More Evidence of Abnormal Sun Activity [video]

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18 thoughts on “More Evidence of Abnormal Sun Activity [video]

  1. Demitra M. N. says:

    This video link (poste by Pamela) showing rings coming from the sun, and mercury and earth on poles ..fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Pamela says:

    Just watched the latest video from Jessie (BPEarthWatch) Very interesting, says he has never seen anything like this before…I noticed that both Mercury and Earth appear to be on poles. He asking for others to help figure it out.

    • Pamela… thank you. Kind of gives North Pole and South Pole a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

      I wonder why Jessie never saw this before. Could it mean the veil/sky net is lifting, allowing us to see the cosmos as it really is, rather than the hologram? If people were seeing full, red “moons” in the mid-west and other “impossible” moon phases this week, it really sounds like there’s a malfunction somewhere. Cobra said to watch the stars, and others are saying, “eyes to the skies”.

      • Pamela says:

        I think Jessie was referring to the red rings, saying the red filter hdes the rings…so, perhaps this is the first opportunity to see these images without the red filter being in place . I think some force is allowing/causing all these glitches and the plain stupidity occurring all over the world to be seen with open, awake eyes and minds.. It’s like…really!…how dumb do they think the people are that all actions/words are to be believe simply because their mouth is moving…nothing else required…hear, believe, react. I say NO!!!

        I am looking at everything differently now. The sky, sun, moon, stars…watching a storm roll in…it all feels different.

        PEACE! Pam

  3. suninjupiter says:

    Hi all. I don’t know if anyone here listens to Kryon’s channeled messages, but on one of the channels this year, he did mention that there was going to be a lot of solar/sun activity, higher levels of radiation and solar flares. He also said it isn’t what the meterologists says it is. Kryon said this is needed to raise our frequency here on earth. That is isn’t dangerous for any of us but required for the planet to ascend. I didn’t go back and listen to all the channels from this year, but it was in the start of 2014, if anyone is interested in confirming this. Maybe this has something to do with Kryon’s message? These images are very, very interesting though!

  4. Alleghany says:

    Yep…Truth is stranger (and waaaaay more exciting) than fiction, for sure! What a trip!

  5. Alleghany says:

    Got the following pic of the sun from the comments section of the “ED is Dead” vid. If this pic is infact valid, WOWZUHS!!! Check out the date!

    • Alleghany…that’s exactly what BPEarthwatch showed us in his video. Wowzuhs! is right!

      And not a whisper in mainstream media, from scientists, no one except the alternative NEW MAINSTREAM MEDIA! (That would be us)

      I can’t imagine living day to day without knowing what’s REALLY going on. Reality is far more exciting than the humdrum mirage they’d like us to see.

  6. This is also great footage of a UFO near the Sun, in 2012. I had not seen these before. It should interest us. Things we’ve not seen before/yet.

  7. Now take a look at this one from 2012…and maybe we should start comparing.

  8. cindyloucbp says:

    Please see my blog today on this event today in comparison to others… “27th July 2014, Gates of Hades, Nostradamus Image Finally Decoded, Golden Age, MUST SEE !!!”. Thanks! LOVE you site!

  9. cindyloucbp says:

    For some reason, this did not appear on Suspicious Observers today. Wonder why?

  10. Nick says:

    This All came to me via Facebook, through Gwen D. Caldwell’s posts and page,,journalist and blog radio personality from the Four Corners,,

  11. Nick says:

    He’s posted a follow up! apparently this happened in ’98,,, who wants to run some numbers about what went on in ’98,,,Archon support force,
    Galactic convergence,,,,etc, etc,,

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