Project Camelot Interviews Man for All Seasons, Michael Henry Dunn [video]

If you’re having trouble deciding whether to trust Neil Keenan, or believing that the Global Collateral Accounts exist, or are interested in The Templar Knights and their role in the past and into today (Are they good or bad?)… those and other topics came up in this interview with Kerry Cassidy and Michael Henry Dunn.

Dunn has a long list of credentials (see below the video) and spent two months with Keenan. You may recall his well-written updates in the past as to what transpired with Keenan’s travails to secure the accounts.

He shares his view of the ultimate release of the accounts to Humanity and the timeline he expects. Well worth the time, IMHO.   ~ BP

Published on 10 Jul 2014

We will be discussing: Michael’s background, his extensive knowledge regarding the Shakespeare authorship issue (he is cited in “acknowledgements” page of several books). He has authored and performed award-winning presentation on the authorship controversy, “Sherlock Holmes and The Shakespeare Mystery.”

The Global Collateral Accounts, and the Neil Keenan Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit story, (he spent two months on the ground in Indonesia working with Keenan in early 2013). He wrote and produced “The Changing of the Guard” – a video expose of the banking cabal’s century-long abuse of the Global Collateral Accounts (featured in David Wilcock’s “Financial Tyranny” series.

Michael’s Primary strategic focus: an enforceable global human rights court with statutory authority whose mission is to prosecute systemic human rights violations (re: chem-trails, false flags, financial crimes, destabilization, etc.) by the oligarchy.…
And more…

Bio: Michael Henry Dunn is a human rights advocate, scholar, author, musician, and a globally recognized commentator on issues of human rights. His advocacy for the movement to support national sovereignty embodied in the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and BRICS alliance led to his current position as Senior Editor for The Alliance Journal, a university educational institution which serves as an academic journal, digest, news source, and debate forum, to facilitate the realization of a more free, peaceful and abundant world for all of humanity.…

In 1990 he was initiated into Kriya Yoga, the highest and most essential technique brought to the West by the revered yoga master Paramahansa Yogananda (the founder of Self-Realization Fellowship), starting a 22-year parallel journey in meditation and spirituality practices. His devotional memoir, “Romancing the Divine – The Art and Science of Falling in Love with God” recounts his experience of working closely with highly advanced yogis in India and America.…

A scholar in Renaissance literature, he is a recognized authority on the Shakespeare authorship question, and has lectured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe.

A classically trained actor and accomplished musician, his 15-year career in the theater includes recognized accomplishments in works ranging from Shakespeare to musical theater and original drama.

As a composer and musician, he recorded two widely-praised albums of interfaith devotional music, giving concerts throughout the U.S. and in Europe.

As a Knight of the direct continuation of the original Knights Templar from 1118 AD (a nation-state subject of international law with the same juridical status as the Vatican), he serves as Grand Seneschal on the upper house of the Parliament. The focus of the Order work is currently on upholding human rights and the rule of international law against systemic crimes by the corrupt oligarchy.…

For skillful and dedicated support of key historical missions of the Templar Order, he was officially granted the legal nobility title of Viscount, by fons honorom of the Prince Grand Master as Head of State. He holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Religion, M.A. in Psychology of Religious Studies, and B.A. in Communications and Psychology.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Project Camelot


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5 thoughts on “Project Camelot Interviews Man for All Seasons, Michael Henry Dunn [video]

  1. Darren says:

    Hierarchical thought ends with 7. We can access the 9th Ray.
    The Berith iysh empire is a 7 tiered privately owned $aturn worshipping structure. So is the Hindu caste structure. Berith Iysh = contracted man in Hebrew.

    Mi-Ka-El is a reference to $aturn, the Lord of 7 Rings, god of money.
    Shakespeare was a collective of 40 writers, not 1 individual.

    If this fellow would have gotten into fractal algorithms and nano structures and how they relate to sacred geometry he would have made more points with me. I am Irish myself.

  2. Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to Michael Dunn and all others on the marble; help them live free and easy.

    Send him Love, regardless. Let Love prop-up his weak areas. (I did not listen to the interview. I took my cue from Jimmy and Demitra M N, the comments above.)

    Be sure to send Love to ALL the conditions and people asking for it. For there is no greater help that we can give. Right? Right!

  3. Jimmy says:

    This guy argues that the religious institutions & monarchies that have been tainted by cabal criminals (w/ theft, human rights violations, pedophilia, etc.) have legitimate power granted to them over centuries, & just because of the actions of these criminals, their power is not removed. Therefore, he is mitigating for these institutions to remain in power, & thus maintaining their status quo, & their (“apparent”) power over humanity. Well,… Freedom does not recognize any institution, or person, w/ any real power over others – especially since these institutions obtained & maintained that power through force, murder, & genocide. Sorry,… but I don’t buy into his BS. He also makes claim that all of the changes, including arresting cabal members, holding them accountable for their crimes, & even changing the financial system is going to take many years to achieve. Obviously, he doesn’t want things to change for the better, but to remain as they are. Then he starts talking about the divine feminine, love, &,… more BS (as this is a contradiction). The only value I see in this interview is to get a feel into what the cabal might be planning to remain in power.

  4. Demitra M. N. says:

    Appreciated Dunn’s wide knowledge base of what’s going on on this planet. However, he’s just as biased in the way he looks at the problems of our world, and perhaps a little naive about how these problems can be fixed. Like most people who refuse to see the true scope of how rotten everything is at the core, he has his own brand of ‘light and love’ is the salve for everything that ails us.

    He, like everyone, has his own personal slant and beliefs about what is possible and I couldn’t put my finger on it precisely until the moment he defended the royal house of windsor. While he did it with a goodly amount of logic and finesse and certainly common sense, it was made clear to me at that point that he viewed the cabal as the only real great evil on this planet and all else is essentially part of our much valued history as a people and must be protected.

    Essentially, he views the whole system we operate within, as it is set up right now, as perfectly workable and it is only the small group of big time crooks within it who take advantage, and if they are dealt with then all can be accomplished.

    I believe he is wrong.

    What he does not see is that the top dog crooks on this planet could not possibly begin to put into place a single element of their sinster plans unless there were millions upon millions of regular thieves and liars amongst us, some even within our own immediate families.

    If putting all the crooks in jail and confiscating their stolen loot is the answer, then according to him, the few truly righteous people who walk this earth right now have an impossible feat to accomplish. No, I think the whole system is deeply flawed, and it was originally created to be this way in order for thieves and crooks to operate without interference.

    A focus on arresting criminals but maintaining the system as it stands is not how this system of slavery and bondage is going to be transformed into a system of love and integrity. It’s going to take something much larger, something more memorable, and certainly more meaningful, for the mind of the collective to shift internally off from the old track of the haves and have nots, prisons and punishment, hospitials and illness, torment and suffering and just sheer survival. The solution must be a global happening of galactic proportions. And the awakened portion of the collective mind has thus far been calling it, The Event. Anything less than that and we are still living in the fabricated land of Oz.

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