Nostradamus Image Finally Decoded, Golden Age Due July 27th [video]

Extraterrestrials shared this and due to the date, it just might fit in with our schedule. What do you think?

Keep in mind that the cosmos works in cycles, so usually a date means the beginning of a cycle, rather than a specific thing will happen on that day… like The Event. It’s more like a window or door opening… full of possibilities.   ~ BP

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6 thoughts on “Nostradamus Image Finally Decoded, Golden Age Due July 27th [video]

  1. Demitra M. N. says:

    The Mars in Scorpio transit begins on July 26th and ends on September 14th. Coincides closely with the opening/closing of Hades Gates. The following article called, “Mars In Scorpio: The Lazarus Effect” seems to describe what we might expect from this period.

    (note: while the article is not long at all, it is divided onto 3 pages)

  2. Judith Gibson says:

    Did anyone else notice all of the 7s represented in the July 27, 2014 date? July = 7, and when you add the month to the day, it also = 7, and of course, the year is a 7.

  3. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE watch the Holographic-disclosure series on you tube to learn amongst many other things about Nostradamus…….

  4. Larry Rara says:

    Wrong… I asked Siri “When is the Closing Gates of Hades” She replied “Closing Gates of Hades is on Sunday, on August 24, 2014”

    And there are 8 waxing crescent moon phases and 8 waning crescent moon phases between July 27, 2014 and August 24, 2014.

  5. marijke says:

    mooi artikel en interessant, maar ik vond de conjunctie NIET op 27 juli 2014….dan staat de zon al reeds in leeuw, ik heb ook nog even gekeken naar eind juni, maar dan vind ik Jupiter op 25 graden kreeft en de zon en de maan rond de 5e graad kreeft…….Vervolgens keek ik 1 Jupiter cyclus verder…..plusminus 11 jaar……..En wat vond ik ??? : Op woensdag 25 juni in het jaar 2025, `s ochtends rond 8 uur Ned.tijd staat de zon op 3 graden kreeft, de maan op 3 graden kreeft en Jupiter op 3 graden kreeft…..Nou wil het TOEVAL dat die 3e/4e graad kreeft ook wel de HONDSSTER genoemd wordt, oftewel Sirius……Sirius is 1 van de belangrijkste vaste sterren in de kosmos ( samen met nog een aantal anderen uiteraard ) ….Wat denkt U van deze strakke conjunctie ??? Op een zeeer belangrijke plaats !

  6. lynmarie8 says:

    You got it right this time. I will doing the work to ensure this happens correctly – the anit chirist will not beactivated not will the back plan.

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