Benjamin Fulford Geopolitical Update for July 21, 2014; Bush Jr., Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior nazionists to be arrested soon

Ben shares some interesting views on the MH17 stunt.  ~ BP

Monday, July 21, 2014

Benjamin Fulford – July 21, 2014:

Bush Jr., Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior nazionists to be arrested soon

The arrest of nazionist mass murderers like George Bush Jr. and Benjamin Netanyahu and their fellow cabalists is imminent, according to Mossad and other sources. These criminals and their fellow top cabalists have already been banned from traveling to over 180 countries and soon will be banned from traveling outside of their jail cells, the sources said.

The downing of remote controlled Israeli owned so-called “Malaysian Airlines flight MH17,” filled with dead and decomposing bodies, was one dirty trick too many for the nazionists and a turning point against them has now been reached within the world’s secret agencies and governments, according to multiple sources.

What we first saw in Syria were are now seeing in the Ukraine; a failed attempt to use a manufactured incident to start a war. The nazionists created “Sarin gas attacks on civilians” in Syria and now “dead HIV scientists” in the Ukraine and used it to try to fool the US military into attacking. Only this time in the Ukraine, even more so than was the case with Syria, nobody is taking the bait.

We can see this in the nazionist controlled corporate propaganda media “attack Russia” PR campaign. For example, UK nazionist puppet Prime Minister David Cameron has asked German PM Angela Merkel and French President Francois to press for more sanctions against Russia’s Vladimir Putin but this is just a PR stunt according to MI5 sources. Cameron had to do that because he was being blackmailed by a nazionist media baron with threats to publicize his cocaine habit and his wife’s heroin addiction, the sources continued.

In any case, in the past such a public campaign by nazionist puppet leaders and the corporate propaganda media was used to condition the masses to accept an up-coming military event. Now though, nobody is buying it. No army is ready to do their bidding and even most the hired goons have stopped listening to them.

Furthemore, the internet and social media part of the nazionist campaign to vilify Russia “has been a total wipeout,” say sources in MI5 and other agencies. For example: the U-Tube presented as proof of rebel and Russian cooperation was shown to have date stamps from before the shootdown, the tweets from “a Spanish air traffic controller in Ukraine” actually came from London , the internet Putin assassination angle was fake ( Putin is too smart to overfly Ukraine) and the film being shown of the plane being shot down was from the daytime even though the plane was supposed to have been shot down at night. They are clearly losing the plot.

This entire “Malaysian plane” incident is being managed out of the State Department and by the Rand corporation, according to US based CIA sources.

Now Germany and France are so disgusted by the nazionist stunts being run out of Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv, they have decided to join the BRICS alliance, according to CIA sources in Europe. The Germans and French are systematically purging their governments of nazionist agents.

And for good reason. The fake Malaysian plane filled with bodies from the morgue stunt was the nazionist response to the announcement last week by the BRICS nations they had set up a development bank and a financial stabilization fund as a way to by-pass the cabal controlled World Bank and IMF. Think about it, here we have a group supported by over 188 nations announcing a plan to peacefully build economic infrastructure and the US and Israeli nazionists puppet governments react by shooting down a plane. Huh?

The other reactions were to brutalize the Gaza strip and keep pumping up a fake immigrant crisis in the US.

Furthermore, the WDS was also sent a whole new series of threats by these nazionists thugs last week. According to the latest threats “World War 3 has started,” the “US armed forces are ready to invade Russia,” etc. Do not believe it for a minute. As mentioned before, the armed forces of Russia, China, the United States and elsewhere have already come to an agreement to never let themselves be fooled into starting another world war.

Also, the campaign to rebrand the Muslim Brotherhood as ISIS is falling apart as the ever more ridiculous pronouncements coming out of ISIS via Jerusalem are becoming a joke. Check out this link for an example:

What we are witnessing is clearly the end game for the nazionists. Let us recap some of the big changes that have taken place in the campaign to oust these psychopathic killers from the top levels of world power. The Queen of the Netherlands plus the Kings of Spain and Belgium have resigned, the top Warburg family member committed suicide, Richard Rockefeller died, Senator J. Rockefeller resigned, pope malevolent resigned, 200 nazi US military officers have been fired, former French President Sarkozy was arrested and now, last week 660 pedophiles were arrested in the UK. The Vatican has also fired over 400 pedophiles and is continuing a major purge of the Catholic church. The Vatican bank, which was used by the cabal to bribe world leaders, has shut down over 3000 corrupt accounts.

