What’s Up with the Moon Tonight? (July 21) Bizarre Activity Reported Across USA


Nick says… “He’s posted a follow up! apparently this happened in ’98,,, who wants to run some numbers about what went on in ’98,,,Archon support force, Galactic convergence,,,,etc, etc,,”


After watching the update video above that BPEarthwatch did on the sun activity, I went to his website.

Sorry—here’s the link. http://bpearthwatch.com/

There’s a chat there and people are floored by the moon tonight. Really odd stuff going on.

For example…

“Guest 323 ….know anyone in the Midwest?? I’m getting calls on a giant red moon…it’s..not even possible right now..and I’m at a total loss…..to explain what going on…….no clue…..”

“Anyone in Midwest…east…seen the moon? It’s huge and red!!”

People on the west coast said it had set already, and here in AZ it set around 3:30 pm.

What the bleep?!  Is the reptilians’ hologram malfunctioning?

What I DID see was a light in the sky zip over my house. If I had blinked, I would have missed it.

Strange stuff going on.

And suddenly huge gaps are appearing at the top of my blog posts, but when I view the code, there’s nothing there to indicate why it’s doing that.  ~ BP




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17 thoughts on “What’s Up with the Moon Tonight? (July 21) Bizarre Activity Reported Across USA

  1. Stephanie says:

    @mountainbert. Really? Then explain why the moon here in Texas on July 19th was coming up at 2:30 a.m. and was a huge orange quarter moon when it should have been a half moon. Numerous people witnessed it.

  2. I sure appreciate the input of folks reading everything. But I’m not anywhere close to the forest fires. The air, however, because of being surrounded by the Great Lakes is always humid, and that does contribute to breathlessness. But on that score, we’ve been losing the Oxygen levels that are supposed to be here, because of the geo-engineering. I’m in a rush, and out of time for posting all the sources, but they are out there. With the release of the chemical they’ve been experimenting with here, that cools the temps to near 45 degrees at night, (on occasion) there’s still an extreme ‘tackiness’ in the air, to the point of feeling like there’s cool water setting on my skin, and with the breezes/wind, it’s extremely chilling. But last night it was ‘something familiar’ to the psyche, and the soul..which made my hair stand on end, and get chills. Believe it or not there is a difference.
    LOVE this conversation…it offers so many other options. 🙂 ❤

  3. Dan W says:

    @leahanna……very interesting info on Niburu, I have been following the Planet X/Niburu stuff very closely for a couple years now, and like you that stuff is not fear mongering, it is something we need to take very seriously. Nancy Lieder’s website is probably the most comprehensive site with updates several times per hour about the earths “wobble” right now along with a lot of great contributors there as well.

    I encourage anyone who wants to connect another “dot” with what is happening in our world to take a look and expand your understanding of the physical transformation going on. If you’re new to this theory it can be a little unnerving, but its better we educate ourselves and prepare for anything to happen rather than bury our heads in the sand.


  4. 29501… Astro Bob may have shed some light on this. If that’s what it was, Aldebaron must have been pretty darn close for people to mistake it for the moon.

  5. mountainbert says:

    Its just the smoke from the forestfires on the west coast of canada……ITS NOTHING PARANORMAL OR THE END OF THE WORLD…..Sheesh….!!!

    • mountainbert… Riiiiiigt…LOL But I am wondering if Earth’s wobble could have brought us nearer to Aldebaron… or, if our movement to straigten up the mast shifted our position enough to cause that unique view of… something. So many mysteries!

  6. Janina says:

    Leahanna, I feel the same last year. When I am walking I feel not stable enough as if the Earth is pulling out under me feet. I am short of air sometimes, it is so stuffy though temperatures are 23 degrees C.

  7. Frances says:

    Leahanna – wow, that is really interesting.. It’s funny I’ve been feeling kind of woozy all day long and I didn’t think of anything until u mentioned it.. Could be it. As for feeling “light” on foot – I’m not experiencing unless because I’m heavy lol. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. BP – I’m rather glad you said that because I was beginning to think I was…sorta, ‘losing it!’ 🙂 I have to agree with you; and it does need to be at least one of the two possibilities; or could be a combination of both. But then, how are we to know for certain with all the ‘cover-ups’?

