ETs, Dragons and Reptiles—Oh, My! [video]

Ancient Anunnaki sculpture

Thanks to Bryan Hall’s Awakening for the heads up.

This is an interview with Ron Van Dyke and the Ambassador of the Dragon Family as part of his ongoing discussions with one of several groups championing our liberation and subsequent march into our coming Golden Age.  ~ BP


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Published on Jul 18, 2014

Ron begins the conversation by asking the ambassador about ET’s and Dragons. The ambassador explains that there are many claims by people relating themselves to the Annunaki or other hybrid races that intermingled humans; and he invites them to join with those who want to do the right thing and to stop aggression against people.

He talks about Karen Hudes, inviting her and others like her to not play the games of deception that the cabal has been playing for so long.

As always, he states clearly that is the Dragon Family’s desire to liberate humanity from wars of aggression, financial deception and other crimes.

Ron asks about the gold standard and the Golden Age. The Ambassador calls for an end to fiat currencies and a return to a standard based on gold and silver. He says that all interest payments are money paid to the cabal and 666. We need to set ourselves free from this tyranny. This is only the beginning.

Many other subjects are addressed in the conversation, including the fact that the US is one of only three countries that did not sign the Patriot Act. Surprise!




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4 thoughts on “ETs, Dragons and Reptiles—Oh, My! [video]

  1. Thank.

    Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to The Ambassador and all others on the marble; help them live free and easy.

  2. who is this “ambassador” with a spanish accent who is seems to be expounding “truths” that are so obvious and simplistic? not a very clear speaker, either, using a lot of “eh’s” , “you know”, “ah’s” …..

    • Peterpansblog…does it matter what kind of an accent he has? what is the relevancy of that remark? The speaker holds a great deal of integrity to my thinking and resonates deeply. Why the suspicion?

      The natural ways of speaking make him real. He is not reading a speech , he is merely having a conversation.

  3. Carlos Pinto says:

    7 minutes left untill july 20th. Let’s see if Christine Lagarde was really sending a secret message to the public. Good night to you all, and good luck for tomorrow 🙂

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