We also received an e-mail last week from a source in a major charitable foundation who said “Bush Sr. passed away on Friday apparently from food poisoning, I hear bad fish. This has been confirmed via his personal security. It should hit the news sometime this week.” However, subsequently he was trotted out for a photograph in a local newspaper near his family’s estate in Maine.

In the picture nazionist Fuhrer Bush Sr. appears to be resorting to his old trick of acting senile, which he is not. Bush is not going to avoid arrest by pretending to be a poor senile old man; he is one of history’s worst mass murderers and will face justice, you can count on it.

The slow unraveling of the nazionist stealth takeover of the United States will continue its now unstoppable path. The Zionist brainwashed slave colony known as Israel will also be freed. If the so-called Jews (the word did not exist until the 19th century) study the history of Babylon they will found out that circumcision was historically something that was done to the males of defeated slave races. The Europeans who have been brainwashed into thinking they came from ancient Judea will be set free. The world as a whole is well along in the process of being freed from Babylonian debt slavery.

There is expected to be a lot going on this autumn after a summer lull. Hopefully, if we all push for it, we will finally have or fall of the Berlin wall, or fall of the Babylon Fed Ziggurat, type of event in the US then.

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16 thoughts on “Benjamin Fulford Geopolitical Update for July 21, 2014; Bush Jr., Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior nazionists to be arrested soon

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  3. Wanderer says:

    You go, Pierre! And when you get a chance, clue us all in on who the f*** Rhona is…. lol.

  4. Reblogged this on Angel 4 Light and commented:
    Looks like things are progressing. The Lion has no teeth. We are being helped by our Divine brothers and sisters. As our new state of being shall emerge sooner than later we shall all sit back and comment… “What a ride!” The Matrix is broken and all truth is coming to light. Victory to the Light! Be blessed.

  5. susan says:

    Well, clearly, they should all be arrested… but why put this out there?

  6. Pierre Cloutier says:

    Rhona, this is what a CREDIBLE intel or insider report should read like. This is CLOSE to and RESEMBLES the truth but it is still not 100% accurate.

    No one insider comes close to elucidating the truth of what is really going on behind closed doors UNLESS you are in higher dimensional space where you can see and hear everything.

    Your sources are way off track, and only manage to recycle OLD news.

    I also know now why you refer to aliens/ETs/Space Family as ‘demonic’…….it is because only if you lump them under this rubric, does it neatly fit into the biblical nomenclature allowing you to brand it as evil. Simply because otherwise there are no references in the bible wrt our space family. Of course that is because the ignorant rabble of 2000 plus yrs ago could not conceive of such a thought, of life elsewhere in the universe. And they could not describe what they saw in ways that makes sense to us now (Ezekiel ‘wheels within a wheel’).

  7. allura says:

    If its true that they used dead bodies then what happened to the real passengers who are mentioned in that flight? and those grieving families are they actors? Wouldn’t those passengers who were never dead come out of TV to declare themselves alive?

    • Allura… where is the real plane and all the passengers? That is what I have been asking, but no one seems inclined to go there at this point. There were two Malaysian planes in the hands of the cabal: Flight MH370, and the plane in the hangar in Israel. It sounds like they believe the plane they used in the shootdown was in Israel’s possession. OR, is THAT plane, the missing MH370? Too many questions, not enough answers at this point.

  8. James says:

    This update from Benjamin Fulford was absolutely brilliant!! He laid out everything important like a master journalist. I think he deserves a Pulitzer Prize for his work! The only thing I disagree with is when he says there is going to be a “lull” this summer. I think he was told to say that. All hell is going to break loose this summer!

  9. Ken Harris says:

    Obama’s time in office has been under the specter of death or severe injury to his wife and/or kids if he does not play by the Cabal’s rules. His initial campaign promises of change were dashed to the ground after he took office during a private meeting with Bush Sr, in which Bush Sr conveyed to Obama that he either bend to the Cabal’s will, or see his family’s demise.

  10. Lia Wijnbergen says:

    I have a question, (I am Dutch) what about the people who were supposed to be on the plain? Our whole nation is grieving. I do admit that I believe it is not Russia but can not understand what is happening now. All the bodies are going to be identified, what about the families?

    • Lia… I sympathize, I really do. It must be horrible not to know the fate of the plane and passengers. Keep the faith, but it could take awhile to sort out this brutal attack on Humanity. We still don’t know what happened to MH370 and her passengers and crew, and that was from March 8th. This nightmare will be over soon.

  11. Robert Howard says:

    Bush is going to be arrested? What about Obama? He’s the one who should be arrested

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