Downing of Malaysian ‘Flight 17’ Was a Staged False Flag with a Dummy Plane?

Update July 19, 9:00 am: IF, the reports that there actually WERE BODIES on the scene in a state of decomp is TRUE, then it would appear they used the MH370 plane and it’s passengers and crew to pull off this false flag. They obviously hijacked the plane for a reason, and this would be it. Now they would have disposed of the passengers, who can no longer tell what they know—and it makes Russia/Ukraine look really, really bad.

And to the general public, it’s probably shocking and may enrage some, but when you look at all the other planes the cabal has shot down “by accident” over the years, it’s just one more in a long line, and another atrocity for which they will soon pay very dearly.

Unfortunately, it would also make the channels who told us the plane and passengers/crew were all safe in another dimension look bad, too. But that is the nature of the Illuminati and their mind control.

All we have are reems of information and much disinformation to sift through, purposely put out there by the cabal’s minions so no one knows what really happened.  They plan well in advance and stage things so it can be difficult to tell what is real and what is staged, but time will tell.  ~ BP

Now that I’ve had the time to read a few articles and watch some videos, I’m thinking this:

The downing of the plane was definitely a false flag attempt to make Russia/Ukraine look bad because the cabal wants to start WWIII, there’s no question about that, but…

First, a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777—again? Really? One of my first comments was, is this related to Malaysian Flight 370?

It HAS to be. There are no coincidences. And Boeing is in these events up to their eyeballs.

Then there’s the related intel saying there was an exact replica of a Malaysian 777 located in a hangar in Tel Aviv.

So… they have at least one ‘spare’ Malaysian Airlines 777 and it’s looking like they used one to make us think either Russia or the Ukraine shot it down. Someone shot down a dummy plane, not Flight 17, and I don’t believe there are any victims.

They said two fighter jets were ‘escorting’ the plane minutes before it was shot down. What’s that nonsense about? They love throwing all these details out there.

AND, they’re saying all the relevant radar records were confiscated. If that’s true, obviously they have something to hide.

AND they immediately confiscated the black box, which is evidence they can’t have any legitimate investigators finding.

Dahboo77 is right. As usual, the lamestream media IMMEDIATELY knew whodunnit, and even said they used Buk missiles. They had it all scripted in advance, before any evidence or investigation.

Is this sounding familiar? As in 911?

They learned something from 911, though. They learned that bodies, personal effects, luggage, etc. are always at the crash site, which they weren’t in Pennsylvania’s non-existent crash site. So this time they included some passports, bodies (dummies) and other things to make it look more realistic.

And there is at least one grisly video, too, with what appear to be bodies… but they have been identified as dummies. Sound familiar?

The only time the media shows bodies, blood, etc.  is for false flags, like the footage they showed after the so-called Boston Marathon Bombing… the war vet actor who was already missing a leg—remember him?… dripping bright red movie blood with paramedic actors trying to hold his prosthetic on as they ran alongside his wheelchair—not a gurney, a wheelchair for pete’s sake… it’s too insulting for words.

They pulled similar airline hoaxes on us before, too,  saying a plane crashed in San Francisco when it didn’t. I’ve shared these stories and videos on this blog previously.

You can go to YouTube and search ‘Asiana Flight 214 hoax’ and see what you get. And you’ll find far more than you asked for. These staged events the cabal’s media helps them pull off are getting really old.

Then there’s the numerology of Flight 17, Boeing 777, 7/17/2014, etc. The Illuminati love numerology and someone even went through Christine Lagarde’s speech again to find how it could relate to this false flag.

Malaysian Airline officials claim they have sent personnel to the crash site to do an investigation. Are they in on this, too? It certainly sounds that way, and if they are, then they were in on the hijacking of MH370, as well.

Next thing you know they’ll be collecting money for the families of ‘Flight 17’s’ non-existent ‘victims’ just as they did for Sandy Hoax.

In my humble opinion, this staged event is a major distraction from other very important events taking place on the planet and off, and I suggest we shift our focus, rather than using our energy to cover an event that was pure theatre to further the Illuminati agenda.

They’ve got us scrambling and spreading information and disinformation FOR them to confuse everyone—just like all the other false flags, and our attention is fragmented for weeks, months. Have we learned anything? ~ BP

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48 thoughts on “Downing of Malaysian ‘Flight 17’ Was a Staged False Flag with a Dummy Plane?

