Crop Circle July 17: The Forests Way, Nr Roydon, Essex UK [video]

This is a really interesting one with myriad meanings.  ~ BP

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6 thoughts on “Crop Circle July 17: The Forests Way, Nr Roydon, Essex UK [video]

  1. vendo4151 says:

    I’m seeing 2 encircled spheres representing influences that are the 2 suns of our system. The smaller would be the black sun. The remaining 12 spheres are the planets. The brackets extending from the field of the suns are energetic influence and spiritual bonds. I doubt it’s just a matter of physical distance determining the order of influence portrayed. I think the 3 spheres bracketed left of the sun would be Venus, Earth, and Mars. They are children of the sun.

  2. This cell phone catastrophic result above is the major reason I hate posting. Lol. ;D

  3. Wanderer says:

    My gut feeling is also planetary/stellar alignment as well. I see the moon, Gemini and Mercury… in regard, or context of energies released in the ascension process.

  4. Spock says:

    Sorry, malevolent – not benevolent…seems this cropcircle pattern got me confused 🙂

  5. Spock says:

    The problem is, that those symbols are often misleading because of benevolent influence.
    So any interpretation is like a lottery 😦

  6. Hmmm, interesting. I just don’t know about that interpretation. Not sure, as I’m seeing it as alignment, and change in trajectory of the planets. But heck…what do I know. I’m not a specialist.

    I mean, the exact symbols on the ground? And what’s the message to me? Since the ‘we’ have the same types of ships as the ETs do, this could have been concocted by any of the military craft that’s used now to confuse people. And since when do the ET’s copy off of Earth’s own stuff that’s just there? Silly, don’t you think? Oh, well…still interesting.

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