Goldman Sachs Managing Director Found Dead

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Another young bank(s)ter joins the “Thirty-Something” crowd…

Who knew banking would turn out to be such a high risk business?  Watch out, Mrs. Valtz.  ~ BP


Goldman Sachs Managing Director Found Dead

Date: Monday, 21-Jul-2014 20:14:58

A Goldman Sachs managing director has died following an apparent kiteboarding accident, police said.

The body of 39-year-old Nicholas Valtz was found floating off Lazy Point in Napeague Harbor, Long Island, on Sunday.

The amateur kiteboarder was still attached to his kite, while his gear was scattered in a grassy area of the harbor.


The East Hampton Star reported the Brooklyn resident went kiteboarding early in the morning.

When he failed to return by 2pm, relatives he was staying with at a Bridgehampton home called police.

‘We’re deeply saddened by this tragedy and our thoughts are with Nick’s family,’ Goldman Sachs spokesman Michael DuVally told Bloomberg.

Police are still investigating the death and an autopsy will be undertaken.

Valtz joined the firm in 2000 and was promoted to managing director in 2010.

The cross-asset sales executive helped manage orders for trading clients and pitch them products from different types of securities, according to Bloomberg.

Mr Valtz graduated from Harvard in 1996 and fenced for three years as an undergraduate.

His wife Sashi Valtz, also works at Goldman Sachs, also went to Harvard and has over 15 years of banking experience.

The couple live in a 3,000-foot condo in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn with their two toddlers, a boy and girl.

Mr Valtz is bald in several photos online as he has previously shaved his head to raise money for cancer.


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5 thoughts on “Goldman Sachs Managing Director Found Dead

  1. SiriusOryon says:

    Amazing how none of this stuff is in the Mass Media News….

    • SiriusOryon… control of the MSM was a strategic, brilliant move on the part of the Illuminati. People believed taking the journalist’s oath meant something, but, like everything else they touched, over time laws and ethics were ignored, and they played by their own rules. People never paid attention, and now even intelligent people believe it is impossible for the cabal to entirely control the media and if it isn’t on the 6:00 news, it isn’t true.

      Can you imagine what it will be like to watch our loved ones as they try to take in The Announcements?

      • SiriusOryon says:

        I have tried, and from what I have seen, I think they may go into fits…they have accused me of being “crazy” for many years and I have allowed them to have their unenlightened opinions (in Love of course), warning them that this day would come…I am so excited and glad that this day is finally here and we are awake and aware of it!!!!!

        This is a beautiful and wonderful day!

  2. Landofmind says:

    Goldman Sachs was founded in 1869 by Rothchild and is best known by ruling the world by ruling the markets. Heidi Nelson “Cruz” is head of South West Region Management of Golden Sacks which indicates to me that Ted might be a lil nervous about his wife’s position or maybe she might be a lil nervous for him!

  3. Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to all the bankers on the marble; help them live free and easy.

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