  1. macdonalddon says:

    i started getting suspicious about this one when they found Mohammad Atta’s passport at the crash site.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, with pain in my hart i have to say that it’s easy to say that this was all staged if you don’t know anybody from the victims families. Please show some respect to the lost lives for a moment as this is one of the most terrible ways to die! How do you tell your child who really wants to live that we are going to do die???? Why? Just enjoy every moment of the life as we can see from this tragedy it may end without our choice!

    • Anonymous… How do you know your friends/relatives/children died on Flight 17? None of us know that because the cabal has lied about everything and thrown out so much misinformation and false evidence to frame Russia.

      At this point, we don’t know anything—because, if you do some research, you will find that there were bodies from a morgue, and faked wreckage, passports, personal effects. Don’t jump on people when you don’t know the whole story.

      We are just as appalled as everyone else at what has happened to both Flight 17 and flt 370, so don’t assume we have no respect. You might show some respect for people who have been following these games for years and know what kind of tricks these monsters play.

      Hopefully one day you will learn the truth and be reunited with loved ones. So far, we still don’t know where the passengers from MH370 are.

  3. Veronica says:

    Gobbledygook, there is a Dutch website with a daily overview of the alternative news:
    And you can have a look at:
    Cobra’s website gives a lot of info:
    Have fun

  4. Gobbledygook says:

    Sorry for double posting but right after i posted that i thought of the ceremony they did when the plane got here. I just had to post this quick before i would forget.

    They said in the ceremony that the family members of the victims were also there but they were never shown on camera, also the king of the netherlands was there and the queen and you never saw them going to the family members at all showing them their grief or trying to comfort them saying they were going to do all in their might to bring justice to this etc etc….
    Never shown on camera ONCE, for all i know they were not even there and they just made that up!!

    Sorry again for this loose post but had to get that on here since i found that piece of information just telling me it was a staged event.

    Only thing i can think off would be not to show the griefing members of the family´s on camera out of respect but if that would be the reason i would find it utter garbage and a huge excuse. Fake written all over this!

  5. Gobbledygook says:

    Greetings and salutations,
    I live in holland and i see people around me just eat this up for breakfast and really sob and cry about it, my mom and dad aswell.

    Me personally, has no concrete knowing if it was real or not but i cannot THANK you enough for the information shared here. I do not believe this shooting down business to be true at all it looks really staged as posted here. I have not been investigating into the issue in my own country that much either so as i said i cannot be sure apart from the people i got around me, who do eat it up.

    I find the tying together of the other missing plane with this event to be real food for thought and i thank you for sharing it with people looking for more truth. Since 9/11 i have been looking much into false flags and covert ops and trying to share that information with people i know, but as also stated in this thread people just dont want to hear or ask me what Do I get from this information, well if it is the truth then let it ring loud for all to hear that is all.

    Lastly, Starship Earth if i may.
    I am Very curious about this Galactic Confederation and the “Event” is it possible for you to share more about that in a post on this thread in reply to this, since i have never read about that but what you posted about it here stirs up my curiousity ALOT!

    Thank you for your time and effort towards understanding

    Gook The sir of Gobble.

    • Gobbledygook…for more information, if you go to the top of my blog, on the left sidebar, you can do a search on “The Event” or any other topic and get many posts returned where you can learn more. There are over 4,000 posts on the blog, so I think you’ll find a few to keep you going for awhile. Glad you’re taking responsibility for learning what’s going on. It’s tough when our loved ones aren’t interested in knowing the truth.

  6. Veronica says:

    Thanks Demitra, for your encouragement; it helps.

  7. Veronica says:

    Demitra M.N.: I agree with you. When I talk about things like this I get reactions like:
    -the media don’t lie
    -I cannot do anything about it so I don’t want to know
    -does it make you happy to know these things?
    -I have enough going on in my own life
    -you and your weird conspiracy friends
    When sharing on fb no one responds, likes, or what so ever. They are only bothered about pictures of what they have for dinner, or holiday things, things for fun, must-haves, etc.
    I’m trying to let people look at things, but I’m getting a bit dispirited. It’s difficult not to be pulled down. But heads up, I keep on trying and I know I’ve at least done whatever I can do at the moment. I have faith that things will change!

