Jean Haines Wants This to Go Viral on the Malaysian 777 Shot Down Over Ukraine

This is already looking like a deep rabbit hole… BP

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash: ‘Nine Britons, 23 US citizens and 80 children’ feared dead after Boeing passenger jet ‘shot down’ near Ukraine-Russia border

A man works at putting out a fire at the site of the plane crash

Jean’s Post…

With the destruction of another Malaysian airliner, this time over Ukraine, they may think they have their FALSE FLAG, but I say – NOT SO FAST!!!


A Reader shares, and I remember the story well. I didn’t understand it too well then, but I do now: 

I am posting this information here because I believe it to be pertinent concerning the downed Malaysia 777 commercial plane that was reported ‘shot down’ on the inside eastern border of Ukraine.

According to reports by Abel Danger/Field McConnell/David Hawkins, see Serco. Serco is British corporation run by the two grandsons of Winston Churchill.   [Do a SEARCH for SERCO on this site. . . ~J]

I spent some time this past spring listening to Abel Danger videos and learned a great deal from a ‘true’ military perspective whose main concern is the protection of Americans and humanitarian sentiments towards all others on the planet.

Serco controls ALL commercial and military planes in the world. It has ‘overriding’ utilities called ‘flash override’ converting the plane into a drone, can tranquilize the pilots and passengers, can self destruct. This has been perfected since about 1995. This control utility was installed on ALL commercial jets worldwide and military planes since 2008.

Field McConnell ex Air Force veteren and Delta commercial pilot filed a Federal lawsuit in 2007 against Delta, FAA, and other State entities for NOT DISCLOSING these facts to pilots and passengers. The suit was thrown out by Federal judge.

I would suggest we all refrain from the ‘divide and conquer’ mentality TPTW desperately need this bogus ‘mass thought’ to unfold their agenda. This is manipulated to create an ‘illusion’ of separation. Once you know about ‘Serco’ you know there was never ‘any’ separatists just useful dupes positioned for media caption. Just actors playing a fictional role. Nothing more. Not real.

The only thing real in this world is the love, care and concern one has towards another.

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8 thoughts on “Jean Haines Wants This to Go Viral on the Malaysian 777 Shot Down Over Ukraine

  1. Morgan Savage says:

    It’s a host get beyond it! Let it go!


  2. Reblogged this on Angel 4 Light and commented:
    I usually do not post this sort of information but it does need to go viral so that people are awake to the real truth.

    Thank you Jean for all you do. We all do so appreciate your tireless efforts of bringing the real Truth to the forefront. Be blessed.

  3. Jean says:

    🙂 Thank you so much . . . nice words to hear tonight . It’s been a totally busy day. . . 🙂 Hugs to everyone. . . ~Jean

  4. Jean says:

    Please see my blog for numerous postings. This is so important! At the end of the day, Abel Danger now has said this is a false flag . . . link:

    I have also just posted an article by Lada Ray . . . Thanks so much for spreading the word. We simply cannot permit them to try to involve Russia in a war . . . It just can’t happen . . . it will be a war to end all wars . . .

    Many thanks and hugs,

  5. Kylie says:

    No US citizens were on this plane it was 27 Australian. May they should rest in piece.

  6. vendo4151 says:

    If you have gotten to the point of realizing that there were no airplanes that hit the towers on 9/11, then conversely it is no great leap to realize the possibility of this.

  7. Frank Zadlo says:

    Russia is letting the USA know that they know what happened to flight 370 and the Malaysians must pay the price for their complicity in disappearing flight 370 and covering up for American black ops.

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