture (Kevin?) I agree with you that truth must be spoken about what people have & are suffering under these perverted rulers. The question is how or what steps are to be taken from here so that we recapture popular ability for mutual-aid, ownership & decision-making control?
    When the Finance-Media-Military-Industrial-Legislative-Complex is owned by many of these same aristocrats particularly the British Monarchy, Catholic Jesuit order & Rothschild oligarchs & a bevy of billionaires, we do not have relative access to media, finance or legislature.
    Mohandas Gandhi & India faced with this same ‘control’ dilemma decided in 1919 when Gandhi returned from S. Africa to implement ‘Swadeshi’ (Hindi ‘self-sufficiency’). Proactively they decided to concentrate efforts not first on protest, courts, politics, but upon re-cultivating traditional Indian essential service economy. Only a small part less than 10% of the Indian economy completely joined Swadeshi but this was enough to: provide essential goods & services for the population, create Indian ownership & force parasite British & empire corporations into bankruptcy.
    The Kaianerekowa as a popular-based economic policy is more articulate. Upon viewing colonist isolation in detached nuclear homes starving among plenty, 1st Nations suggested to us to join together with them in multihome collaboration & participatory ownership abundance. Today participatory corporations are the most profitable, innovative & environmentally responsible corporations on earth. Few realize that the multihome (Longhouse/apartment, Pueblo/townhouse & Kanata/village) complexes which 70% of us live in today are corporate economies of 1 – 10 million dollars per year. The average size of multihome complexes is about 32 dwelling units or 100 people. In such critical mass economy units, all of us may participate.
    In LaSalle-Gardens (Kahnawake-north) we have been developing an open source neighbourhood Community Economy software called ‘Do-we-know-who-we-are-?’. In the indigenous African tradition from which it arises, it includes an online neighbourhood (100 – 5000 people) owned website with a Human-Resource-Catalogue, Resource-Mapping & Community Investment & Exchange System CIES. Activists need to pay attention to & Folks need to attend to their livelihoods. CIES is designed so everyone (Founders, Workers, Suppliers & Consumers) become progressive owners.

    • Douglasjack…while your wisdom is completely right on for this consciousness, I think it’s safe to say that we needn’t worry too much about how things will progress after The Shift, because we will all have experienced a leap of consciousness, and will be addressing issues from that new perspective.

      Soon, we won’t need to be concerned about livlihood, because we will want for nothing and there will be abundance for all. People who choose to spend a few hours a week in service to others will do so out of choice and a strong desire to serve the One, while we also enjoy the New Renaissance or Golden Age.

      Once we find ourselves in that new consciousness, we may find we approach some issues very differently, while other issues simply vanish and are no longer there to be addressed. We will ALL know who we are.

  4. douglasjack says:

    RE: “Canada’s current steps to sever remaining ties to the Crown”.
    As a policy as we look to reform our alliances from colonial institution to indigenous culture, its so important to consider ‘indigenous’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) meaning, origin & purposes of structures. We need to research & understand humanity’s 100s of 1000s of years of indigenous heritage. Before we ‘react’ to superficialities, we need to understand their deeper patterns & ‘pro-actively’ reintegrate these diverse parts of our being.
    KING (example as lost meaning)
    ‘King’ (related to Old English cynn “family, race” (see kin), making a king originally a “leader of the people;” / “c.1200, from Old English cynn “family; race; kind, sort, rank; nature; gender, sex,” from Proto-Germanic *kunjam “family” (cognates: Old Frisian kenn, Old Saxon kunni, Old Norse kyn, Old High German chunni “kin, race;” Danish and Swedish kön, Middle Dutch, Dutch kunne “sex, gender;” Gothic kuni “family, race,” Old Norse kundr “son,” German Kind “child”), from PIE *gene- “to produce”)

    • douglasjack… based on the atrocities committed by the Windsor family and the Crown through the ages and the purely evil nature of that ruling class, I don’t think notifying society that ‘king’ (kin) is a simply a ‘superficiality’ will go over well. We, as a race, will need to make a complete break from the old, to the new governance, and to do that will probably not want any reminders of what ‘king’ and ‘queen’ did to us and will choose new terminology in line with our knowledge that we are all sovereign and equal.

      When Humanity recognizes that we are all One, then everyone who aids in the governance will be ‘kin’, anyway. I suspect we will be adopting at least SOME of the terminology and concepts and structure for governance used by the peaceful star nations.

  5. John Stevens says:

    Amen It’s about time! Cheers

  6. macdonalddon says:

    The way this is laid out, it will open a lot of eyes and get people processing and snapping to greater awareness they’ve been sold a false bill of goods and rooked into slavery and worse.

    What a bombshell to drop on people in “authority once you have gotten them to answer a few moral and ethical questions.

    I’ll be showing this around..what a conversation starter this would be at the local Johnny Horton donut shop.

    Not at Hortons though…I’m trying to put off that coronary til the very end.

    • macD… I suspect a few of your friends may have a coronary when they learn what the monarchy has done.

      • macdonalddon says:

        Hopefully BP, before that happens their brains will have already short circuited and reset while processing what they’ve just learned, allowing them to calmly and rationally analyze and assess what has been going on while they were watching the news.

