What’s Going On? Drama, That’s What

I’m so glad Kauilapele posted this morning, “Enough Already!!!!!”, and said Jean Haines did similarly. (I haven’t read Jean’s yet.)

Things are definitely “off”, these days. People are feeling various emotions to a great degree that are perhaps uncharacteristic. Some of us are being sorely tested physically, emotionally, mentally spiritually, financially, and every other way.

As I’ve said, I have no fuse at the moment, people are pushing my buttons and I just want the world to stop and let me off. I’ve had enough.

There isn’t much news worth sharing, it’s mostly negative, discernment is being tested big time, and things feel different—yet the same old broken records keep playing; the channeled messages with their chin-up cheerleading, the financial insiders with their “any day now” chants… now friendly ETs are the bad guys—I’m uncomfortably numb.

A possible source: One reader says Earth’s magnetic field for some unexplained reason, according to scientists, is weakening rapidly and she believes it means the control matrix around us is breaking down and will permit our freedom very soon. I sure hope you’re right!

I ask myself what the future will hold, and you know… I don’t know anything. I only know what I’ve been told, and it’s all just words and belief. There are far too many questions and too few answers.

SOMEONE had better prove SOMETHING fast, or this reality we live in will suddenly become a very prickly place for many of us.

I have often reflected on the validity of the information floating around in the media, the Internet, conversations—data no one can prove but everyone is arguing about what will be and what we will do and how we will feel when IT happens.

“What if….”  this entire ascension, liberation, angels and ETs story is just one glorious hoax—a cruel psyop to see how a few billion semi-intelligent, semi-conscious beings respond under controlled conditions?

Throw in a little free will for good measure and yee-hah! What a party in the lab! And this plan for our freedom has been underway since the 60s? Talk about a long-term experiment.

Researchers’ questions might include: What will they do when we keep moving the target? When we tighten the thumbscrews? Will they turn on each other? Will they submit to anything? Ah… very interesting.

When do they open the door of the cage and allow us to enjoy our golden years in blissful reverie?

I HAVE wondered: What if we ARE just lab rats? But you know… it’s such a great experiment that it’s fascinating for the lab rats to watch, too!

No matter how much pressure we’re feeling, how intense the negativity, how uncomfortable and frustrated we are… there’s still that carrot dangling out there, isn’t there? That ungodly GMO, glyphosate-ridden, chlorine-soaked carrot that we all want so badly.

To some of us it looks mouth-watering. To others, sinister. Foreboding. Don’t take a bite!, they caution. It’s evil!

IF that carrot were instantly under our noses, would we be brave enough to take a bite? Would it bite back?

Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of ‘something’ other than ourselves at the moment. We are tethered to a reality we cannot even define any more. It just is. And it isn’t.

We’ve been told there is an endless field of gorgeous, juicy carrots… out there… somewhere… and for a few hours a day we pretend we’re not hungry, not really interested, because life beckons.

The truth is, that field of carrots is very much on our minds. But we have to wonder… is it really a field of exquisite carrots, or is it a clever, AI-generated mirage that will morph into our worst nightmare as we draw near?

Are the lab techs going to wait until the rats are about to go postal before they deliver one measly little carrot? We’re drowning in saliva down here!

I guess we’ll find out. We’re nearing the end of the experiment, don’t you know.

If worse comes to worst—do 18 hours of yoga and meditation. Eat. Sleep. And repeat.

