Live Now! —Andrew Bartzis, Sacha Stone and Others on Hollow Earth



If you click this link right now you will jump in live, part way through this discussion. Fascinating!

I’ve never heard most of this info before. Awesome stuff.

I guess it’s about time we got to know the planet we live on, after all this time.

This is part of the ‘New Earth Nation Hangout’ community.

They are experiencing some technical difficulties just now (50 min. in) and no longer streaming, but hopefully they can get it back online quickly. Every time someone shares really great information to reveal our reality to us, there are “technical difficulties”, aren’t there?

DAMMIT! They were sharing such great information, too!

There’s also a chat, and that is still ongoing during the “intermission”.

BTW… speaking of the north and south poles… isn’t it interesting that we refer to them as the “poles”, when YellowRoseforTexas told us the planets are on “masts” or POLES?


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3 thoughts on “Live Now! —Andrew Bartzis, Sacha Stone and Others on Hollow Earth

  1. Amanda says:

    Thank you @VENDO4151
    I have a hard time believing astrology is all bull especially when it seems to be so accurate, at least from my perspective… so all of these ancient civilizations were leading us on too? Although we do create our own realities right? So anything is possible. Who knows!! All I know is that I understand nothing is as it seems… exciting times. STAY POSITIVE♡♡

  2. vendo4151 says:

    The “brain in a jar theory” just keeps coming up in different places lately. From my point of view, besides the obvious, that 16+ countries have taken video and photos in orbit, plus completely private space enterprises, there is the matter of the precession of the equinox. The zodiac and all astrology from ancient times is entirely based on it. It’s how the 12 signs of the zodiac are derived. And in order to have a precession of the equinox you must have an axis of a globe. The ancients known for their wisdom that studied the stars, planets, and the earth spoke of the earth as a ball in the heavens/space. And if it isn’t, then all astrology is nonsense, that is based on nonsense.

  3. Spock says:

    I was not near the north – or south pole, so i cannot verify here if there is a hollow earth, or not. What i learned in the last two decades is to be very cautious about what is told to us…
    In this moment i have the feeling that this “hollow earth” thing is another mindcontrol effort of the cabal !
    We must realise, that our “earth” is very likely no planet and our “solar system” seems to be no solar system at all. The sun is no star and most of the “planets” seem to be “battleships” guarding our “prison-matrix”… Earths blue sky is a hologram – such as the “hollow earth” could also be very well – who knows ?
    The “hollow earth” is probably another programmed hologram – created by the “entrappers” to fool us into something, that in reality might be nothing elese than a fictuous “world” that where we are actually living on / in.
    Time will tell what is going on here in this universe of deception.
    Read the “Wingmakers” stuff and the five Dr.Neruda interviews to get more insight of what is really going on here and than think about it again if there is a hollow earth or not !

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