Pope is Rumored to Resign to Avoid Satanic Ritual Murder Charge

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Not a surprising headline, considering the Rat made history and resigned once he learned the warrant for his arrest had been signed, throwing Bergoglio under the bus, and Daddy Bush has possibly made his final exit to avoid the lynching he so richly deserves.

Ill health, Jorge? Really? I’ll bet you’re just sick about it.

I hope those in denial are beginning to see how rampant the child sex trafficking business is, how it has infiltrated our most revered and trusted institutions, how many high profile people are involved, and how the Church has been harboring the most wicked perpetrators of them all. 

You know, when you think about it, to deny the evidence proffered by victims and eye witnesses, to turn a blind eye or conceal evidence, is to assist these human predators in their acts.

Those who aid and abet are sacrificing our innocent children to these flesh-eating, blood-drinking demons. Allowing it to happen when we know it is, is unconscionable.  

Thankfully, more people are now paying attention—whether they can bring themselves to believe it or not.  Just keep spreading the word and sooner or later people will have to accept the godawful truth. 

Surely, you MUST at some point think that all these resignations are a little suspect.

Propaganda and fiction are the work of the shadow government and the Illuminati, not The People. We, The People shine the light on Truth as will soon become readily apparent.

I can’t help but recall some lyrics from Blondie just now… “One way or another I’m gonna find ya, I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha” … Promise.  ~ BP


The internet rumor mill is buzzing with the possibility of Pope Francis resigning to avoid satanic murder evidence becoming public.

Controversy is no stranger to the catholic church from child molestation to money laundering but the latest rumor making headlines has most flabbergasted. Pope Francis recently hinted to the fact he may be considering retiring due to ill health. The Vatican has allegedly stated other motives to the possible retirement. In recent interviews, Alfred Lambremont Webre speaks with Kevin Annett about the rumored incidents of satanic rituals and children being sacrificed by the Papal 9th Circle rituals and the possibility of the genocide in the name of the cult.

Kevin Annett is the field secretary of the the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State or ITCCS.ORG. The organization is dedicated to prosecuting those involved with child trafficking, exploitation, torture, and murder of children past, present, and future. These interviews can be found on his Youtube channel.

Vatican: ‘Nothing to worry about’ as tired Pope Francis cancels meetings

Life has been very intense for Pope Francis these past few weeks… nice way to put it.

Here’s another article, saying despite the meetings he’s canceled, not to worry—he’s fine. We’ll see how long that lasts.


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14 thoughts on “Pope is Rumored to Resign to Avoid Satanic Ritual Murder Charge

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    The buildings, sanctuaries, monasteries, schools, hospitals and charitable institutions supported by the church will live on, simply staffed by a new tribe working to do good…. perhaps under a reformed operational format. We will then have forgotten all these horrific acts soon enough.

  2. I’ll tell you one thing, I’ve never been so disgusted with the word religion as I am of late. There’s scripture teaching that has predicted all of this, but scripture is not defined as religion in and of itself. And what is totally obvious, to me, is all the evil forces of the dark are creating the end times scenario out “BY THE BOOK” as Kirk and Spock used to say. I’m fact, when I think about that it makes me wonder if or not near prophetic lines put into their scripts on purpose. We ‘know’ they own media.

  3. allura says:

    You know once this news about Vatican officials and the institution itself are involved on various hideous crimes like pedophilia, satanic child ritual sacrifice, money laundering and most of all conspired to murder 7 billion people are reported to the entire world its the end of the Christian/catholic faith as people will be disgusted in being associated in this religion.

    The church will lose literally lose everything from followers, donations, resigning catholic order from pope to priest, disbandment of religion to tearing down every church and its paraphernalia. People could start refusing to be wed on the catholic church.

  4. futuret says:


  5. Kenneth says:

    The authorities NEED to put a “Sting Operation” in the WatchTower Bible & Track Society!…They would Bag 100’s if not 1000’s of paedophiles hiding in there…THAT group has to be “Heaven: for Peadophiles!!! Most Religions are LOADED with them!!!

  6. Rich Buckley says:

    I personally sense it’s not a matter of belief or non-believe in these atrocities. I think it’s a matter of humanity’s test of itself, it’s collective capacity to stare evil in the face, forgive, and elevate it’s collective consciousness as an awakened specie otherwise we only focus on retribution.

    I sense there’s a role for a Truth and Reconciliation movement for the benefit and sake of all the good people impacted by these revelations. Our act of reconciliation (perhaps seen even as a form of forgiveness) is done for the benefit of the billions of innocent souls that are healed by the act of feeling forgiveness towards evil.

  7. @ cassandra – I beg to disagree with that information. The ‘real WICCA Pentagram is the Point on Top. The reverse is the one belonging to the Satanic Cult. http://detlaphiltdic.blogspot.com/2008/07/wicca-photos-wiccan-pictures-pentagram.html

    Satanic Images – http://www.dreamstime.com/photos-images/satanic.html

  8. I would never understand how people could not believe this. It most certainly is real, and I’ve heard many other things about some of these sacrifices taking place in the basement of the Vatican. So this is as real as it gets. Yes, I do believe this is one for the history books, although, if the ‘great lies’ continue, the public in general will never be aware of any of it. And this ‘is THE reason’ why it must all come to a grinding halt.

  9. macdonalddon says:

    ” Pope is Rumored to Resign to Avoid Satanic Ritual Murder Charge ”

    Don’t let that deter you…charge pope pedo anyway.

  10. Rich Buckley says:

    I sense there’s a role for a Truth and Reconciliation movement for the benefit and sake of all the good people impacted by these revelations.

  11. cassandra says:

    I would like to point out that the pentagram of the above is NOT SATANIC. the satanic pentagram has one of the points straight up (the one on the above has two points separated by a space, which represents the Wiccan = white good magick)

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