Secret Space War XVII: Who Runs the New NSA Facility at Bluffdale, UT?

I missed this until KP shared, so here’s our next installment, a little late. Perfect Sunday reading.

The author reminds us…I am not allowed to tell you that what is disclosed in this article is true beyond any shadow of a doubt. But just like me you are allowed to believe anything you want about the information which is presented in this article based on what seems plausible to you in light of numerous prior public testimonies during Dr. Greer’s Disclosure Project.”

Many of my readers know that most—if not all—of the following IS true.

In addition to The Disclosure Project, of course, there was the Citizens’ Disclosure Hearing (click to see a clip) at the National Press Club in Washington in April/May 2013, which was brilliant.

For ten days a panel comprising former members of US Congress, among others, heard the testimony of countless pilots, military men, UFO researchers, witnesses and insiders from multiple countries who told us in plain language that various extraterrestrial races are indeed here and have been visiting our planet for decades. (millennia, actually)

Various Galactics are currently engaging Humanity in both positive and negative ways. There is no question in millions of minds that we are not alone. We’re just waiting for the rest of Humanity to catch up.

It’s maddening to think that we dumbed-down humans are the only race who aren’t zipping around in space and from dimension to dimension. We’ve been grounded by the selfish, evil races who have controlled our fake reality for eons.

Reality is NOTHING like what we have been told. It’s time we realized who we really are and made our initial forays into the stars, whence we came. 

So let’s get with the program, grow up, assume our true identities and join the rest of the cosmos. Many of us are yearning to go home.  May The Force be with you.  ~ BP 

July 7, 2014

by Preston Jamesutah-data-center-entrance


You are not allowed to know what goes on at the new secret NSA Super-spy Center at Bluffdale, Utah, or what goes on at the Secret Deep Underground Base it is connected to.

Nor are you allowed to know who is behind the New Beyond-Black NSA, who actually runs it, or what their Secret Agenda is.

And neither are you allowed to know who runs the secret Deep Underground Base it is connected to at Richfield, Utah, or what their Beyond-black Secret Agenda is.

If you do not have some basic knowledge of the Secret Space War that is ongoing now and the basic, real facts that have already been released proving its existence, you are probably wasting your valuable time reading this article because it will seem far too incredulous to you.

The actual facts about these matters may be so astounding and so disturbing that unless they were proved by major Mass Media public displays of actual facts such that folks were confident they were true, most that read this article without any background or actual experience in Secret Space War matters are unlikely to believe much of it.

The only way the public at large would ever be able to process this information is if the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), the USG’s secret but official Propaganda Dispenser, covered this story as fact after USG ordered it to do so and released a major supporting set of facts publicly to many witnesses, and live on camera, facts that were indisputable.

There is alleged to be a major Split in the Top Echelon of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

It has been alleged by insiders that the Top Policy-makers who run the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) are split in their beliefs about what the effect would be on the public if there was complete disclosure of the Secret Space War phenomena and the numerous groups of Alien ETs.

It is alleged that there has also been a deep split in the Top Policy-Makers of the SSG about what would happen if the public ever found out for certain about the true Agenda of the new Bluffdale NSA base and the attached deep underground base at Richfield Utah.

Allegedly the “Oldest Ones” believe that disclosure would create complete distrust of the USG forever.  And allegedly the “Younger Ones” believe that the public already completely distrusts the USG and coming clean with full disclosure would help restore confidence and trust in the USG if it was done properly.

Perhaps you may want to assume that there are some very high officials in the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) that want these facts to be disclosed to the public in successive steps that are slow enough to allow systematic acceptance in small steps without creating public panic.

And perhaps you would be correct if you assume that this type of disclosure is already in process.

You may be correct if you perhaps assume that the information being presented in this article is due to this split in the SSG and has been provided by the “Younger Ones” of the SSG, but I cannot assure you of that at this time.

But here is the kicker, there may be another off-planet based party that is pressuring the “Younger Ones” to disclose within a certain time limit or they have promised to take direct action themselves in public displays which will create immediate full disclosure.

And it may be that this particular off-planet entity tends to be peaceful and benevolent to humans while being an age-old arch enemy of another previously off-planet entity that is anti-human which has invaded, infiltrated and hijacked Planet Earth by use of a secret worldwide Occult Network of Luciferians that call themselves “Illuminati.”

If this information is in fact correct, be certain that at this time under ordinary circumstances you would never be allowed to have access to this kind of disclosure information because it is still completely forbidden by operative policies of the SSG still in place.

I am not allowed to tell you that what is disclosed in this article is true beyond any shadow of a doubt. But just like me you are allowed to believe anything you want about the information which is presented in this article based on what seems plausible to you in light of numerous prior public testimonies during Dr. Greer’s Disclosure Project.

Certainly it is very interesting that so many recent history channel programs on Alien ETs visiting Planet Earth and some living in Deep Underground Bases.

Up until several years ago any leakage or sharing of this information would result in an immediate and lethal sanction, referred to by insiders as “Termination with Extreme Prejudice” (which means final with no appeal possible aka a visit from DOD “wetboys” or from real Alien ETs, also known as the “Men in Black”).