    • Demitra M. N. says:

      Hi Veronica.. keep-on plugging forward with courage, doing and saying what you feel inspired to do and say at any given time; continue to be authentic. For you this is what is right, but also, be okay with the fact that many others are simply not at your level of understanding and so it’s okay to let them focus on their ‘dinners and holiday things’ because that’s just where they are in their own personal evolution.

      The best way I have found to explain it to myself is to see myself as one of the adults in a classroom full of pre-schoolers. In doing that, I can more easily see how unrealistic it is of me to expect any child to give a hoot about the things that I care about, much less for them to stop their play just so we chat about adult matters that are important to me. If you’ve ever been a parent with little children, you’ll know precisely what I mean.

      While an occasional child may indicate a passing interest in the things an adult is passionate about, it is simply curiosity which makes them ask, not a genuine caring or connection that’s being made, and we need to remember that. In the same vein, it is unrealistic for us to think that we’ll always want or enjoy participating in childish games of make-believe in the same way they do.

      Ultimately, while we may from time-to-time find ourselves engaging with the children for the fun of it, we must give ourselves permission to do our own thing as well, and to not be bothered by the judgements the children may make about us, and certainly not take it personally when we aren’t asked to join in their games. (Always makes me thing of Rudolph the Reindeer — while the other reindeer played games and didn’t invite him to join-in, it’s because he REally was different — he had a way more important job to prepare for and to attend to — The Event!) 😉

  8. Anonymous says:

    You people are fucking retards if you think they facked this. The sat photos clearly show a missile hitting that plane.

    • Anonymous, if you believe all the photos put out there, you will be sadly mislead. Photos lie. The photos can be of any other plane, at any other time. The mass media puts out fake photos ALL THE TIME.

      Obviously there is plane wreckage. Was it shot down? The wreckage doesn’t support that.

      Were there 298 human bodies, or dummies, as some photos suggest, or a mixture of both?

      What about the reports that bodies in the wreckage were drained of blood and already in an advanced state of decomp? Does that sound like Flight 17 that just left Amsterdam, to you?

      If you haven’t been following the psychopathic antics of the cabal and their fake false flags for as long as the rest of us, then you may want to reserve judgment and save your rage for the perpetrators. Displaced aggression is the last thing we need.

      If you believe every bit of information out there, and every photo released, you will be one mixed up puppy.

    • Demitra M. N. says:

      Hey, Anon.. what, not even one link?? you were so focused on the insult you forgot to leave us the undeniable proof to back up your claim…

  9. Ken Rankin says:

    The most important point made for me is that we need to recognize these false flags for what they are and quit responding to them. Do not share or retweet this stuff. The sheeple will awakend in their own time. Trust in the divine Plan. It’s obvious that it’s working.

    • Demitra M. N. says:

      Ken, I agree in not repeating the lamestream lies but I believe that the evidence of truth about what’s really happening in our world, which is being amassed by the alternative media, NEeds to be spread far and wide by the awakened population. It’s Life confirming and gives the Truth a platform of its own to compete against the proliferation of lies that keeps coming out of the big propagandist networks.

      • Demitra… I agree it is our duty to share the truth so those who are willing can find it. So much for that vacation I had planned. (kidding)

        I agree, too, that we need to keep our emotions out of it; remain calm, keep our vibrations high, and not give in to the fearmongering.

        Those of us who are awake are in a leadership role, whether we realize it or not. The rest of humanity will catch up at varying times, but when false flags strike, I believe it’s an ideal opportunity to capture the attention of the many out there who are seeking information (and therefore, truth) and hope they jump on the Truth Train, never to sleep again.

      • Demitra M. N. says:

        BP.. I think that all those who will awaken have already done so, and I don’t think I’m being unreasonably negative here. I know so many people who are very familiar with the alternative media’s output (because I for one have been responsible for sharing it with a great many of them) but each of them simply goes right back to their lives unaffected and unchanged by the news. Sometimes they even get just plain angry (see Anon above 😉 ) that I would dare to upset their nicely balanced apple-cart. Clearly, if this were a matter of people being unawake, they would certainly wake-up at the sound and realization of the truth as they were being slapped with it. But no, they hear it and prefer to remain untouched by it.