        What times Matlock on ?

  7. douglasjack says:

    Kevin Annett, Navneet Gupta, Interesting colonial history, but lets focus on true ‘indigenous’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) sovereignty & less on the perversion of what once was European sovereignty. Human sovereignty always flows from love & never flows from violence.
    Instead of contextualizing Canadian history in terms of foreign Britain, what we really want to establish is what would have happened if British economic-ecological refugees from a destroyed & dysfunctional Britain had formally immigrated to 1st Nation communities, nations, confederacies & continental councils according to these laws & customs? The Iroquois ‘Kaianerekowa’ or ‘Great-good-way-of-kindness’ aka ‘Great-law-of-peace’ aka ‘Iroquois-constitution’ is linked worldwide with similar indigenous practices such as southern Africa’s Nguni ‘Ubuntu’ or ‘Human-kindness’. What would happen if those of us seeking truth & justice in our time, take up the responsibility to immigrate?

    To understand Kaianerekowa/Ubuntu’s integrated human culture, colonists must step back from political & institutional confrontation. Indigenous peoples everywhere lay the foundation for ‘political’ (‘workings of the many’) ‘democracy’ (Greek ‘power-of-the-people’) through an underlying ‘Economic’ (Greek ‘oikos’ = ‘home’ + ‘namein’ = ‘care & nurture’) Democracy. Indigenous Kaianerekowa/Ubuntu & various forms of these which were practiced everywhere worldwide, do this through 2 fundamental practices:
    1) Multihome living in critical masses of approximately 100 people where women-men, young-old in proximity are able to collectively & intimately collaborate. Talents & capacities are complementary. Privacy is afforded as today in multihome dwellings in which 70% of the world’s population live, but as well the opportunity for interaction ennobles all. Domestic work is often collectivized into specialized Production Societies/Guilds with sharing of common tasks making for lighter & more heartened lives. Domestic work is accounted for fully as the core of all economy, often but not exclusively performed by women with Industrial & Commercial labours organized as subsets.
    2) Welcoming inclusive time-based accounting within each Production-Society/Guild PS/G integrates ‘capital’ (L ‘cap’ = ‘head’ = ‘wisdom’), ‘currency’ (L ‘flow’), social-security, education & communications into one integrated accounting cycle upon the String-shell. String-shell was used on every continent & every sea of the world such as the Cowry shell of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia & the Pacific, Wampum in Turtle-Island/North-America & Quipu of South-America. Everyone is a progressive owner over the course of their lifetimes within each specialized PS/G. When all can invest, all learning from the experience & study of the contribution, all have a stake & resulting intelligence, then all can be welcomed & empowered for their diversity of strengths.
    ‘KING’ = head of ‘KIN’ (‘family’)
    What few realize is that the economic democracy of Celtic Europe was broken over many 1000s of years through ‘exogenous’ (L ‘other-generated’) attacks from Babylon, Semite, Greek & Rome, with huge losses for peoples & a painful subconscious memory of loss which follows Europeans today. The word ‘King’ derives from ‘kin’ = ‘family’ & refers to a system of economic democracy in which the PS/G of Europe elected leaders. Women were at least equal & strong leaders in Celtic Europe who colonial folk tales still vilify as ‘witches’ (‘wise women’). With each person ‘caucused’ (Iroquois ‘grouping of like-interests’) together with collaborators in their areas of specialized expertise then they held democratic power far beyond just voting. The kings of England are simply a perversion of a much more democratic indigenous system of governance than political or parliamentary democracy is alone.
    Humanity’s indigenous ancestors everywhere cultivated a constellation of interdisciplinary checks & balances called the Circle-of-Life of which Kaianerekowa & Ubuntu are ‘fractal’ (‘part contains the whole’) generators. Following Celtic Europe’s defeat, then colonial Holy Roman Europe began Crusade looting of the Middle-east & a perverted aristocracy formed from a once Economic Democracy. Upon subsequent looting of Africa & then the Americas, these aristocrats became so concentrated in wealth that they secretly own all so called political democracies through their Finance-Media-Military-Industrial-Legislative-Complex.
    Everywhere worldwide, indigenous peoples were stewards of spaceship earth’s biosphere through 3-dimensional Polyculture Orchards which are 100 times more productive of food, materials, energy & water-cycle than 2-D ‘agriculture’ (L ‘ager’ = ‘field’). We can understand Babylon’s destruction of indigenous Polyculture Orchards (Garden of Eden) for a life of slavery, disease & scarcity. Polyculture photosynthesizes 92 – 98% of solar energy creating cold spots on the continent which draw warm moist ocean winds inland. 60% of water transfer is through condensation upon massive fractal leaf & bark surfaces. Tree roots descend 10s of metres, as deep as the canopy to pump water, mine minerals & develop nutrient colonies. Agriculture only photosynthesizes 2 – 8% of solar energy, reflecting over 90% back into the troposphere where it pushes wind from the continent to the seas & creates permanent desert. Ager roots descend only short centimetres leaving the earth hard-packed.

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