Cobra Update for July 20, 2014 — Taiwan Vortex and The Event

So… The Event can’t happen while Cobra is traveling the next ten days? 

The Ambassador of the Dragon family mentioned the Blue Dragons in his interview with Ron Van Dyke and confirmed what Cobra is saying here. 

Phenomenal population density in that circle.  ~ BP

Report about the Taiwan Conference

 Taiwan conference was a great success. We have managed to strengthen the Taiwan vortex significantly and that is very important because Taiwan is in the geometric center of the most densely populated part of the surface of this planet:


Therefore, through that vortex massive changes will be triggered when the time is right. The vortex has received one of the strongest infusions of Goddess energy until now and this will help stabilizing the situation significantly.
Also, Taiwan is one of the main seats of the Dragon families. Unfortunately, my contacts with the Dragons have revealed that the families are not united and there is quite a great deal of infiltration and also a great need for spiritual guidance. The Blue and the Azure will provide that. 
During the next ten days I will be traveling through remote areas with virtually no internet connection. During that time frame, the Event will NOT happen.
Victory of the Light is near!


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24 thoughts on “Cobra Update for July 20, 2014 — Taiwan Vortex and The Event

  1. Spock says:

    Hi @Vendo !

    You are right on track : “All he did say is that it would not happen in the next 10 days”…
    And that is the key point – if this is a cosmic, or natural event as he declared in the beginning, how could he know that it would not happen in those next 10 days ??? Does he have a “counter” in his hand that tells it ? That is not logical for me – it is more than “fascinating” 🙂

  2. Demitra M. N. says:

    While I was busy writing the following, others have come along and posted comments that are in general agreement with what I’ve written..(yay! 😉 ). Here’s my wording on the matter:

    Just because we resonate with the message of one voice more than any other does not invalidate all the other messages coming in from other messengers. We are all very different in terms of how we see the world and how we like to interact with it, therefore there are many messengers and styles to choose from.

    It seems rather logical to me that there will be those who prefer their messages to read like romantic love letters, those that are sent out on a regular basis over the course of many long years, while others may prefer their notes to be orderly like recipes delivered by a short-order cook and delivered no sooner than is necessary. Others may want their messages to come across like a series of harrowing spy novels, while others respond better to farcical spins delivered by talented comedians injected spontaneously into our lives like short advertisements.

    Of course there are many more styles but you get the point.

    Messengers such as Cobra, Nidle, Wingmakers, etc… each one alone cannot cover all the bases for every single person out there, hence there are many messengers. As a result of this kind of different message “delivery”, not all the messages necessarily cover the same topics either.

    I am fully aware that most messages circulating out there don’t fully and completely resonate with my person but I continue to read them just the same. I recognize that I am reading messages intended for other people but I do so with the intention of understanding the world around me and in that sense, I find a way to benefit from them. I cannot do this by reading one source alone and calling it the “right one”. What I gain from reading them ALL and by not resorting to judging ANY of them, is a more comprehensive overview of what is actually going on on this planet. As a result, I have a tremendous clarity for what is happening on the world stage. Truly, I’ve never been more clear and focused. Does this mean I know everything? Of course not, however, I know enough to keep from being bothered by what I don’t know or don’t understand.

    As for Cobra, while I don’t FUlly resonate with this messenger either, what I have always understood about the messages given out by this particular source is that they are often “cryptic”, and intentionally so. Oftentimes, they are intended specifically for other members of the resistance movement and are NOT meant to be consumed “literally” by the general public, but that’s what the general public keeps doing and then they get disappointed that what is said from one message to the next is too contradictory for their liking, and throwing the baby out with the bathwater as a response.

    Reminder: COBRAs messages are oftentimes MEant to be “interpreted”; that is, expect to read between the lines when it comes to this source. And so, I disagree with those who are saying that “COBRA shouldn’t have said this or that”… frankly, as I see it the message said what it said, because it obviously had relevance to those who have eyes to see what was intended but was not overtly expressed. But then, that’s a spy novel for ya. 🙂

    • Demitra… YES! MOST IMPORTANTLY… Cobra’s website says…

      Portal 2012: The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light

      We must remember that he is not solely putting out information to educate the awakened ones. He is doing what he agreed to do FOR THE RESISTANCE MOVEMENT.

      We need to read every message with two filters.

  3. Spock says:

    Hi @Vendo !

    Well, there have been some strange comments from him concerning the “event” !

    I don’t want to offend here anyone that is a follower of “Cobra” – i only want to put some light on some things he is telling us that are controversial !

    I remember him first explaining, that the “event” would be a cosmic event – being a “compression breakthrough” on this planet earth – something like a dimensional changeover. This is also what George Kavassilas is telling us since years and it did make some sense to me (until i started to read the wingmakers stuff 🙂 ) !