The saving grace: we’re all in this together, my friends, and as David Wilcock said, “Have fun”.  ~ BP


About Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I'm a Canadian freelance writer living near Phoenix, Arizona specializing in the 2012 phenomenon, spirituality, and wellness & nutrition. Over the past 8 years I've learned what our spiritual upgrade is REALLY all about and have access to insider information not shared in the mainstream media. I aim to dispel the myths and disinformation around The Shift and Ascension and help bring the world Truth. It is time. Welcome... and I hope this blog makes a difference in your spiritual liberation. ~ Molly A. Chapman

48 thoughts on “What’s Going On? Drama, That’s What

  1. Seems I’m not alone! My journal entry from last night: “LOST in space. Floating aimlessly and endlessly. Fooling myself into believing I have control on the direction I float, but deep down I know the truth. Any attempts at aiming for a particular destination is temporary at best. A game perhaps, designed to fuck with my head. A fake glimmer of light that serves to lead me on some wild goose chase and busy my mind for a period of time until it pales and the next fake glimmer of light grabs my attention away and has me running in a new direction. I am a fool each time I buy into those glimmers of light and even a bigger fool when I parade them in front of others as “the answer”. There is no answer. No light. No goal. No prize. No reward. Just a big joke stands between me and the fucked up creator that brought me into the world.” (Boy I hate when I dip this low!)

  2. Aurora says:

    Beloved masters,
    You’re feeling ascension pains, and amazing growth opportunities. To say that we’ve been duped is 3D thinking, and you must shift into higher vibrational thinking. I have learned so much from all of our beautiful messages, energies, leadership (BP rocks), foibles, etc. You are grand light beings, all at different spiritual evolution stages. If you are vibrating high, the negative information does not come into your existence; and conversely when you are vibrating at a low frequency where human (bad luck) follows you and negative news and happening infiltrate your being. We are Galactic beings in that consciousness does not stop at Earth’s atmosphere. Your level of consciousness is locked into those who are at the same or higher. Open up your heart and third eye to learn and discern the truth. I am with the Galactics to find a way to help humanity. My spiritual self was asked what I vote for and I have always said Yes! to Galactic help. The dumbed-down humanity (40%) need more than our prayers and good news stories. They need major organic heart-mind lifting, with the help of Heaven and our benevolent helpers who can help us help ourselves.

    So I vote for you all beautiful light beings who are so much more powerful than you know. Follow your heart, and use your spirit team clamoring to help you fulfill your oaths to yourselves to learn the LOVE answers. Listen dear ones. The answers are there.

  3. vendo4151 says:

    There was something about the whole mindset of this post, based on comments and other circumstances, etc., that seemed familiar to me yesterday, but I couldn’t quite place it. That this mindset was being entertained here on this blog and elsewhere, made me think that perhaps it is more out there in the collective consciousness now than ever. Then it suddenly hit me, the “brain in a jar theory”. Not necessarily meant as literally brain in a jar, it’s just a way of picturing what is considered unknowable by those who embrace this. It’s been around for a good while and rears itself forward now and then. It’s a mindset or philosophy that embraces the idea of evil bastards utterly using and deceiving us all on a sort of cosmic or base consciousness level. …. I just looked it up and read this piece. And I thought it might be of interest to someone here.


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    Here we go…I think many of us can relate to this hurry-up-and-wait frustration as we watch the unreality unfold before our eyes…and for all our efforts to hold the Light, where is our prize? Love & Forgiveness, Truth & Beauty, Healing & Transcendence, Believe & Persevere, have an Attitude of Gratitude for this precious life…Focus on the good, Co-Create the Collective Dream, for Love, and only LOVE CONQUERS ALL. ~PB ❤

  5. blueoxen says:

    All of this would be true if there were only in one world..but we live in an infinite number of these. Every moment we move in and out of these parallel worlds with the greatest of ease. Which world do you want?
    You can have a world full of evil aliens or the garden of Eden… you will migrate toward the one you think about. This is a game (life) we play for amusement, don’t take it too seriously!

  6. Jim says:

    “It’s about taking responsibility for our own spiritual destiny, before someone else does it for us by consensual proxy.”
    “When you argue in favor of your limitations, you get to keep ’em.”
    “The nail that stands up gets hammered back down.”
    “the world is a runaway train headed for a washed-out bridge with no one at the controls; and everyone is fighting over seating arrangements”

    Here is a lengthy article examining the issues of this post in detail. I feel better today and this was a good read but lengthy. Thank you!

