The Awakening Continues…

I have often thought how desirable it would be for all those waiting for the RV/global financial reset to know that it would probably not happen until the time of The Event—and what that process will mean for Humanity.

I lamented that so many were sitting on pins and needles for years, expecting the RV every day, every hour… and then had to live with the disappointment because some cabal members have been sharing intentionally misleading information.

I wished the financial groups knew that the new financial system cannot be launched until the dark cabal is removed from power, or they would simply hijack the new system just as they did the old, take control of the funds and steal them for themselves. The banksters and shadow governments on our planet have been stealing from Humanity for centuries.

I thought readers may like to know that as of yesterday, someone at ‘Dinar Recaps’ provided a link to the most recent post about The Event and Shazam! … a flood of traffic jumped on it and so far today, as of this moment, 2:33 pm July 20th, 2,616 people have read the post.

I think that’s fabulous. It will plant the seed for disclosure of our Galactic families—the Star Nations—in the minds of a lot more people, and some of them will recognize Truth—because it is through Divine timing.

I think this is the best news I’ve had in awhile and wanted to share, and to assure new readers who no doubt signed up as a result of that connection, that it is indeed true.

There will be a cosmic Event, the dark cabal and their minions will be arrested, the new financial system which lies in readiness will surface, and the many other items on the checklist following The Event will gradually unfold.

I will qualify that by saying that obviously since the freeing of Humanity has never happened before, it’s as near as we can anticipate to what will probably unfold, but since we all have free will, allow for some variance.

Why isn’t this information on TV or the radio? The mass media is tightly controlled by the shadow government. Very little of what they share is the truth. That leaves us with only the Internet and word of mouth to share this.

Thousands of beings from on-planet and off have been planning this liberation of Earth for a long time. They have tried to think of everything to make it as fail-safe and seamless as possible.

I’m so glad we have another group who are aware of what to expect. Even if you don’t all believe it—at least when it happens you will understand and can hopefully avoid panic and assure others that it is indeed a GOOD thing.

Not everyone adapts well to sudden change, so even if you are skeptical about The Event, if you are able, do yourself and your family a favour and prepare anyway. Then you won’t get caught in an uncomfortable position and can help others who are unaware, if necessary.

If anyone would like to be a volunteer at the time of The Event to help educate the public as to what has happened, to prevent the spread of fear or violence and aid in seeing that everyone gets what they need and the sick and the elderly are adequately cared for, please go to the Prepare for Change website.

You can click on “Event Support Groups” and sign up to be an ambassador for change in your town or city. We welcome all the help we can get. You can order a T-shirt so people can see you are knowledgeable and they can count on you for additional information.

Our Galactic brethren are keeping a watchful eye on us and gauging the readiness of Humanity to accept the Event and later, our reunion with them.

I see this connection with the financial RV group as an important step forward. I hope you embrace the news and the seemingly unbelievable possibilities for a new society of joy and abundance, a New Renaissance and time of love and forgiveness. Please share with those you feel may welcome this news.

No one knows for certain exactly when The Event will happen, but in the estimation of those in-the-know, we are very close now.

I invite you to learn more about The Event and why it must happen. You will find posts here that explain that the mass arrests have already begun to take place and the BRICS countries have formed a bank that will provide some competition for the banksters corrupt Central Banking System.

There are several blogs and websites supplying information about it besides this one and Prepare for Change. Start with PFC, watch the videos, download The Event Handbook, learn what you can, and rejoice! Our Golden Age is almost here with prosperity for all, because of who we really are, and because we DESERVE it.

Victory of the Light is near.  ~ BP



About Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I'm a Canadian freelance writer living near Phoenix, Arizona specializing in the 2012 phenomenon, spirituality, and wellness & nutrition. Over the past 8 years I've learned what our spiritual upgrade is REALLY all about and have access to insider information not shared in the mainstream media. I aim to dispel the myths and disinformation around The Shift and Ascension and help bring the world Truth. It is time. Welcome... and I hope this blog makes a difference in your spiritual liberation. ~ Molly A. Chapman

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    Great post BP. We are each doing our part to help. I also agree with you about going to the Prepare For Change website, and signing up to help others after The Event Happens. We hear so many versions of what to expect, I believe that we will just know. Be blessed

  2. Spock says:

    Here are some more “flat earth” clips that are very interesting :

    and how about this :


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    Ah, yes, Cobra has often told us that The Event cannot happen until the arrests of the cabal which will trigger the reset.

  4. Thanks. I don’t care how long things take because I know for sure that I AM on the correct path to my real self Now. If I have to go 25 more lifetimes to lighten the real heavy, dense parts of myself, so be it. I’m in forever. I know that I AM on the straightest path I can be on at this very moment headed back to the absolute. It’s all good! I can’t lose. I can’t be damaged. Death is the ultimate illusion. Anything I want is already here. I AM in full control of my destiny right Now. This is “quite close” already. Just a little more icing. A few more pockets of resistance, and I’m there.

    Thanks God.