    Than Mr. “Cobra” changed his point of view one time and mentioned, that the “archons” put too much pressure on mankind and this “event” was nearly triggered by special forces of the resistance movement to stop them on their track ! The “archons” than somehow stepped back and the “event” was not artificially triggered…

    Than Mr. “Cobra” explained, that this special force of the resistance movement -because of the ongoing hardship for the people of our planet and because of the loss of life we humans have to suffer continuously- declared, that this “event” could again be triggered artificially (what, as we know never happened -regardless of the loss of people) !

    Now he declares : “During the next ten days I will be traveling through remote areas with virtually no internet connection. During that time frame, the Event will NOT happen.”

    How does he know that the “event” will not happen – is it “his” personal event that he has influence on ??? He could only make this statement, when this “event” he is speaking of is in truth an artificially triggered happening and no natural “compression breakthrough” as he stated before ! This all is conflicting with each other, doesn’t it ?

    Than he promotes this “Isis” hallowing in a virtual “temple”…
    I did a lot of research with “Isis” – and what i found is, that a l l of those ancient “hero figures” are/were actually anunnaki “people” ! So why should anyone of us hallow an anunnaki ? I’m very sceptical concerning the anunnaki, because they had and have their own agenda and their leader “Anu” is nothing but the angry “god” of the old testament…
    Read in the “Neruda interviews” from the “Wingmakers” – you will get a totally different picture of what is happening behind the scenes – i have the feeling that this “Wingmakers” stuff is real and important.

    You see, that this is at least oppositional and in my opinion suspicious – i really don’t see a clear picture on what track “Cobra” is really on, do you !?

    • vendo4151 says:

      Hasn’t it dawned on you that all he means was he says “artificially” is that it would not be as the light forces would want it. Chaos and loss of life, great fear etc. Which is completely consistent with what he’s said from the beginning. And the other thing you mention here is this big nothing of his last brief little post which you and others are reading into what is not there. He DID NOT say that the event can’t happen while he is traveling, .. lol. .. He DID NOT say that the event can’t happen while he does not have internet. All he did say is that it would not happen in the next 10 days. ……. Look, .. you are into other stuff which in your mind conflicts with Cobra”s stuff. … That’s fine. But there’s no need to slam Cobra, which means all the people of Prepare For Change and others, just because of that. It’s really poor form guy.

      • Jane says:

        You know the real problem is this, there are so many different people, with their version of what is going on, and we want one of them to be right and accurate, and to tell us we can be free from this hell on earth, and yet there are always many inconsistencies, but, it is also no good telling us to go within, because sometimes, there is no one in-when we go within 🙂

        so we either stop reading it all and ignore mainstream news and just set our intention daily for the planet to heal and for the people to be free from the cabal, and for peace on earth to come as soon as possible – or we keep an eye on the messages we have a gut feeling might be fairly accurate, I think there is also a load of EGO still going on with all this stuff. It might be easier to have faith if there messages were reasonably on the same page, but there does seem to be so much that is not from the same page………

        Won’t it be great when we finally get to know who really knew what they were on about:) not an easy job, to be doubted of course if you really do know what you are on about………but in the end it will have to be ok, or if not, its goodbye planet earth….meantime back at the ranch.;)

      • Jane… I agree on many counts. We desperately want to believe in SOMEONE, to trust, to take their information as THE Truth, but there’s a war going on. Many groups are fighting the battles they are here to fight and we are getting information from different sectors. The spokesmen may believe they understand what is going on in other sectors but perhaps they don’t.

        The disinfo/misinfo is thick and we all have to be discerning. The Light is putting their own disinfo out there—or at least I would be, if I hoped to beat the Cabal at their own game.

        We would be better off to just take what we are given, chew the cud, see how it feels, take what we like and leave the rest—without pointing fingers and accusing the spokesmen of trying to deceive us or working for the other side.

        They’re all doing what they have to do to get through this with a victory for the Light. If that means withholding certain info or skewing it and using the alternative media to spread disinfo for the Light or using code—so be it. It wouldn’t be the first time and I don’t have a problem with it.

        We can all support the light by ceasing to over-analyze everything, relax, send love to all situations and people, and rejoice in the fact that we are almost there. Whether we believe in the wrong prople or not, we will prevail. We’re almost home.

