Possible Event Update for July 21st

Here’s a comment from beneath another YellowRose video that sounds like promising news. Thanks, Spock.

From one week ago, around July 14th… it sounds like it was relayed from YellowRose through someone else due to technical difficulties…

“The last negotiations stall was over on the 11th, the sequence was started. Then, as of around midnight, we are in the ‘T’eed’ position. We’ve held that position for the last five hours. The big show, will commence at any time any hour. There will be a global announcement. Not sure if its trumpets, voice commands or what the ‘GA’ shows up as, but that occurs. Those sleeping, hear a tone or bell that wakes them as in wakes them to stand out of their body. We are pulled out of our bodies, and make the leap forward. Earth Emits us. The translation renews, and when we reach our destination, which appears to be a city directly parked in front of us in this port, we are all free. HA! It will be “Happy Independence Day”

Whatever this message means – it looks like our rescue might hopefully be at hand soon…

…and we can go home. 

Something sure feels like it’s going on. All morning I’ve been dizzy, and Mica has been simply wild, barking and woo-wooing for no apparent reason all morning, and no napping.

Could all that bizarre activity up there affect my DSL Internet?  I don’t know, but I’ve seen paint peel faster than my page load speeds over the past month and they can’t find anything wrong with our lines.

It sounds like that feeling some of us have had that “something is about to happen” may be right on the money.  Fingers crossed.

Cobra seems to have fallen out of favour with a few people over time, and now he’s incommunicado for 10 days or so. Don’t know what that means, but I don’t think we need Cobra online to have our “Event”, so no worries.  It’s all good.  ~ BP



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30 thoughts on “Possible Event Update for July 21st

  1. Glen Wallis says:

    An interesting connection here?

    “Secondly, the Cobra Event, which closes all slavery systems in this planet and reopens it as the symbol of conferment from your own God. I am only delivering what I must deliver to you because that is my responsibility.”


    • Demitra M. N. says:

      Thanks for sharing this link, Glen. Excellent update on the changes taking place behind the scenes. Most interesting to see the words “the Cobra Event…” mentioned therein and wondering if they are specifically referencing ‘COBRA’ as in the Resistance Movement and ‘EVENT’ as in The Event. If not, it’s a curious blending of two words packed with much meaning to those following the news of the Awakened community.

  2. elga13 says:

    Love is the Answer no matter the Question,i think we need to focus on us,,learn to connect to our Higher Self and shine the Light we are into the Shadow-Energy,it will have to dissolve,it can not sustain itself in a higher Frequency,,i think we have to concentrate on us,,to help each other and spread Love and Respect to all Things..we need to start with Us,,,help People to unplug from the Matrix,,we still judge too much what we see on the outside,,is it not a Reflection of our Inner?,,if we want Change,,we have to BE the Change,,,(just my Opinion)

  3. Demitra M. N. says:

    BP.. I agree, the most important thing any of us can do during these tumultous times is to get busy on our own personal inner work. AND YET, I can’t help but notice that a goodly number of people all over the place are SO unbelievably focused on everyone else’s business but their own. Finger pointing instead of stopping long enough to recognize that the judgment that has surfaced within them has almost zero to do with anyone else and everything to do with them. Other people are, after all, only convenient MIRRORS from where we can get a very good view of ourselves. We’ve been told this ad nauseum, so why are so few actually “owning up to” their neurosis and actively processing them rather than dumping their projections onto other people? How is that useful exactly? Well, it isn’t. Which leads me to the next point…

    If people are going to restrict themselves to being hopelessly helpless, judging and attacking the very people who are actively making a difference out there, then what, pray tell, is the value in believing that there cannot possibly ever be any outside help for us??? Come on, now .,, THat’s really scrapping the bottom of the hopelessly helpless barrel.

