More Action at the Capitol in DC; Well-Placed Lightning Bolt

I find this very interesting in light of the video we watched from one night in early July, don’t you, of the beam exiting the dome and shadowy figures darting furtively between the columns?

This bolt struck the Library of Congress.


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Do you recall when the lightning bolt hit the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican in Rome? It was February 12, 2013.

Pope Benedict (Ratzinger) had just resigned due to the bad press in the Catholic Church and news of the warrant issued for his arrest for pedophilia, among other things.

Does this then foretell of more high profile resignations/removals within the shadow government?

I choose to view it as Divine Intervention.

We can hope! Got plenty of that.  ~ BP

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6 thoughts on “More Action at the Capitol in DC; Well-Placed Lightning Bolt

  1. Spock says:

    This looks not coincidental to me…
    ….and by the way – is there still any question, that the american president has a transsexual “wife” and because of this, two seperately added “children” ?

  2. macdonalddon says:

    Well after all TBC, he IS known as bath house Barry in Chi town.

  3. Washington, D.C. always was a lightning rod of some sort or another!

  4. I was totally amazed at the Twitter posts. 😀 Seems they ‘have it in’ for the members of Congress. lol

    I do find it rather odd, now that you mention it, about the beam of light coming from the dome. Maybe the ETs are trying to say something to WA puppets, eh? Gosh…ya think? LOL 😀

  5. macdonalddon says:

    Well, at least we know it didn’t hit the president…unless it struck the gay porn section.

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