  7. I have to add to the Gangaji video. This is the very first of hers that I had heard some time ago, and downloaded it from YouTube. I still have it saved, and when I’m lost about ‘me’…I always listen to this; and maybe it’s time we look deep within the light of our souls, since we ‘are souls’ and entrapped within the way to physical universe. I think it’s important and asks very important questions. Thanks and Blessings, BP. We most certainly needed this conversation. Great article. ❤

  8. naomi thompson says:

    I’m right there too. My family has gotten slammed this week on so many fronts. It’s like being at the end of your energy and knowing that is exactly where they want us. Feeling defeated at this moment. All my energy clearing routines aren’t working.

  9. Jim says:

    To my Jim says July 10, 2014 at 6:20 PM post replies;
    I was enlightened during the Clinton years due to hardship, trying times forced me to look inside for answers I didn’t have. Christianity did not work for me. I was rock bottom, I mediated although I didn’t know much about it and after about 16 months I was contacted. It is entirely possible to do.
    First contact was a spirit form during meditation. It bumps into you just like someone in a subway. Due to good temperance eventually the middle earth chose to contact me in person. Yes its hollow and people are inside. We are shielded from this knowledge because everyone on the surface would be trying to get in and that isn’t possible. Incidentally you just teleport there, its no big deal. Some of you will be surprised you have teleported too, both good and bad ET’s wipe your memory after. I’ve always been uncertain about that.
    I found out I had been MK’d and abducted by greys when I was 7 – 8. It all starts with catastrophe or suffering it seems. They allowed me to visit for about 2 years. I was allowed to travel to continents including Antarctica and eventually ended up in space ships in this solar system. Its all real, ET’s are everywhere, lots of good people who have been here for centuries, and they know _everything_. Lots of bad ones here as well, lots. That is part of the silence, honestly most people cannot handle the truth. It gets sick.
    Of course there are higher dimensional energies in the middle earth and in space, we are sandwiched in hell on the surface. Those energies slow the aging process and allow for recollection of the soul level, total recall. It gets real mellow talking to people, they aren’t stressed and I was allowed knowledge of whatever path the discussion went. I sort of lead my own curriculum. Learning is much faster and enjoyable.
    We discussed plant and human biology, ancient structures and math, real history, current events (they said only 80 or so US congressmen are ethical, that is 12%) and the universe. There are humans off all sizes and colors and each planet has their own personality. Humans are still coalescing because we are a new race and finicky. All the intergalactics dont get along either, but they are trying to create federations and councils. It is somewhat nascent still.
    This led to the pros and cons of other races. It was disenchanting to get that far and see other colonies still suffered, still argued, and still got depressed. We aren’t that far behind, its a compliment. The colonies that need to spiritually mature are still in the “who am I?” stage even though some have serious technology. Some are simple like an urban environment of yesteryear. They are not forced to find themselves as everything is taken care of.
    SSSssooooooo our end date is continually postponed for reasons of accomplishment at all levels. We are getting hammered by conflicting energies. Good coming in and bad being dissolved. We are smack in the middle, plus the archons/ chimera group are one track minds. They wont give up and will probably be second deathed soon, they will no longer exist at all. This will solidify the human race universally, an amazing accomplishment against the odds, and we’ll become a cornerstone of liberation. At such a cost.

    The Oracle Report, Thursday, July 10, 2014 addresses our frustrations. Any progress you make toward universal peace will be returned to you ten fold. Not “here you go you did ok”, it is a true reward and some of us will be revered for staying the course through this maelstrom. This is how masters are made, lots of them suffered for that reward.
    Thanks for asking !

  10. Nick says:

    The proven FACTS,
    we are soul spirit in low density suits,,,we never “die”,,,
    we are remembering our Truth as powerful beings,,,
    mass global intention through thought and emotion can change DNA and hence ‘Reality’ as we know it,,,
    souls experiencing hardship and the ‘death’ of their suits will return,,I trust this to be Fact,,,
    out of chaos comes form,,,
    Expansion is Imminent,,,
    stay in Joy and Appreciation,,they are the emotions of Love and Higher vibration,,,
    Thank All who are here to fulfill their purpose,,,
    hold your ground regardless of the “NEWS”,,,
    news is fraud!
    Love you to pieces!!

