Destruction of the Sun is Done, Ed is Dead from YellowRosefor Texas [video]

Thanks, Alleghany and Yellow Rose. Appreciate you letting us know. This new video from YellowRose appeared 2 days ago, and has no sound.

Brilliant job on behalf of the Allies! July 17th was a big day for Starship Earth in some ways.  Ed is Dead and the cabal is toast.

New readers, you will need to watch the two previous videos from YellowRose to get up to speed.

‘The Lie NASA Told: The Ultimate Demise of the New World Order’ and ‘The Destruction of the Papal Key’  ~ BP



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6 thoughts on “Destruction of the Sun is Done, Ed is Dead from YellowRosefor Texas [video]

  1. Athena says:

    Reblogged this on Ascension Project 2012 and commented:
    I am wondering if this is the cause of the Abnormal Sun Behavior observed by BPEarthWatch. It is get curiouser and more curiouser. Love and Blessings, Athena

  2. Spock says:

    The “sun mystery”…
    There are a lot of conflicting teachings about our “sun” and this big issue here is the one that makes it as clear as nothing else, that we have been lied to completely and all our false “knowledge” has to be reset ! Than we have to start again in elementary school…but definetely with correct teachings 🙂
    In hindsight it seems that life was just a “joke” – a very bad joke indeed 😦

  3. milmac44 says:

    Some day somewhere someone will have to explain this one to me, I’m a little lost with this. All I know has something to do with the bone heads we know as the cabal and if they gone, peace on earth is near.

  4. Judi says:

    There are wars going on in the “heavens”.
    I hope all appreciate how special they are..we have some grand peoples fighting for us.
    To them I say thank you, with much love and gratitude.
    I was told 2months ago we were going home, and I was giddy like a 3 year old for over an hour..

  5. coastynz says:

    Still feels like the same old sun to me today the 22nd July. Maybe in NZ we have our own sun. I have looked at all three videos don’t really get the message. This is the age of Aquarius and individual consciousness and responsibility for your soul journey into the golden time. As I’m only frequency, colour and shape what is there to worry about.

    • coastynz… Yes, it does look like the same old sun, but if you watch the video, “The Lie NASA Told”, I think you’ll see that we are not seeing reality when we look up, we are seeing a hologram, or a “sky net” as they call it in the video. Fascinating reality when you see what the space cameras on the satellites really photograph, versus what NASA deems worthy for the public, which is highly edited. We’re seeing a manufactured view created by artificial intelligence. It’ll blow your mind.

      In that video you will also see the actual footage of the space war that has been going on up there for years, as Judi mentioned in her comment.

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