    I watched one video from within that one, and it was a young scientist, (Dr.) at one of the university observatories. He pin-pointed the Nibiru scenario for August, 2014. He was showing it on the computers, and also gave a tour of the giant telescope he was using there. But strangely, not only did this young man disappear, but he’s not been found since that night; yet someone who worked there on a different shift found the card from the camera he used, and gave it to the person that posted the video. SO, who knows anymore; all we can do is ‘play it by our intuitions.’

    This all reminds me of a few years back, when I was taking care of my grandkids, at my son’s house. After they were asleep, I stepped outside for a cigarette. I was horribly surprised by the ‘lack of vibrational sounds’ out there. I couldn’t hear the usual movement of my feet with shoes; (it was like I was barefoot); and the keys on my keyring didn’t jingle, but ‘clacked’; then just for the heck of it I clapped my hands together and there was absolutely ‘no echo’ on their covered porch, as it usually does. Just the smack, but low. Chills went up my spine, as I happened to look up and there was a ‘yellow’ haze in the sky. I went back in and closed all the blinds tight. I felt ‘strange’ to say the least. I repeated that action, however, the next time I went out, and it hadn’t changed. When the cars were driving down the street they lived on, all of them sounded like they were ‘puttering’…even the ones that should have been excessively noisy. And ‘no’…my ears were not plugged up. No vibrational sound what-so-ever. Regular sounds returned by 10:30 am the next morning. (I’d spent the night there.)

  9. I live in Michigan, and there was nothing after dusk. I just went outside again..and I’ll tell you the truth…Earth is on the move. As soon as I stepped on the street outside this building, I could most definitely ‘feel it’ under my feet.

    I will say that my shoes are light-weight, deck shoes that I clump around in, and there was ‘feeling’ under them; as though it’s a near ripple. I was ‘unsteady’ once again and I deplore how that feels, but I understand it all now. My hair standing on end with a chill, so something is most definitely going on.

    IMHO…we’re being pulled. That’s the only possible explanation for this. I felt a bit ‘stifled’ for air, and I heard from within, ‘don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine; but go inside because you’ll be safer there.’ Now THAT I never got/heard before, after being told to ‘come outside.’ LOL 🙂 Maybe at my age they’re concerned about me falling…although, when I’m out there that’s exactly how I feel.

    I’ve always been extremely sensitive to ‘motion.’..and that includes just now because while I was walking back to the door I was slightly nauseated; and I ‘never’ get that way unless I eat lousy food, or am getting ill, which is very rare.

    Someone also had a video on YT about Nibiru, in June 2014. After they chemed the sky, there were flashes, which could have been lighting, but it was weird. He notes that it was like they’re pulsing the clouds; then, and just before the end you can see the orange spot to the right. (I also have a photo of that from a few years ago, when I was taking pics of the sun.)

    From June, 2014. As ‘odd’ as this video may seem in the beginning, it will show the definite pull of the magnetosphere from Nibiru on the specific dates he gives it to; provided by the Nibiru watch; UK. Not fear mongering, but facts that we do need to be aware of.

    So, that could be what we are feeling, is the magnetic pull on Earth, which would certainly give us that ‘unsteadiness, or that woozy/dizzy feeling’. And, since scientists have announced that the magnetic poles are weakening 10 times faster than ever before, this could just be a ‘real possibility.’

  10. Frances says:

    I am in Sacramento, CA and I see no moon at all so I’m staying up a little bit late and wait for it to rise so maybe I’ll see something? Something weird happening lately anyway.

    • Frances, I checked and the moon set in Az at 3:24 pm and will rise very early in the morning so it has already set on the west coast. It sounds like the red “moon” was a planet or a ship.

      • Frances says:

        Starship – I won’t be surprised if it wasn’t moon and a planet or even a mothership. I sure hope to see something tonight. Enjoying my coffee 🙂

  11. June says:

    I live in NE Ohio. Was out after nightfall. I saw no Moon. That is the strange part. No Moon. And if it was out and red, everybody would have noticed that.

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