“Shot Down”: Tragedy Strikes Another Malaysian Airlines Flight—295 Dead

What do you make of this?  Truth? Propaganda? Linked to the Malaysian Airlines flight 370 missing plane? To come right out and claim it was “shot down”?  Stinks of provocation to me. 

CNN says “crashed” and “possibly shot down”. 

Let the games begin.  ~ BP

Photo Credit: Twitter/FoxNews

The last known position was over Ukrainian airspace…
According to early reports, a Malaysian Airlines passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down in eastern Ukraine early Thursday morning, causing a crash that killed all 295 on board.


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9 thoughts on ““Shot Down”: Tragedy Strikes Another Malaysian Airlines Flight—295 Dead

  1. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Seems they flew over the Unkanian area that is in conflict, war. They might have been shot down. Worth going around the Ukraine, and not put ones self or others in harms way,if this is what happened.

  2. Ninoy says:

    Flight MH17 on July 17 .A Boeing 777, with apparently 295 casualties (2+9+5=7). Allegedly one hour later Vladimir Putin’s presidential Aircraft takes the same route at the same altitude?. http://rt.com/news/173672-malaysia-plane-crash-putin/

  3. Judi says:

    Sorry we typed still same time…I had a dream for the 19th to the 22nd.
    I think it had to do with our currency, or a change of some type.
    Funny, I don,t usually remember my dreams but this one was clear.

  4. Rich Buckley says:

    These aircraft can fly on one operating engine. A catastrophic engine failure is improbable, a dual catastrophic engine failure is too implausible for me at least, to even consider. I sense there’s a message being delivered and it has to do with western banking hegemony into the Ukraine through terrorism.

  5. Judi says:

    Flight 17, on 7/17?

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