Stunning Lightning Strike of World Trade Center Spiral in New York City July 2, 2014

Okay… I don’t believe in coincidences—especially not in this case—and particularly after the strike at the Vatican when Ratzinger resigned. I believe this is a message, a sign, to those who are awake, and the cabal, as well. 

First this, on July 2, then the Library of Congress on the 14th. We’re on a roll.


Two direct hits to two key locations to the US shadow government?  It’s like God saying, “I know what you did, and ________________.” (you fill in the blank)

 Thanks, Leahanna for this share.   ~ BP

Beth Alison (@bethalison) got this shot of the July 2, 2014 lightning strike of One World Trade Center from her Manhattan apartment … with her phone!


Lightning rod: the sky above Manhattan is scarred by a bolt of lightning as it strikes the mast on top of One World Trade Centre – America’s tallest building – during a summer storm Photograph: Lucas Jackson/Reuters



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5 thoughts on “Stunning Lightning Strike of World Trade Center Spiral in New York City July 2, 2014

  1. daveashwell says:

    Remember, NOTHING HAPPENS BY CHANCE, it is ALL designed by the Creator.

    Looks like he is getting very fed up with the FED (excuse the pun). I have seen a lot of lightning shots but this one takes the cake.

  2. Athena says:

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    There is so much going on right now. BP you’re the best. Thanks for bringing all these wonderful things to my attention. I am thrilled with what you have shared today and am passing it along. In Joy, Athena

  3. allura says:

    What an incredible coincidence that they decided to take a photo on these two places on certain time ,date and location to be able to do this. Its like they had an advance information that this would happen and they should take a photo. wow!

    I really hope they can finish off the cabal within this year.

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    Absolutely amazing photos. I do believe these are signs. Be blessed.

  5. Aphrodite says:

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    Wow…great shot! I hope they are shaking in their boots!

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