Neil Keenan Update for July 22, 2014—It’s Show Time!

If the masses only knew what is going on these days… 

Won’t it be fun when we can sit around the campfire and tell stories, their eyes wide with disbelief?  ~ BP



(A video update by Neil Keenan)


Since arriving here in Jakarta nearly two weeks ago – both the pace and developments have been relentless. The past two weeks seem more like two months, as the scope and magnitude of what we do here appears to expand, not by the day – but by the minute!

The cabal are desperate as they accelerate their efforts in line with their agenda to seize the global collateral accounts.

Almost immediately following our recent “Three Strikes and You’re Out!” video update, Neil Keenan received an urgent call from a high level contact based in South Korea.

We the people face an imminent danger which must be curtailed!

Joint naval exercises currently taking place off the coast of South Korea are a sophisticated cover for the biggest gold heist in history! In this urgent video message an unusually sombre Neil Keenan provides details of the plan, the perpetrators behind it and the vital imperative to expose and curtail it.

Now more than ever we must remain focused and vigilant in our mission to defeat the power elite, to thwart their last-gasp efforts to replenish their war-chest; cull the majority of human kind – and enslave the rest!

This is not a “don’t miss” update; it’s a must see message for the world!

As the cabal are accelerating their efforts to seize the global accounts, so must we then accelerate and intensify our efforts to protect and free them.

As promised here is the name of the THIRD ELDER holding the depositors assets under the guise of the GLOBAL ACCOUNTS:


He is to manage the people’s treasure at the UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND GENEVA

Identification Code        56400933.  A.045

Country Code Djakarta       342009771

Indonesia                        45005

Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan

Transaction Code             340080979.  C.D.

It is possible and most likely that many of the original names to be mentioned are individuals who have since passed away and the assets are now in the hands of their family members.

Therefore, the family members are demanded now to Cease and Desist their attempts to market the assets of the Global Accounts and/or the Soekarno Accounts.



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8 thoughts on “Neil Keenan Update for July 22, 2014—It’s Show Time!

  1. nikiwonoto says:

    Dear Neil Keenan,

    I am a lightworker & truthseeker from jakarta, Indonesia myself,
    and I am honestly very surprised to read that that money account is actually from my own city & country (Jakarta, Indonesia)!

    I would really love to be able to help you, passionately! as I am also quite multi-talented in many areas.

    please do contact me, if you don’t mind to ask for my humble helps..!

    Let get this done ASAP , for the entire humanity, & the NEW earth !

    from Jakarta, Indonesia

  2. artellion says:

    Reblogged this on Cosmic Peek and commented:
    Great strides are being made to expose the true motove of capitalism… divide and conquer. Once money is no longer an issue or a barometer for “success”, the beauty of mankind will shine and challenging its direction will seem illogical to all but the fading.CP

  3. Wanderer says:

    To clarify my first comment, BP, it was Neil’s comments about Cobra that made me laugh. And yeah, Neil likes to stroke his ego too… as do the majority of those who seem to be in the forefront of what’s happening right now. It does get tiresome though, doesn’t it? We’re all doing our part in our own way. Just like you, sister! We’re the grunts and foot soldiers. And we don’t give a shit about getting credit or acolades… we just want to be done with the ego-fest… we just want to go home.

  4. Wanderer says:

    Everyone has an ego, sister. Not saying Cobra is a fraud, but I don’t view him as the be all, end all authority on the ascension process. He has no idea when it will happen, and neither does anyone else, because it’s both an individual as well as a collective experience. It will be triggered only when the tipping point is reached in regard to individual and collective consciousnes… that is to say, when everyone has reached a certain level of conscious awareness and are at last ready to let go and take the leap. It’ll happen when it happens… it will take everybody by surprise. Even Cobra.

  5. Wanderer says:

    That swipe at Cobra cracked me up. Been thinking for awhile now that Cobra was a little full of himself and stroking the old ego a bit.

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