UK Gov’t Reshuffle, Mass Arrests… 660 arrested so far…

Oh, this is rich!

AK’s got this listed in a long string of articles (thanks, Bill!) and I thought our friends in the UK would particularly appreciate this organization. It’s really happening. Finally…

MASS ARRESTS. Isn’t that music to our ears?! Mass arrests! Mass arrests! Mass arrests! I can’t hear it enough.

I’ll give you the link to Bill’s blog and you can pick and choose which ones you want to read. Very juicy. Like out of the tabloids, but it’s what should rightly be mainstream news.

But of course, once they start talking about the Brits… the dominoes begin to wobble and it would then lead to the House of Windsor, Holland, the Vatican, Canada, Australia… and it would just get too messy… so… not exactly headline news across the pond here.

But no matter! WE know, and I can hear the cabal’s knees a-knockin’!

OH–almost forgot. Yesterday I had to try four times to deposit a cheque and since none of the local ATMs worked for me, I had to go to my branch… a long way away. However, while in line for a teller (their ATM was down, too) I got a peek at the world news.

I had to chuckle, because the main headline was that Germany’s Angela Merkel is turning 60 and has decided to retire. There’s a shocker, and it was worth the drive.

So… the house of cards is coming down rapidly now and we know there’s more going on than we’re privy to at the moment.

Hmmmm… Who do you suppose will step down or get arrested next?  ~ BP

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13 thoughts on “UK Gov’t Reshuffle, Mass Arrests… 660 arrested so far…

  1. vendo4151 says:

    A light and interesting little offering for your viewing pleasure (if you haven’t heard/seen it). I know you are big on Cobra here, Rob Potter is tight with Cobra. I do believe closer to Cobra than any other person who is public. And he started doing the Cobra interviews a couple of months ago. This is the best recording of Rob that I know of. He covers his very interesting life, which parallels Cobra in some ways. His association with Pleiadians (and I don’t mean channeling), .. and Fred Bell, . and about Cobra and other stuff. In 3 parts.

  2. HATTER says:

    PLEASE SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE : The Zionist Massacre of Gaza – Cause and Effect – Max Igan & Chris Everard -July 18, 2014

    • alusru… Oh she’ll be retiring all right. Trust me. And she knows it. She is done, along with all the other Nazis and cabal members across the globe. These arrests have been going on for some time now, and they’re working their way up the totem pole. It’s all just a charade from here on. Merkel and the rest will be prosecuted for crimes against Humanity… and when people learn what these animals have done, they will be thirsty for blood.

  3. Anonymous says:

    hmm indeed

  4. cassandra says:

    One thing is to be arrested and another one to be declared guilty. There is so much corruption including the judiciary that the mason judges might just come to a final verdict of: “not enough evidence”?
    This already we have experienced so many times over and over again…and only the ones that have already die are going to be found guilty.I do hope i am wrong

  5. Smokey Townson says:

    Better start with the Crown!

    *”I have never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.”* … Henry David Thoreau … *Walden*

  6. vendo4151 says:

    Man!, … look at those headlines!! … It’s cracking me up. But it’s so far from funny. What’s wrong with me? .. It is just sooo surreal. Like that British movie with the smiley mask, … … oh ya ya, … V for Vendetta.

  7. Dan W says:

    It is all starting to fall, that’s why the Evil Idiots have turned up their game plan or shall I say: are playing their last hand! I am not a vindictive person, but I hope these evil monsters suffer 100 times the suffering they have inflicted on our innocent fellow human beings, our brothers and sisters of the world.

    After the pedophiles and war mongers are rounded up, I hope they come here and clean out “District of Corruption” starting with Eric Holder and Obummer the impostor. (not trying to be political, but come on, enough is enough already).

    I am so ready for worldwide peace and goodwill towards men/women!

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