  5. allura says:

    If only the Galactic Federation were forceful in dealing with these extremely evil group called the cabal instead of extending the already numerously extended deadline of surrender hoping that they may yet change heart several years ago (seriously!?, the GFL with their expansive abilities like looking thru timelines thought this was possible when they knew it will never happen just like when they still refuse to give up yet…..) the cabal would had long been annihilated as far as 2011 when the federation decimated so many underground bases.

    • Allura, I suspect the rhetoric about welcoming the evil ones into the fold when they choose the Light was a bunch of cabal mind-control channeling; either that or a way to stall because they knew they weren’t going to be able to end the war as quickly as they’d hoped.

      The Galactics aren’t magicians. They are trying to remove the most dangerous cabal/archons/hidden nukes to save as much as Humanity as possible and to ensure a smoother Event. The dark keeps pulling new stunts and the Resistance movement then has to counter. It’s not a static war. As is apparent, the NWO will do ANYTHING to keep going, and the resistance has to be careful about provoking them when they still have the power to murder humans.

      It’s easy to sit back and say they should have done it another way, but we don’t know all the details. We only know what we’re told. I’m sure they’re doing the best they can to speed it along.

  6. In your post today the first photo shows cylinders dropping from the space vehicle above. What are they?

  7. James says:

    @Suzie, Cobra wrote that he is traveling to remote areas with virtually no Internet. To me, that says he is going underground to the RM headquarters. They must be making final preparations before the Event can occur. This is the first time he has ever said anything specific about when the Event will occur! This is very significant!

  8. Anonymous says:

    BP, A few thoughts: Why would our galactic brothers care about our financial system? (once they arrive there is no longer a need for money) Why would our galactic brothers care about the BRICS nations? (we are all going to be freed from the cabal control and the BRICS will be free as well) Why would our galactic brothers care about our shadow government / cabal? (they are pulling them from the system) The event seems odd, in that the scope of the event is mankind changing . . . yet still focuses on some 3d physical stuff . . . does not make sense. Emilio

    • Anonymous/Emilio… good questions. It’s not that the Galactics “care” about our financial system. They care about us. You probably aren’t aware of our entire sordid history here on Earth because it’s been forbidden and stricken from books, however, the cabal/shadow government is controlled by highly advanced evil beings from the cosmos and they have used all kinds of technologies to control us that most are not even aware of.

      The benevolent Galactics have protected the planet and us so that at the right time, we will be set free from the manipulation of these beings. We could not have done this ourselves. They are going to assist us in leaping forward to be a galactic society we would have been, had we not been enslaved.

      They are not doing this FOR us, or taking over, or telling us what to do—they are assisting us to get where evolution would have put us, and to where we desire to be. They will show us what the rest of the civilizations in the cosmos are like, help us reconnect to our Creator, share the technologies that the cabal has kept from us to enjoy for themselves, and help us to understand that we are all ONE people, all from the same Creator.

      Leaving a monetary system we’ve used for centuries (which was created by the dark ones to enslave us) is not going to happen overnight. It will take time for us to notify the entire population of Earth what has happened, and it will take time for them to assimilate that, and to understand what changes would benefit us. People don’t like change. They are fearful of the unfamiliar, so this must be done slowly.

      We will need to choose representatives for a basic government that work for us, and we will retain control so that things never get out of hand again. It will all unfold in time.

      The 3D stuff will slip away naturally as mankind is ready. Any that choose not to embrace the lighter densities and wish to remain in 3D amongst the struggles for power, money, war, etc. will be able to do that. The rest of us will move on to where we want to be. No one will be forced to do anything they don’t want to do.

  9. Suzie Resnick says:

    Hello BP,thanks for all the work and time you put in just to share with us humans.You must have an incredible soul.I am curious about something and I would love to know what you think.My woman’s instinct tell;s me that Cobra is the real deal yet he has thrown me for a bit of a loop in his last update.He said hes going away for ten days and that the event will not take place during this time,but has also said no one knows not even him when it will take place.Humm,what do you think about that.thanks Suz

    On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 5:42 PM, Starship Earth: The Big Picture wrote:

    > Starship Earth: The Big Picture posted: ” I have often thought how > desirable it would be for all those waiting for the RV/global financial > reset to know that it would probably not happen until the time of The > Event—and what that process will mean for Humanity. I lamented that so > many wer”

    • Suzie, I believe Cobra is the real deal, too. That remark is puzzling. I wondered if perhaps where he is going he will be working on something that needs to be done before The Event can safely take place. He does a lot of energy work and other things with the Resistance Movement.

      Also, since English is not Cobra’s first language, and Rob Potter at PFC has mentioned that Cobra is a man of few words and doesn’t always give a lot of detail about things, it may just be the way it “came out”, when there is another way he might have said it.

      You can always contact Rob Potter at Prepare for Change for clarification. He often knows what Cobra is up to.

  10. Mary G. Murphy says:

    Hi, Are you aware that the Syfy channel is running a documentary entitled “Aliens on the Moon” Sunday night July 20, from 9PM – 11PM and then rerunning it again from 11PM- 1AM? Mary Murphy

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