Facebook is a Mind Control Tool [video]

I purposely spend very little time on FB, but Shift Frequency shared this excerpt from a Jeff Rense program and anyone who uses Facebook might want to have a listen to this 15 minute clip in case they’re not aware.  ~ BP


Published on 9 Jul 2014

Clip from July 2, 2014 – guest Alfredo Lopez on the Jeff Rense Program. Full program available in Archives at http://www.renseradio.com/signup.htm

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11 thoughts on “Facebook is a Mind Control Tool [video]

  1. Angela Resendiz says:

    We’ll said Starship Earth, there’s quite a few awakening souls out there looking for answers as I was once. There will always be the good with the bad in every situation.But then again it’s all here for us to experience and see how we react and grow from it all.

  2. Paul says:

    I’m sorry to say it like this, but… Ah Duh! Thanks for informing people who may not know.

    • Paul… new people follow this particular blog every day, and while some of them may wear tin foil hats, others may be fresh off the lamestream and have no idea. I like to assume some are brand new to the alternative media or landed here quite by accident, and educate those who are open with no intention of preaching to the choir. You know who you are.

  3. ChristianB says:

    FB is tracking every click.

    • ChristianB… sure they’re tracking every click, but there are no secrets about our data anyway. They are certainly watching to see who clicks on what ads, etc.

      I am pleased to see that despite knowing the truth about Facebook, we, the awakened ones, use it against them. The most immediate purpose of this surveillance is to alter our behaviour, because we know we’re being watched.. We’re throwing it right back at them. We’re going to carry on sharing things and supporting each other, putting out timetables for events, creating groups so we can band together, pool our resources and fight tyranny. It’s all good.

      We can be selective about what we share, however. Not everyone has their photo, or shares an album, or gives marital status or says where they grew up. It’s the comfort factor, but why share anything that isn’t necessary? We can choose not to click on anything but friends’ postings and leave Facebook to their pitiful advertising and ignore their news feeds. I do.

  4. Kenneth says:

    Its all about “Vibration” and how WE can control this “Illusion” we are living with…I like keeping as MUCH of the illusion OUT of my “Experience” as I can…its a lot easier to deal with when one does that…When one learns that this “Play” is about over anyway, WHY burden oneself??? Just “Enjoy-the-ride”…un-cluttered.

  5. awapuhi says:

    I was never a big FaceBook user to chat, but got rid of FaceBook some years ago when I found it was taken over by the NSA for easy collection of info on us.

    But then about a year ago, I began to realize that there is not anything on the internet left or out in the world of our current reality that has not been hijacked and used to spy or track us or … you know the rest. (if you have not seen series “Fringe” re trans-human manipulations that is not only brilliant & highly entertaining but seriously spot-on, I highly recommend it, as it makes FaceBook look like child’s play)

    So I decided to jump into my power and thumb my nose to them all, and enjoy using FaceBook to sometimes report what they are doing back to them! And just enjoy the benefits of FaceBook (occasional fun or very informative post by others).

  6. Kenneth says:

    This is WHY, I got rid of FaceBook over 6 years ago…I started noticing little “Changes” they were constantly making…little “Editing” changes they were always trying to do all the time I would post something on it!…So shut it down! I don’t use ANY so-called “Social-Media” anymore!

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