    Goodness me, so few on this sad, sad planet believe in their own power to overcome, and fewer still believe in the love and good grace of God.
    And that there IS the something bigger than ourselves that CAN and WILL help us. Every time we actively WORK on ourselves, and process our judgemental garbage, THat is us asking for help, and we ARE heard.

    But to believe that we and we alone have the kind of power required to extricate ourselves from the extent of damage we are labouring under, THat is pure ego speak. Clearly, based on the fact that sooo few people are actually getting their Self in healthy order, well, this situation is beyond our ken; our collective asses are in a very tight sling here. As I see it, because sooo few people are actually involved in self-correction, only a benevolent outside agency with a complete overview, can possibly get this job done.

    And I have to say, once the worst of the worst are dealt with, and we can begin to “clean house” without interference, each individual person STill has their work cut out for them. The Event is not going to make each person any more evolved or angelic than they are right at this moment. Each one is still responsible for processing their inner darkness, and so very very many have a lot of catching up to do.

  4. Bernhard Vyfvinkel says:

    What I want to see next is someone at the IRS sending out an official letter to all donors (taxpayers) thanking them for their donation. Should shake things up a bit?

  5. Ines Radman says:

    Cobra is a con artist enjoying the money he gets from generous donations. I have yet to see any proof of anything he claims to have done. Neil Keenan, in his latest update July 21 says in so many words that Cobra is a nobody. I have done extensive research on this entity and posted a few exposes. It’s not just our Governments and other agencies that we need to expose, but “humans” who are taking advantage of our condition like fake channelers, bad predictions, resistance movements, white hats and the likes. Nobody is coming to save us, only humanity can save itself. Yes, we will get help, but we have to start the work ourselves. I believe that once we get the truth out and disclosure happens that they will come and assist us. Some are already here waiting. I believe anyone out there that is claiming help is on it’s way or some higher dimensional beings are going to help are not on the correct path as their information is not empowering and this is what we need to discern. If the message is not empowering, if it doesn’t get us out of our chairs and motivates to act, then it’s not intended for our benefit. This is just my opinion and I’m sure there are those that will not agree with me, and that’s ok, just remember something. All of us here are here at the right time and right place. Whether we came to just observe, just be, just feel or expose truth, ALL of us have a role to play in the coming new era.

    • Ines, while I agree that we humans have to get off our duffs and do what we can to improve our situation, we have no idea what we are up against. Americans are sound asleep and not willing to wake up unless something happens to interrupt their lives in a way they cannot ignore.

      We, alone, cannot take down the cabal. They are thousands of years ahead of us technologically, and we need those who channel and communicate with the Galactics. We are not in a position to be too choosy about who the messengers are.

      I think it’s in poor taste for people like Neil Keenan to badmouth other messengers. There are too many inflated egos getting in the way these days, but that’s humanity, isn’t it?

      We should all be thankful for the assistance we have. Without it, we would’t even be here.

      • Ines Radman says:

        I agree but it also a fact that there are those using this as a means to enrich themselves, Cobra is one of them. I have been following this moves for 2 years now, he’s done nothing that we can measure/see/taste/feel, I think anyone that is honest will make an effort somehow to show what people are getting for their money. Another fact is that we are, most of us to say, are not able to “Discern” these folks are just totally disconnected from higher self because of the Archons, the etheric implants etc., all designed to keep us disconnected from higher self and Source. Very few people are in touch, they think they have discernment because they are using 2+2=4 mentality but discernment is a gut feeling a strong gut feeling and many folks do not have it. I always say, whenever I am doubting an entity that I hope I am wrong, I SO want to believe that Cobra is doing good, but my GUT is telling me he’s the opposite of light. So, we shall see, but so far, I have not been wrong, I guess there is always a first time. Blessings!

      • Ines… is there a messenger who has delivered on what they said was going to happen? Sheldan Nidle? David Wilcock? Ben Fulford? Tolec? Montague Keen? Neil Keenan? Drake? Archangel Michael? Not one.

