Validate the Evidence Before You Blast the Messengers Over Flight MH17 [video]

Thanks, Todd.

There is a video within the following article that everyone who is interested in understanding the so-called “shoot-down” of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 needs to see.

As always in the cabal’s false flag events, there is a great deal of conflicting evidence… evidence that simply does NOT support the story the western war mongers are so quick to toss out to us, and it means that what we currently have is a complex labyrinth with plenty of dead ends that must be navigated to reach the truth. That takes time.

There are people who suspect their loved ones were killed in this act of war, and they can get angry when those of us who’ve analyzed many previous false flags suggest it was faked.

Trust us—we understand your pain, but it COULD have a better ending than you imagine. We just don’t know yet.

What we DO know is… it’s a psyop. The US cabal orchestrated this event for several political reasons, and the truth is usually the opposite of what they tell us via their corrupt mainstream media. They have very effective propaganda machines designed to shape public opinion and they’ve been telling people what to think for decades. Don’t allow them to manipulate you.

Before you decide what happened, please spend a week or two examining the evidence, because it is looking like the plane was not Flight 17 from Amsterdam, and that this plane was not truly “shot down”, but we won’t know for sure just yet.

Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared on March 8th, and we STILL don’t know what happened or where the plane and passengers are. We can only speculate, so don’t expect an answer about Flight 17 in a couple of days.

If the wreckage they’re showing us in the Ukraine has bodies, or dummies, or both, and it’s true the bodies have been drained of blood and are in advanced stages of decomposition, then how could it have been Flight 17 that was to have just left Amsterdam? This suggests staging of a crash site, would you agree?

If it is NOT Flight 17, then where IS Flight 17—the plane, passengers and crew?

The clues we’ve been given just don’t add up, so someone is lying, covering up, and seeding the news with false evidence. Many of us know WHY; we just have to ascertain HOW.

We already know the cabal has paid mercenaries to invade the Ukraine to provoke WWIII, so do we believe the images and intel we get from there? How credible are they?

There are a lot of very intelligent people out there analyzing this, collecting intelligence from reliable sources and telling us what they can, as they can. We’ll just have to be patient. Nothing is what it seems.

Please see the following article and watch the video about “wagging the dog” for some intelligent questions and observations and I think you will agree that there is something not right about the whole event. ~ BP

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4 thoughts on “Validate the Evidence Before You Blast the Messengers Over Flight MH17 [video]

  1. Omanipadme says:

    The details will never be known by us, such is the nature of such decpetion and conspiracy. The essential truth is that the US and China have been playing cat and mouse involving new technologies invaluable to the military. That MH17 was actually the missing MH370 plane is most likely. What is obvious is that there was indeed loss of life. Whose lives? The investigations will likely not reveal the truth, of course the media will not. This was an act of misdirection that killed several birds with one almighty stone, thrown without doubt by the US. It’s hilarious that the media does not discuss the US’ s backing of the war in Ukraine. Big bad Russia…? Hello?? WAKE UP. Oh that’s right, the public is more concerned with who won The Voice…

  2. summitflyer says:

    Flight 17 is the same aircraft as the 370 ? The bodies were not fresh? Whats up with that ,more propaganda? This whole thing is becoming
    very creepy.Just trying to connect the dots but is this what they want us to believe .Too many questions……

    • summitflyer… I know. There is so much wild information out there and we don’t know what to believe. Some of it is hard to swallow, but then, when it comes to the ruthless cabal, truth is usually stranger than fiction. There is nothing they would not do to further their agenda.

      The fact remains, however, that they had a Malaysian Boeing 777 full of people hidden somewhere that they needed for something. What was that something?

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