Flight MH17—The Tip, the Motive, Laid Out by Cabalists Christine Lagarde and Hillary Clinton [videos]

Thanks, Demitra.

While I don’t want to spend much time on the most recent false flag at this point, I remain in hope that a few people who weren’t previously aware of the typical shadow government tactics will trip on one of these posts and have their eyes pried open.

If you’re out there—I assure you—there are NO coincidences. Most of us have seen the Christine Lagarde speech below already. So awkward.

And the Clinton interview makes me want to vomit. She is vilifying Putin—the peacekeeper. Laughable. Thank god for Putin—one of the few we can trust to lead us out of the clutches of this insane shadow government.

From my perspective, and that of other members of the alternative news community, the terrorist tactics of the powers-that-were are glaringly transparent, and they don’t even care any more that we know what they’re doing. There is much rolling of eyes here these days and, “What, again?! Another distraction? From what? What are they going to do next?”

The psychopaths still believe they are unstoppable. Either that, or because they know they’re toast, will brazenly wreak as much havoc as they can before they go. 

The world’s governments are no longer stupid enough or intimidated enough to do your bidding, ladies, so just throw in the towel. You’re almost pitiful now in your death throes—like the spider writhing and stumbling in circles, paralyzed by a toxic nerve spray.

I think the book sales tell a pretty clear story of their own, Mrs. Clinton, and the talk of running in the next election? Enjoy your fantasy. You’ll be one of our prime candidates, alright—for the nearest FEMA camp. I hear Angela Merkel will be there.

Yes, we have your cells all ready for you, ladies—specially chosen for you; rooms 007, 717 and 777. Early check-ins welcome. If you would prefer a full-service facility where you had a guillotine installed, simply advise the concierge in advance.  We are happy to oblige your every whim.  As you said in the following interview, “There has to be consequences.”, and we grant Illuminati members VERY special consequences.  ~ BP


Flight MH17: Has Clinton Given the Game Away or was it Lagarde?

July 18, 2014

That a second Malaysia flight has been downed in suspicious circumstances is, in my opinion, too much of a coincidence.

I don’t think that the Russians did it.

I don’t think the rebels did it.

I don’t think the Ukrainians did it.

My opinions though won’t stop the blame game, and won’t alter the sequence of events that could quite easily follow the murder of almost 300 civilians.

When the first Malaysian Airline flight went missing somewhere over the Indian Ocean it was concluded that the pilot deliberately took his plane from the planned flight path, never to be seen again when it either landed at a secret location, blew up or just crashed when it ran out of fuel. This time we have the same airline and a plethora of experts saying that the flight shouldn’t have been over Ukraine in the first place as the area was considered dangerous for civilian air traffic. I’m sure this will be expanded upon, or not,  in the coming days.

Hilary Clinton has already decided who’s to blame. She has already decided who should take the lead in dealing with the situation. She has already decided what the Europeans should do about it. She emphasizes that the flight originated in Amsterdam and that the crash was in European territory. She wants the Europeans to show their outrage by refusing to buy Russian gas and oil.

It’s a proven tactic. Try and force the issue, make other countries act while sitting back, holding your apparently clean hands up for all to see.

Very neat.

So neat that a few hours after the crash Israel launches a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces had been amassing at the border for some days, what were they waiting for, a signal, a sign that all eyes were elsewhere when they finally launched the attack?

Could Israel and the United States be willing partners in this event?


Finally, what about the Christine Lagarde magic number 7 speech?

MH Flight 17, on 7/17 and it was a 777 aircraft.

The London bombings 7/7 2005 (2+5=7)

9/11/2001 (9+1+1+2+1=14=2 times 7)

Boston bombing 4/15/2013 (4+15+2+1+3=25. 2+5=7)

Maybe I am just overtired…



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15 thoughts on “Flight MH17—The Tip, the Motive, Laid Out by Cabalists Christine Lagarde and Hillary Clinton [videos]

  1. Rob says:

    What we need is for a good patriotic woman to challenge Hillary to a nekkid boxing match, and show it on YouTube.. .. Uhhh, scratch that idea.. Hillerybilly would lose by default.

  2. Strini says:

    World War 1 started 100 years ago. Could MH17 spark WW3 with the G7 supporting war against Russia?

    Furthermore strange co-incidence : 17 x 7=119
    Reading it the other way equates to 911 (Is this payback by the US?)

  3. Dan W says:

    Starship Earth: The Big Picture says:
    Leahanna…Hillary is something else, isn’t she? I just want to punch her lights out!

    Now that is something I would pay to see! You GO Molly!

  4. @ BP Yep! Get me some boxing gloves and you can hold her and I’ll take the hits. WHICH she’ll not get a chance to take a swing; although one good slug might put her lights out permanently. Oooops! Sorry. 😀

  5. Hillary said Russia must do more to secure their borders? ???? HA! Sorry, but they really need to get this witch OFF the air waves. I’m wondering how much the cabal paid her to say this trash.

  6. Kat says:

    Hi again, And it’s great to hear that others (Dan, leahanna), are of similar opinions when it comes to these gas-bags. I know I shouldn’t be name-calling, and using vulgarities; (“Love thy neighbor..”, “Do unto others..”), but I believe those commandments apply to humans’ treatment of other humans, not these monsters. And the lamestream media keep shoving these bloated bladders of ego and evil in our faces, and I am way beyond fed up. So, I guess I vented, AGAIN, but this energy has to come out sometime, and believe me when I say there’s lots more where that came from…I will end by saying something NICE=====Thank you, BP, for giving us a voice, and, as always, a HUGE thanks for your tireless work. Love, Kat

  7. joekano76 says:

    Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth and commented:
    Thanks Hillary, for explaining with great clarity the purpose of shooting down the airline – i.e. bringing the EU into line with US thinking. I think she just gave the entire game away.

  8. @ Dan and Kat – Very well said, and thanks for your comments. I could not have done better myself. 🙂

  9. Dan W says:

    FEMA Camp for these vermin? That’s way to good for them.

    I say we put them in a zoo like setting, fully caged with no privacy and charge admission to the public (all profits to go to charity of course).

    Then have a 24 hour audio recording of their own voices playing their most despicable lies over the years.

    @Kat…..like you I’m not even mad yet, but your comment is exactly the way I think……Can you imagine being in their shoes when the rest of the citizens wake up!

  10. Kat says:

    The mere thought of clown-face bitch Hil (and her honey Bubba), make me want to vomit (preferably ON them)–they’re arrogant and stupefyingly brazen criminals who still have enough nerve (or maybe are still drunk on once-held power) to think they can continue on without anyone catching on to their BS…WELL, guess what? Too many of us “useless eaters”–(oh, that’s right–that was Kissinger’s BS)–are wide awake now. I hope they all rot in their own shit..(BTW, i’m not even angry yet). Kat

  11. Adrian Kelly says:

    Remember, tomorrow is the 20/07/2014….2041=7
    or 2/7/241…250=7 and Sunday is the 7th day…just sayin’

  12. Captain says:

    MOSCOW (AP) — A top pro-Russia rebel commander in eastern Ukraine has given a bizarre version of events surrounding the Malaysian jetliner crash – suggesting many of the victims may have died days before the plane took off.

  13. futuret says:



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