Truck Load of Passports Found at MH17 Crash Site

Dahboo77 does it again… Let’s be careful out there, DB.  ~ BP

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6 thoughts on “Truck Load of Passports Found at MH17 Crash Site

  1. Rina R. says:

    Yes, we are learning to ‘look’ at planted evidence in these situations. Here is another video EVERYONE MUST SEE.
    ”Bizarre MH 17 Shootdown, Radar Cloaking and Northwoods” 8.5 mins. long

  2. Bridget says:

    If you watch closely at 4:12 you see a Dark red (Dutch)passport with a hole in it. Our govt makes these holes in your old passport when you come and buy a new one. So what is this passport doing there? You cant get on a plain with that kind of passport, so maybe it accidentely came on the pile with fake passports? and indeed, if you come to a scorced crash site and you find a pile of passports not even used or smeared with dirt or smoke not even crinckled… unreal. But on the othere hand peolple are missing, there are grieving families, so it is not a complete hoax like the twin towers plaines. So why the fake passports, it like they over complicate their sceme so it easier for us to see trough it???

    • Bridget… you made some important observations. I saw a passport a couple of days ago in a video with a hole punched in it, and we do the same thing in Canada. I have all my old passports that have been perforated and it’s obvious they are the expired versions. I don’t know who would have expired passports belonging to other people though, do you? Do you have to turn in your old passports when you get a new one?

      As for this stupid evidence, who knows why they do it, or who does it. This happens with every false flag. The people they hire to orchestrate these fake operations must be intellectually challenged, either that or someone is acting as whistleblower by adding this absurd “evidence” which, to any fully functioning person, shows the operation was contrived. Maybe they’re trying to wake up the public, I just don’t know.

  3. BUSsssted!! 🙂 Dahboo77 always has his eagle eye goin’.

  4. Suzanne says:

    The bodies they did pull out of the wreckage were already in decay… they were not fresh. A bunch of bagged blood was also found, along with some amazingly clean and fresh luggage and their contents. A lot of stuff was planted.
    Add to this that any Boeing product can be remote-controlled and you have your false-flag right there. No matter how many real people were aboard that plane, there wasn’t anything the pilots could have done to override the remote piloting.

  5. Oscar says:

    Dahboo77 if you notice now we have the proof what happens to a plane falling 10,200 meters above the ground and not pulverize like the planes in 9/11 as the investigator and the puppets said happen in Ohio and the pentagon and towers. Great Job D77.

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