    • Jane says:

      PS it is never wrong to question, and the fact that humanity hasn’t questioned enough, has got us into this terrible terrible mess of many thousands of years duration. So question and doubt is good, just don’t fall too far in either direction , then you will keep on an even keel:)

  4. Spock says:

    This was new in the comments section of “The lies NASA told” posting from “Yellow Rose”

    Alexandra (i don’t know what Alexandra this is – Alexandra Meadors had comments on the Video that ran under her full name, but i cannot find them anymore)
    1 week ago

    Dear All, this is one of the most important updates from Rose, and due to tech problems I was asked to share it w/you All. I LOVE it !:

    YellowRoseforTexas55 minut temu

    +Alexandra I cant seem to link names this morning, but I know you’ll pass the update on:

    The last negotiations stall was over on the 11th, the sequence was started. Then, as of around midnight, we are in the ‘T’eed’ position. We’ve held that position for the last five hours. The big show, will commence at any time any hour. There will be a global announcement. Not sure if its trumpets, voice commands or what the ‘GA’ shows up as, but that occurs. Those sleeping, hear a tone or bell that wakes them as in wakes them to stand out of their body. We are pulled out of our bodies, and make the leap forward. Earth Emits us. The translation renews, and when we reach our destination, which appears to be a city directly parked in front of us in this port, we are all free. HA! It will be “Happy Independence Day” 

    Whatever this message means – it looks like that our rescue might hopefully be at hand soon…

  5. Spock says:

    I’m sorry when i was too harsh when i posted my opinion on him this morning (my posting did not appear here) – but i was a bit angry when i read his new information….

    But in kind words i will repeat it : i don’t trust him anymore !

    Seems that Alexandra left him too some months ago – there are too many contradictions with what he is explaining about the event. His explanations are too oppositional for me to be trustful anymore and there are also some other strange things he does that are wrong in my opinion.
    But everyone should listen to their own inner voice and decide for themselves, if what he says makes any sense to them or not.

    • vendo4151 says:

      I challenge you to list these contradictions Mr. Spock. Not so much for our benefit, but for your own. If Cobra’s last meager post is enough to sink your boat, .. well, … enough said.

  6. vendo4151 says:

    Cobra is quite secretive and a man of few words. So says Rob Potter who speaks with him frequently and is deeply involved with the initial formation of Prepare For Change and it’s leadership council. He doesn’t agree with that in all instances, Rob is so open his roof leaks, … lol. And he is usually quite accessible. … Anyway, it’s very clear to see how Cobra conducts himself publicly right the the beginning and consistently since then. To keep complaining about it is like shouting at the moon for messing with your tides. It is what it is man, .. lol. …. Cobra is not the only one who has spoken out as being part of this group, going back about 30 years. But there have been precious few. One or two ex-military and one or two ex-intelligence that I recall. My point being, a person could starve on a nominal diet of Cobra, .. lol. .. We must go out and pick the fruits of the land, .. or get gnarly with hunger.

  7. Jerry says:

    The only thing That I can come up with is that there some time frames in which the Event is not probable, some that are a maybe, and some that are highly probable. Highly probable being around eclipses and pluto-uranus squares. He probably should have left the Event will not happen while he is away comment out of his blog post.

  8. lyssa says:

    Again…old paradigm thinking. Einstein said that we can’t solve problems using the same kind of thinking that got us into them…with all due respect BP, the analogy you use reflects a way of thinking that got us into this mess and will become obsolete soon…just sayin’ : )

  9. allura says:

    Considering his work and connection with both the pleiadians and the agarthans doing important missions I was expecting that he should had traveled around the world in an instance using teleportation or a space craft carrying an advance space tech were internet is not a problem even if went as deep as inner earth yet he still seemed to utilize “low tech” ways……so either its a secret or even his level is not high enough to be trusted with those technology yet.

  10. vendo4151 says:

    And so the wheel turns, from thumbs up to thumbs down and back again on the whole event thing. Either it’s Cobra is holding back too much and knows more than he’s saying and that’s wrong, or he’s full of it and it’s a sham. Or even both at the same time, which is a reasoning that is hard to rationalize, but still expressed. Of those who keep looking but frequently criticize, I wonder how many take the time to really look into all that is available to know.

    • Vendo/Allura… I wonder how many have ever won a war by telling everyone on the planet about their strategies, their weapons arsenal, their timetable, who their spies and allies are, had their operatives traveling out in the open, drawing attention to themselves…

  11. vendo4151 says:

    I think that it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s traveling. I would say that connection is spurious. I think he is simply saying not yet for that short time span from now. It is unusual for him though, a sort of negative prediction. I suspect he has been capable of saying that much in the past as well, but hasn’t. He has also on occasion gave a thumbs down to widely held views about various things, which has not endeared him for some. Either you think he does have this association with Pleiadians and Agartha Network/Resistance as he says, or you don’t. If you don’t then there’s really no reason to give his stuff any credence at all.

  12. lyssa McPherson says:

    heard it all before haven’t we….the fact that just one person is somehow privy to information that can impact the ‘salvation’ of all the others is so old paradigm….can we please just get on with it : )

  13. Jane says:

    hhmm considering that Cobra supposedly does not know when the event will happen, but it WILL NOT happen while he is travelling? Why would just one human being be privy to such information?

  14. Kat says:

    So what’s that supposed to mean? (That the “Event won’t happen” while Cobra’s traveling?? Kat

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