        This is a knee-jerk response from those who are too aware of what accepting the truth would do to their personal lives; it would change it too much and they can’t deal with that so they make a decision to ignore all that threatens them. While they may not always be happy, they do their best to lift themselves out of the muck and they expect that everyone else should be responsible enough to do the same for themselves. They don’t “do” other people’s tragic lives, and the vile actions of others is not their fault, so again, they see nothing they can do about it so they look away.

        And that right there is the underlying ‘problem’, they haven’t evolved enough yet to make that all important spiritual connection to other lifeforms, sentient or otherwise — so they don’t yet feel the empathy or the compassionate connection to all Life that those who are making a Consciousness Shift are feeling at this time.

        So, we can’t expect that we’re all at the same level of evolution — because we’re not. Some of us are ready for something else and it is we who are ascending out of 3rd density and moving onward to a completely new experience. After ‘The Event’ occurs, because Earth will no longer house 3rd density experience, all those who don’t yet see how they are connected to others will go on to some other 3rd density world to continue working through the fears that keep them selfishly separate and spiritually isolated from others.

        BP.. I hope you didn’t mind my sharing this — I suspect you are fully aware of all this anyway, so I wasn’t so much speaking to you as much as I thought it might just be what one or two readers needs to hear today as they try to make sense of the people around them. In the meantime, yes, I agree that we have to keep sharing the truth with those who are ready to hear it. In this way, we support each other as we each make our way during this monumental Consciousness Shift.

  10. Demitra M. N. says:

    A couple of more articles out from those who are attentively combing thru the details:

    Rebel Leader Says Many of the Dead Bodies in MH17 Weren’t “Fresh”

    Flight MH17: Has Clinton Given The Game Away Or Was It Lagarde?

  11. macdonalddon says:

    I believe some DNA testing wood be in order.

    • All…I want to know the serial number on that plane vs. the MH370. I’m wondering if they didn’t hijack MH370 to later use it in this false flag to make Russia/Ukraine look bad, and a perfect way to dispose of the passengers/bodies, who can now no longer tell what they knew. Who says the reports that the bodies are dummies is true?

      • Demitra M. N. says:

        If the plane wreckage is the original one that went missing earlier this year then the bodies they’re looking at may very well be those of the missing passengers from March 2014. This would explain the state of decomposition and why investigators are saying that these bodies appear to have been drained of blood.

      • Demitra… that’s what I’m saying. They hijacked that Malaysian plane for a very good reason, and there was no wreckage because they needed it for a specific purpose. This is probably that purpose.

      • Demitra M. N. says:

        And I guess this meant to BE Christine Lagarde’s prediction of the 777 in her speech in January 2014. My guess is that this downed plane scenario is THat prediction come true and that nothing is slated to happen tomorrow (the 777 in terms of specific dates). I guess too this is why they are so ‘careless’ about how much they divulge to us in advance because essentially we can’t possibly know what they’ve got planned just from numbers alone — only in hindsight.

  12. Lim Lynn says:

    I wonder if they trying to force Malaysia to side Israel and Traitor in Chief destruction of America.

  13. David Dass says:

    Plane: Boeing 777
    Flight: MH17
    First fly: 17/7/1997
    Shot down: 17/7/2014 (on its 17th anniversary)
    Shot down by: SA-17 Buk 2

  14. Overtake Don says:

    Is it me? Or does the Ukrainian site, charred concentrated scene and all, more resemble a plane that crashed on takeoff or landing, as opposed to a plane that was shot down 5 and a half miles in the sky. NBC news showed a neat and tidy little pile of playing cards that looked like they were just thrown out of a slow moving car leaving a Walmart parking lot and not a plane cruising at hundreds of miles an hour.

    • Overtake Don… the crash site looks faked, like they blew up a plane on the ground. I don’t trust the photos released at all. The media has released staged photos so often we don’t know what’s what unless a journalist from the alternative media is on location and shares. We’ll just have to wait.

  15. daveashwell says:

    I am extremely confused here as I live in Australia and our Govt have released the names of the victims and there addresses and these appear to be true??? i AM CONFUSED because these false flags are so easy to spot. Any comments please on this?

    • Dave, I wish we had answers about the possibility or absence of victims, but not yet.