        This blog is not about knocking the messengers and I don’t want to read any more comments that do so. You are all welcome to your own opinions and gut feelings about who is good and who works for the dark. Don’t try to sway others’ feelings about that. We have our own intuition.

        I share posts that most of us are interested in reading, and know how to handle. I’m not telling anyone what to believe. Take ’em or leave ’em. Thank you all!

      • Ines Radman says:

        I apologize. I’m sorry.

  6. @ SiriusOryon – I’m right there with you, only it happened today and yesterday. Trying to walk and not flop from side to side was ‘THE’ task of the day and night. Today was a real rip as well. I was trying to ride my bike to check the speeds. (having issues with it, and the derailleur/chain) and while attempting one of the sidewalks adjacent to the road I’m on, was a trip. I could not, in any way control the front end of the bike, because of the slant of the sidewalk, as the ‘earth is shifting here’. I went straight down into the ditch, thank goodness it was dry; didn’t fall off, but started to laugh because it was so comical, with my Woooooha Nelly!!

    Last night when trying to walk straight it was as though the earth beneath my feet was moving. Annnnddd, I also had company…high up in the air. 🙂 They’ve been showing up a bit more than usual, so I know it’s getting closer as I’ve ‘never’ had a difficult time walking on straight ground, feeling like it was coming out from under my feet. How STRANGE it was, to be sure.

    Yes, my company followed me all over the property, getting back to my place, and to the left of me, no longer behind me; and the walk isn’t far. Just up to the manager’s building. So, “they’re b-a-c-k!” 🙂

    This should lift ‘ya’all’ up. 🙂 First thing I thought of when I earth moved. lol 😀 We gotta be lift up WAY high.

  7. cindyloucbp says:

    I’ve been dizzy on awakening with minor joint pain the last three days.

  8. Yes, I’ve been feeling odd today, as well… Not dizzy, but I haven’t worked on any of my contracts…

  9. vendo4151 says:

    There’s just no possible way to reconcile Cobra with Rosey, .. lol. .. As for the rest, you said it peterpan, … not me, .. LOL

  10. atleast cobra was comprehensible. can’t say that for yellow rose. feels like a lot of behind the scenes things happening. so much for christine laggard’s 7’s……

  11. Robetr says:

    I have always been able to see some things in the near future. In fact pre season football season will start as normal. July is clear and a small part of August. That is as far as I can see right now.

  12. Sacredpeaks says:

    BP& Fellow Readers, Please relax and don’t worry! We are in good hands. Remember Buck Minster Fuller said Mother Earth is our “Spaceship Earth”. My guidance/intuition says we are already home but just need to realize it together. Peace, Love and many Blessings to all! We are the ones we have been waiting for!

  13. Anonymous says:

    According to Yellow Rose your dogs will be coming, too.

  14. SiriusOryon says:

    I have that dizzy, light-headed, subtle spinning sensation since midnight…

  15. Electra says:

    Just a heads up; there are major astrological shifts going on right now as well. All one after another ! From an astro point of view:
    7/1 Mercury stationed direct in Gemini
    7/12 Full Moon Capricorn
    7/13 Mercury re-entered Cancer (after the horrid retrograde period there)…now in forward motion.

    7/16 Jupiter after a year in Cancer entered Leo
    7/18 Venus enters Cancer
    7/20 Saturn (some claim the Lord of Karma and home of the Archons) stationed direct in Scorpio after being retrograde there for months.

    today 7/21…. Uranus in Aries went retrograde at 4:pm Eastern Time.
    Uranus governs electricity, fire, the higher mind, flashes of insight and ‘knowing’. It’s the freedom planet acting in direct opposition of what Saturn wants and stands for. Sometimes it acts like a Mercury Retrograde and plays havoc with our cars, all electrical devices ( computers, TV, phones etal ). It can also fry the central nervous system at times as well. Depending where it is transiting in your chart and what natal planet it might be aspecting, during it’s transit (and what house it’s in). It can act like a CME hitting your body and cause ringing in the ears and internal shaking/vibrating; dizzyness…etal. It’s especially powerful (like all planets are… when it ‘stations’ to go either forward or retrograde. So today was heavy duty Uranus Energy as it stationed to go Rx at 4pm today eastern time.

