More Freaky Stuff Going On: 12-Foot Angel Sings with Jason Upton

Update: Thanks to a reader for pointing out this happened about three years ago. I wondered, too, and forgot to look for the date. The video was uploaded April 11, 2011.

Thanks to Glenn Canady/ProjectNsearch for the heads up.

I just had to share. There’s a whole story along with this, and an audio, and I thought you’d like to hear it.

So, Jason Upton apparently channels messages from our Creator while he sings, and an angel came to help him deliver Creator’s message? Wow. I don’t believe angels deliver messages in person every day. I do recall one other time in history it supposedly happened though. It was when Jeshua incarnated. Interesting.

How do they know there was a 12 foot angel there? A little boy said he saw it, and as we know, children—particularly today’s children—have a more accurate perception of reality than we old folks who have been mind controlled and taught from birth that there are no angels, spirits, etc. here on Earth.

The recording was intact and it seems we may actually be hearing the voice of an angel… harmonizing with Jason Upton.

The tale sounds pretty out there, I know, but this angel really brought it. It’s not the sort of music I typically listen to, but it’s a beautiful song, and I’m sure the angel chose it very carefully.

Note the lyrics. “You have been set free.”  Does that give you goose bumps? It does me, and I think ANYTHING is possible at this point as the quarantine is lifted, our nasty 3D existence spills over into the 4th and 5th densities and the dark ebbs away.

If you read the story and watch the first video as background and then listen to the audio with beautiful visuals included, it will take a bit of time, so grab a cup o’ something soothing and settle in.

Prepare to be serenaded by an angel!

Click here to take a journey into the upper realms.  ~ BP

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13 thoughts on “More Freaky Stuff Going On: 12-Foot Angel Sings with Jason Upton

  1. allura says:

    By the way this isn’t recent but happened three years ago if you check the date on youtube when it was first posted. Its only now that someone in the alternative news caught on.

  2. allura says:

    Is the humming sound from the background the angel’s voice they were referring to? I didn’t hear a second voice speaking out words to sing or was the humming voice the one?

  3. Athena says:

    Reblogged this on Ascension Project 2012 and commented:
    This is amazing. When I had my near-death experiences there was always choirs of angels singing. I am so excited and feel so blessed to hear this. Wow! Athena

  4. macdonalddon says:

    I’d like to hear what that little boy has to say…there’s certainly another voice there.

  5. Definitely a sync on this one. Nearly unreal, but so in line. If you recall BP I had been upset because I’d been missing my dream time; then Dr. Mercola came out with an article about ‘sleep, and having that REM dream cycle, and how important it is to your health.’

    I was pretty upset when I went to bed last night, and with tears I’d asked for help. Well, I got it, and I was most certainly WAYyyy out in space, far away from this planet and being taught…something. BUT, my cat tromped across my entire body and brought me back right in the middle of everything, and I was SO angry I wanted to scream. I love my kitty, but she does it every, single time. ..and if not her, the house phone with no number that could be traced to anyone. You have no idea how frustrating that truly is. It’s almost like she’s been programmed to ‘wake me out of it.’ And now, for the day I’ve been struggling to remember what exactly they were telling me.

    ‘Nuff said because I’m too frustrated to speak of it anymore.

    A very beautiful song though, and in one place only I thought I heard someone else. ❤ Blessings, kiddo.

    • Leahanna, it is frustrating to be awakened when we’re not ready. Happens to me, too. Faxes ringing through our phone line at 3 am, robo calls from the US government if I try to catch a rare daytime nap, but don’t worry. Although you may not consciously recall the work you were doing while sleeping, your soul knows. Let it go.

      I’ve listened to this “Fly”audio several times now and the angel sings a lot. Every time I hear, “You have been set free”, I get a rush.

  6. Double D says:

    Goose bumps…YES!

  7. Double D says:

    That was beautiful.

  8. PS Thank you 12-feet Angel. I’ll return periodically to that video to hear you sing.

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