    • Demitra M. N. says:

      Dave.. if you recall, when the other Malaysian flight disappeared back in March 2014, we later heard there were many very important people on that flight, which convinced many of us that perhaps this actually happened afterall. Well, wouldn’t you know it but apparently the flight manifest of THis more recent downed plane also has a very long list of VEry important people on it. See the following:

      But is any of this true, or is it merely a convenient way to justify in the mind’s of people that such an event happened? I mean, it is so easy to make up a list of names, show images of a crash site, and hired crisis actors to play the part of the supposed ‘family’ who cry convincingly for the cameras, etc..

      We need to remember that these criminals behind all these vile activities are very hollywood savvy and would use whatever means they have to achieve their goals (WW3). And if BP is correct (and I’m with her on this) in saying that our Galactic backups will not allow them to go through with any mass executions (see above: July 18, 2014 at 9:45 AM ) then these criminals will necessarily have to resort to employing fake tactics in order to instigate emotional reactions in the masses. On the average person, who still relies on lamestream media for their news, well, this is still working very nicely for them, so they’re doing it again. What else can a one-trick-pony do after all?

  16. SiriusOryon says:

    Just found this article and thought it was quite interesting, as it includes this statement from a pro-Russian:

    “The pro-rebel website Russkaya Vesna on Friday quoted Igor Girkin as saying he was told by people at the crash site that “a significant number of the bodies weren’t fresh,” adding that he was told they were drained of blood and reeked of decomposition.”

  17. macdonalddon says:

    This is getting boring already…bring on the Sandy Hook Coroner.

    Anything to get this thing bangin’.

  18. And don’t you love Obama’s place in all of this? He’s out stumping for the campaign. No speeches, no “OMG’s”. If that isn’t a giant Red Flag I don’t know what is. Validates your premise on every level. Problem is 99% of Americans who watch the media will buy this.

  19. vendo4151 says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your basic premise at the end BP. … 9/11 being the greatest example, gave me and many others an ice cream headache for years. So many people poring over details and feeling a great need to be right. Details at times can be interesting, even fascinating, but becoming immersed and staking out positionalities is almost collaborating with the enemy.

    One of the seemingly little things that stands out to me like a beacon is that this place is a war zone where they do on occasion shoot down aircraft. Yet FAA type authorities do not prohibit commercial flight there, and “some” airlines do not prohibit it. Don’t buy for a minute the BS about it being the most efficient route to the orient. All it would take is a 50 or 100 mile deviation in flight plan, which is nothing on a flight of 1000s of miles. Air currents means a hell of a lot more than that.

  20. Veronica says:

    When I heard about it I immiediately thought it’s another false flag to try to get Russia in the corner, so I agree with you. But, if the cabal doesn’t care about human lifes, why should they be bothered to use a dummy and not just shoot the plane with the passengers?

    • Veronica, the cabal has no regard for human life, it’s true, but they have pushed to the limits. There is a delicate balance now between their insane belief they can save themselves and win the battle, and what they KNOW they can do to pull it off. The Galactic Confederation has made it clear that if they attempt to take large numbers of humanity down in one of their false flag attacks, it will trigger The Event and they are doomed outright. So… they play along…still incapable of surrender, and pushing our buttons in “fake” atrocities.

  21. macdonalddon says:

    I hope the weeping Gene Rosin is starring in this one…he’s one of my favorite crisis actors.

  22. Demitra M. N. says:

    I for one have learned quite a bit over the years (and much of my source material has come from your blog, thank you). The minute I saw the flight # in relation to the date (777 & 7-17-2014) I was certain this was going to turn out to be another false-flag non-event, so I didn’t bother to waste precious energy investing in a reaction, whether emotional or otherwise. I did, however, roll my eyes a bit. 😉

  23. Dutchie says:

    I can only comment on some Dutch victims: these people are NOT “dummies”. They went on vacation – regular people, massacred by whom? At this point it’s not possible to get to the truth.
    The line Putin, BRIC bank, Saddam, Gadaffi, petrodollar comes to my mind and hangs there. The very existence of the USA is at stake when those petrodollars make place for another currency.
    We shall see…

  24. merahza says:

    Reblogged this on Amanah Satu – Malaysia and commented:
    …there IS no such a thing as coincidence … only synchronicity of planned events

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