Guilty! Abolish the Bar! [video]


Did you watch the video? When you put it THAT way… it’s no wonder we need the Citizens’ Grand Jury and the return of Common Law.

It’s so easy to see how they have rigged the system and rendered us unable to protect ourselves, isn’t it?  We’re so gullible. We never said a thing, just put our little hand in theirs and allowed them to lead us down the garden path.

All we need is someone to translate from legalese to English and we get it! We’re no longer mewling babes in arms. It’s time to rise up and end the manipulation and lies. The current justice system is a far cry from it’s original intent by the founding fathers.

Anyone in America wishing to join forces in the ‘National Liberty Alliance’ to learn more, perhaps volunteer as a juror in the common law courts, just click the link.

There is nothing “just” about the current justice system. It’s all about money. Ill-gotten gains. Deception and unmitigated gaul.

Ignorance is NOT bliss and through ignorance and misplaced trust we, The People of Earth have sacrificed much.

Canada, Australia, Great Britain, etc. —you have your own parallel organizations.  It’s time to abolish statutory law, admiralty law, law of the seas, under its many guises, and usher in the return of Common Law: The Law of the Land and of the common man.  ~ BP

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19 thoughts on “Guilty! Abolish the Bar! [video]

  1. Hidden Feudal Law; a human being is tenant to a feudal superior. Hiding behind the BAR: British Accredited Registry

  2. Demitra M. N. says:

    BP, I wish I knew how to begin something like this myself or at least knew of others who are doing so on behalf of us all. I would certainly join the effort or at least sit in on the meetings and offer my support.

    I’m in Canada, if you have any info regarding this subject for those of us north of the border, I’d appreciate any links you come across. Thanks!

    • Demitra, I don’t know what the Canadian equivalent of the National Liberty Alliance is, but if you send a note to them, I’m sure they know who is involved in Canada and can give you some contacts or at least the name of the organization.

      • macdonalddon says:

        I’d be interested also, after the experiences I’ve had with Bar members with pedophile affiliations in New Brunswick.

      • Demitra M. N. says:

        I’ll try and find out where any groups might be forming over here via this organization. At the very least I’ll try and find out how I might go about finding the required people necessary to creating such a group. Thanks for posting this link in here…much appreciation!

    • Laura Legere says:

      Demitra and others interested in the Common Law Grand Jury in Canada. John from has Monday night conference calls from 6 – 9 PST and you can ask him questions about what is going on in Canada about this. He is receiving calls from other countries and has made himself available as much as he can. John is just now adding new conference calls on Tuesday and Thursday nights for training purposes. The Monday night call is best for answering your questions for now. Kevin Annett created the International Common Law Court to take down the corporate government criminals and is making major headway as many of these pedophile murders are stepping down because of the courts convictions. You may want to find out how you can utilize the International Common Law Court as well.

    • The spirit of Roman Civil Law is inherent in ‘all’ governments = rulers and ruled.

      Maritime Law rules ‘World’ Commerce and Courts.

      Commercial admiralty is a crucial part of contemporary political-legal situation.

      Men and women are cooperating to disclose a complex, unjust legal system, and informing others, in order to reclaim unalienable rights as human beings.

  3. Demitra M. N. says:

    I’ve been driving for quite some time now and in all the years since getting my driver’s license, I was never, EVer stopped by a cop much less been issued a ticket. I have always made a point of being a very safe and conscientious driver if only to avoid run-ins with the law-enforcement thugs. But despite all my efforts to remain off their radar, in the past 9 months alone, I’ve had run-ins with them 3 times!

    Last November I was issued a parking ticket (right in front of my sister’s house — a spot I’ve been parking in on the same day and same time every week for at least 14 years without incident) suddenly they have a problem with this spot and there are no road signs indicating any change.

    In March, I was stopped, threatened, and accused of not coming to a full stop at the stop sign but then sent on my way without being ticketed and without explanation. (Despite not getting a ticket at that time, I was still affected by their dark/coarse energies which always leave me feeling gross and depressed for days afterward.)

    And then at the end of May I was stopped for a tail-light and ticketed for not having my up-to-date insurance documents on-hand to show him. What’s really messed up about this is that while there was a very logical explanation for why I didn’t have those papers on me, he would not allow me or my son to step out of the car even for the minute it would have taken to get the papers from inside the house (and we were parked right outside our house!)

    So within the past year alone, I’ve paid out money for two tickets to these extortionists. The only satisfaction I got out of these two road robberies is in writing on the back of both tickets my personal sentiments to them, which went something like: “I don’t consider myself guilty of these charges, the real onus of guilt rests on all of YOU, YOU who work for and uphold such an unethical judicial system. That by doing so, it is YOU who transgress against ME because I am the LIVING PERSON, not the CORPORATE FICTION named on the tickets!”

    Not that saying any of that made or makes a single bit of difference; they expect the money and they take it without hesitation. They’re crooks through and through, the whole lot of them, and unless something gives, and gives real soon, this kind of highway robbery is going to become a daily norm for us all. I don’t know about other people, but this kind of regular shake-down really takes it’s toll. I really hope to see the People’s Common Law courts begin getting established everywhere ASAP ’cause I’m tired of being suspicious, guarded, and cranky everywhere I go.

    • Demitra… interesting report. One of the people at the Common Law Grand Jury meeting I attended had the same complaint. She said she’s been stopped a ridiculous number of times and fought them, and it just got to be so ridiculous she was frustrated beyond belief and got involved in this initiative to take them down.

  4. Laura Legere says:

    Become a Common Law Grand Jurist in your state is the answer and remedy. . We had a class last Sunday July 13th, 2014 by a Canadian that prepares documents that has made high up corporate government officials quite their jobs as soon as they have read his documents. Judges run out of the room when they see that he is about to enter. Good things are happening and it is time to get on the train instead of just complaining.

  5. Well, a lot of it I was already aware of because of my LE degree, and criminal law…AND training. BUT, to hear this guy tell it again gave me a quick refresher course. What it did do was make me P.O.’d once again.
    The big issue is, how can we fix it. I mean, they’ve kept us deaf, dumb, blind and trusting of them, when all along we were wooded, S(fill in the blank) and tattooed. We were bought and sold on the stock market like the slaves of Egypt. So what’s the answer?

    • Leahanna, I believe the answer is establishing the People’s Common Law courts, who will subsequently remove the corrupt members of the current system. Retraining the remaining judges, administrators, etc. and switching from statutory law to common law will then protect us and provide a fair system.

  6. macdonalddon says:

    The Big Picture…Thank you, I’m here all week…try the veal.

  7. macdonalddon says:

    Lawyers are always buried twice as deep as everybody else because deep down they are good people.

  8. Laura Legere says:

    Thank you BP for getting the word out about the Common Law Grand Juries. My partner and I are Grand Jurists in WA state. 31 states have been reconstituted to pave the way for the Grand Juries since the end of February and the rest will be very soon. New York finally filed felony indictments against 14 judges for having the file clerks erase the previous filings and warned that any clerk, judge, lawyer, etc that erased anymore filings will be added to the list of felons. If this interests you please consider a $5 monthly donation to the It is well worth it! We must be getting to the PTW because there is beginning to be a lot of disinfo put out about the National Liberty Alliance. Thanks again BP, love your blog!

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