Strange Phenomenon Near the Moon July 17th, 2014 [video]

A videographer captured unusual activity near the moon at 9:25 pm July 17th, but I can’t embed the video because it’s not onYouTube, so you’ll have to visit to see it. No dialogue, just some traffic noise.

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To explain what he filmed in words: in full screen mode, it was a ball of light, maybe 2/3 the size of the moon, on the left side of it. It blinked off and on several times, grew dimmer and then brighter, but always remained the same distance from the moon and appeared to shimmer.

You’ll see the usual skeptical comments, but he says he could also see it with his naked eyes so it wasn’t lens flare.

The photographer believed it could be a portal opening.

I have no idea what that would look like, but there was also a comment with a link to Crop Circle Connector that showed a crop circle reported July16th that may represent a portal.

Interesting timing.  ~ BP

Forest Hill, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. United Kingdom. Reported 16th July.


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  1. schauminator says:

    The circle message has been translated; They are coming to take away the circle of thee Royal families to the funny farm of singing dogs and laughing trees.

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