Abel Danger: MH17 was 200% a False Flag Event

I had a feeling the Putin plane thing was an extraneous detail, and this appears to be true, although I’m sure the Illuminati would love to have him out of their way. They’re skating on very thin ice, however, and have to tread carefully.

A good thing that came out of the MH370 missing plane is that we learned that without a doubt, Boeing 777s can be flown and landed remotely.

OR, assuming that Flight 370 was hijacked since there is no wreckage, did they then use the pilot of that aircraft to fly this one? Was he a patsie?

Did they land the plane and then blow it up—planting what they believe will pass for proof it was full of passengers?

Watch the theories fly!

Jean Haines posted this… thanks, Jean.  ~ BP

Drake’s Radio Show from July 17, 2014, plus a personal Skype conversation with Peter EyrePosted on July 18, 2014 by Jean

Peter Eyre contacted me on Skype very early (for me) this morning. He was on the run to catch a plane. I was able to share with him the info from Abel Danger, which I have every reason to believe is reliable.

He gave me permission to share the following:

“Hello Jean….I have sufficient research to show that MH17 was 200% a false flag event that had no connection to the Russian President’s aircraft. All of the details shown by various cabal controlled media are totally false and simply do not add up.

“I have sufficient personal experience to prove both were false flags and that the evidence in both cases is bogus.

“. . . Yes, and they want WW3! What better way to rub up the Russians into some sort of conflict which would bring China and the BRIC countries into the fray. What better way for the US to clear is IOU with China (its main provider of finances, etc.) by going into conflict, boosting arms sales and putting up the price of fuel etc. Job done — except to say the US is no longer capable of fighting such a mammoth consortium….. [THANK GOD!!!]

“I will not offer the proof right now, but documentation shown via the media is false, aircraft details are false . . . I need to keep it close to my chest as the false flag details keep changing.

“Suffice to say that the aircraft that was photographed at the gate was not the aircraft that came down if the ATC details were correct….there is one clue. Other evidence lies in the wreckage. Paperwork shown also false.”

Peter suggests that everyone listen to the interview section of Drake’s radio show — advance the cursor to the second hour . . . which includes him, then Neil Keenan, Rob Miller, and Dr. Aidun as guests. I have just finished listening, and I can tell you for those seeking the truth it is well worth your time.


Click here to visit Jean’s blog and use the player there to listen to Drake’s radio show…

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8 thoughts on “Abel Danger: MH17 was 200% a False Flag Event

  1. Carlos Pinto says:

    This people have some serious pro dummy making skills. Many bodies looked fake, but I have to say that after watching this, i think a few real people could have been on board, I dunno. http://m.liveleak.com/view?i=0e5_1405626203
    What I think it’s weird is that on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZFAFTI8ORQ
    there is a lack of blood and dismemberment, and at 0:35 that body laying on its back is just so dummy like, because it has no body hair, the arm is in an angle like other bodies, and do you see that right leg, whith the exposed tibia? THAT’S A VERY VERY SHINY TIBIA BONE! Totally looks like a metal frame. And at 1:10 the back of the guy has a cut but no blood, no visible body hair, clear skin. Then the woman at 0:41, look at her arm, what the hell? A bit stiff huh, and that hand looks a bit plastic, huh? You would think that rigor mortis would set at a time when her limbs were already resting on the ground (2 hours after death), not raised like that. oh well… I searched some plane crash scenarios and there was a lot more gore than in this one.

  2. allura says:

    I think they still hadn’t shown on tv any crying family members marching towards Malaysian airlines.

    If this were merely a dummy plane then the Malaysian government sure are quiet about this.

  3. Sorry – I mean Lada Ray – my typo. 😦

  4. Jacque Delggadillo says:

    Not a peep, except the email about Kathryn May (did you get that one?).

    I thought she’d send a quick thanks to me for helping her with the computer…

    I am listening to the Drake program from last Thursday. It’s okay so far, but nothing new. I started at 60 minutes and am at 109 minutes. I’ve been fast forwarding a bit. It’s got Peter Eyre, Rob Miller, and Neil Keenan. I don’t remember the first two names.

    • Jacque…I wasn’t feeling good about the messages Katherine brought us from Ashtar when MH370 went missing and they wanted us to go to our local media and tell them the passengers were all safe in another dimension. I need proof.

  5. Awake! Ditto. Isn’t it grand? We see the inner-workings of ourselves. Truly awesome time in human history.

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