This deep split in the SSG has occurred because the “Old Ones” are now approaching death and their previously immense power is waning. New SSG coalitions are being formed and junior members are now organizing to fill the void.

Many of the worldwide systems of control these Senior SSG Members instituted are eroding fast, and more effective new ones must be created to replace them if they are going to be able to maintain control. It has been suggested that the “Younger Ones” do not share the same NWO Luciferian plans of the “Old Ones” or their memberships in a world wide occult Luciferian Network.

Read the rest of this lengthy article and watch the video on the NDAA…


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6 thoughts on “Secret Space War XVII: Who Runs the New NSA Facility at Bluffdale, UT?

  1. @ schauminator – I so agree. The bible and the Book of Enoch do tell everyone who had the common sense to read them, does say there were ‘others’ here from the skies. If anyone has read “The Dead Sea Scrolls” will find even ‘more insight’ into our past, which includes many of the ‘real secrets’ that the Vatican denies, yet hides, or has called Hersey.

    Gregg Braden, who I think is truly brilliant, has successfully brought out the Gospel of Thomas, which was denied by the church; however, it was found in the ancient writings in Tibet, freely accessible to their people, or to visitors like Gregg. Whereas the christian bible only speaks of Thomas as a disciple of Jesus, and doubted the resurrection until he saw him. There was nothing else written about him in the King James version; and there have been 40 edits of the bible since the first was published.

    We know/knew there was more out there; and with all the information finally coming forth, there’s no way to doubt this article. I saw this information before, regarding this facility in Utah. However, for everything there’s a season; and this season belongs to the truth.

    Thanks, BP. For those that did not know this, it’s truly a very good thing. Hugs and blessings. ❤

  2. schauminator says:

    Should anyone have a problem with introducing these disclosures to a friend or anyone, because they fear being made sport of or shunned, remind them of the first set of facts. There were 5 days of sworn testimony given by multiple personnel that are well recognized around the world for their expertise. Most of these hearings are still up on YouTube and that has really been their only exposure. there are also several videos from evening meets that I attended that are helpful for achieving a better understanding of why this must be disclosed to the world. CSPAN with not air these hearings or will any Major News station. You will understand if you listen to Stephen Bassett’s comments in these hearings and evening speeches.
    If you take the time (many hours) to listen to all these videos I believe you will also come to the conclusion the Cabal is running out of their bag of tricks and deceit except their false flag games which are many and some can be very dangerous. They now know that many of us know what they have been hiding from the world. Many now believe our friendly visitors will totally shut down the Cabal in good time making sure there will not be a nuclear holocaust. There are witnesses and testimonies that bare out the ETs capabilities to stop such action.
    Also, know the Obama was fully briefed by Dr. Steven Greer prior to these hearings. after the hearings a freedom of Information question was put the White House basically asking about their knowledge of existence of UFOs and ETs. the response was received as basically stating the have no knowledge of this. Many were hoping Obama would do what Clinton tried to do in being the disclosure President. But that is not going to happen.

    I have copied and edited several of these hearing videos to reduce time for viewing at VWF Post, Knights of Columbus members, church members and for AFCEA DOD Contracting members. 98% said they didn’t know these hearing took place. I start with the opening statements given by Dr. Greer and Stephen Bassett, from that point on no one thinks I’m wearing a Tin foil Hat.
    Again reminding some (Doubting Thomas’s) that if you read the Bible’s Genesis account, Book of Enoch and almost any of the other culture’s accounts of their version for in their beginning story of mankind, all their teachers and influencers came from the heavens.
    From the very beginnings of mankind we were told we are no alone.

  3. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    This is why I like listening to the Hollow Earth Network radio show, I get a glimpse of what is going on. And that some of the lights, stars we see are not really stars, but ships. Shine a light up and turn it on and off a few times at and see what happens. Stars do no move or blink back. I don’t think we need to be afraid of the ships, I think they are nice Beings in them. I think the not so nice Beings in ships have been removed, and not allowed to return. We are regaining our freedom.

  4. Demitra M. N. says:

    As I read through this I try to imagine attempting to share this info with people in my day-to-day and it makes me laugh out loud at the futility of such an effort. Truly, our world views are so radically different at this point, and diverging at an increasing pace day-by-day, that it seriously defies the average person’s idea of common sense. I cannot even phathom anymore a bridge that could span such a massive gap in understanding which has developed amongst us.

    And as this gulf grows exponentially wider apart with each passing day, it seems more likely that if the unconscious wish of the obtuse amongst us is to be honoured, our personal vibrations are the beacons that will progress us each to the reality and future experience that resonates to our unique frequency imprint. And in this sense, I genuinely understand now why those who have already been resonating at higher frequencies have often complained of being overlooked, not heard, and invisible to the many others around them. This means that as the gap of world-view understanding grows bigger still, the feelings and experiences of invisibility for those at the higher frequencies are going to become more and more commonplace in the time ahead.

    • Demitra… that’s why I created this blog as a resource. There was no way I could talk or write to people I wanted to share with. The scope of that project was so immense I binned it and decided that I would send a link, and those who were ready to wake up would click it. Almost none did. Those who showed up were total strangers. (friends we haven’t met yet)

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