    Tomorrow 7/22 the Sun will enter Leo

    7/26 The New Moon will take place in Leo
    AND ! Mars will leave a long stay in Libra
    and enter Scorpio with Saturn !!!
    7/31 Mercury will Enter Leo.

    Look at all this Solar System Energy bing bam boom one after another ! It’s no wonder anyone can catch a breath !
    Time to take a bubble bath, play soft music, and pop the cork on that good bottle of wine. Be good to yourselves and to others and give all these energies time to settle in and settle down……
    This isn’t to say that an “Event” will or won’t take place. But just look at the celestial Events that ARE taking place right now …..
    I’m exhausted just typing it ! lol
    Enjoy the bubbles and wine….

  16. Robert says:

    There will be no event in July.

  17. Edie says:

    I think i qualify as woo-woo enough, but I really don’t buy the being pulled out of our bodies concept. That just does not resonate with me as a likely scenerio. And like the above comment, if I can’t take my dogs, it simply ain’t worth goin’ to. We all have to be soo highly discriminating in resent years regarding info. Like watching a multi layered ping-pong match , it could make anyone’s head spin. As for me, I like Cobra’s delivery and stance , and I still count him as quite credible. He does not set off any controlling agenda or ego altert red flags for me. He and the Resistance Movement DO resonate with my heart. As for other sources , the channelled stuff usually simply does not ring true for my inner gut feeling /awareness. I think if one is into channeling, we could learn to channel our own higher selves. When I read a bit about how threatening CERN ( link on a Cobra post) is it me cry. My gratitude lies with all who assist us, but especially for unknown (probably amazingly difficult) tasks that the Resistance Movement carries out far beyond any thing that we can imagine even our respected Navy Seals and Green Berets doing. I am grateful and I want The Event to happen Yesterday , as much as anyone else. And , my dogs, they are Divine Love and they are happy no matter what.

  18. Carlos Pinto says:

    I can’t stop thinking how shocking it will be for all the unawakened souls out there. I only tell my parents about the conspiracy theories, wich my dad has already told me stop reading about it, and talks about how people like me end up in crazy people institutions.
    I’ve been feeling it so close. But sometimes I feel that the collective conscience is not at the point where it needs to be.
    I HOPE WE ALL BECOME FREE VERY SOON! 😀 Plus…!… With our big friend, the internet, the cabal would all be arrested within 1 year MAX! 😀 VICTORY OF THE LIGHT! HORRAY

  19. Wanderer says:

    Not to worry. The animal kingdom is ascending right along w/us.

  20. Ninoy says:

    I think Cobra’s left us with a simple hidden message in the last sentence he wrote on his latest article about him not having an internet connection.

    “During the next TEN DAYS I will be traveling through remote areas with virtually no internet connection. During that time frame, the Event WILL NOT happen.”

    So Could it be that at the eleventh day something might happen? We’ll see.

    Btw. The eleventh day in this case would be July 31st, 2014 (7+3+1+2+0+1+4= 18 1+8= 9) and curiously enough August 1st is a 7 day (8+0+1+2+0+1+4= 16 1+6=7) There goes the 7 again.

  21. Kat says:

    Here’s praying that all goes well with grace and ease (and with our DOGS,TOO)! (Mine are in heaven, looking down at Mom still here in 3D)…I always ask them to put in a good word so I can join them there, whenever that time comes…..God bless all of us, please. Kat

  22. Dan W says:

    Well what ever happens or what ever the event is I hope my 3 dogs get to go along with me, if not, I’ll be staying here in this crappy world, so just in case, happy trails everyone!

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