    • Nick, thank you and don’t worry. I’m here for the long haul. I’m in great company, but I have wondered about ALL of this over the past—-how many years? YEARS?! Wow, it HAS been years, and yet… Nothing. Just sayin’. I can’t believe I agreed to this. What was I thinking?!

  11. Jim says:

    A primary reason we have been stalled for so long is we are carrying the burden of other planets/ colonies that did not do their due diligence in the 3D. When the energies completely accelerate universally, say about 70 years, those who did not qualify properly for 4D/ 5D will simply cease to exist. Their souls will expire. There is more than one such colony, no on wants that. The universal minds have decided to let us carry on as those colonies will ‘catch up’ by feeding off our accomplishments. They didn’t do their portion, we did incidentally.
    Next if ET intervenes we will be energetically subordinate to them eternally. Not some pact it is just a mentor/ student phenomenon. If we pull this off we will exhibit free will like no other colony has ever. Many other planets have high parity populations, we are different and want to stay that way.
    Another reason is the good guys in global governments have finally taken concrete steps to address the dark side/ shadow governments, something ET has been petitioning for for over 50 years. The bankers are proof there is a change of guards up top.
    Lastly it does give a few stragglers an opportunity to climb on. More and more are awakening, I read ET loves that. I am concerned as well and get angry. We have to keep our cools as apparently volcanoes might erupt and that will be chaotic. Lets transition out of here before earth burps.

  12. vendo4151 says:

    Maybe THIS is what is really happening to us! … We are transforming, … lol!

  13. Beverly Harbourne says:

    Lol….it’s like you read my mind!! ❤

  14. ebuechnerphn says:

    I discern your pain!

  15. […] on July 10, 2014 by Ines Radman Reposted from:https://2012thebigpicture.wordpress.com/2014/07/10/whats-going-on-drama-thats-what/ Although I can’t say that I’m being tested or that anyone is pushing my buttons, […]

  16. Kat says:

    Dear baccus7, I pray a lot, too, and lately many of my prayers have been so clearly answered. (Surprised me at first, since I grew up in the hell-fire Catholic church). Now I realize there’s no need for man-made religions; God just wants us to be happy and return to Him/Her). Also, “prayer” doesn’t have to be formal–I think it’s just having a conversation with a loved One….Love to all, Kat

  17. Wonders says:

    Oh yeah and just last year I had an earring teleport and another personal item do that too a couple of weeks later. I had just been wondering if I could do that, hehe, because Rolling Thunder could call for his pipe and it would teleport to him. I never took lessons on any of this stuff, just wonder about everything and pay attention. Surely we are evolving each and every one of us.

  18. Aikyam says:

    Thank you so so much for being here with us, Starship Earth. All you do and all the thoughts you are sharing are greatly appreciated. I don’t feel alone when I can connect with like minded souls creating the world we want to see, looking behind the veil and having a vision. Thank you! ❤

  19. Wonders says:

    Ditto BP, I also wondered about the same. But what we do know is WE WANT A HEART CENTERED compassionate world. We know ourselves as peace loving humans, some of us are experiencing extraordinary abilities. You can believe me or not, I read minds, and communicate with animals, I shape-shift into animal bodies to travel to meet high metaphysical medicine men, Rolling Thunder, Sun Bear and other beings. After I shape-shifted and met them “in the place with no space and time” I met them physically, also physical objects manifested around me that related to these meetings. This mysticism has been a part of my life for over 40 years.
    20 years ago my feeling was, all my fellow humans would wake-up to their capabilities and we would all see we are in eden, paradise. It’s been a long time coming, and I feared in 2011 the illuminati had won, I saw their horrid plan through an etheric looking.
    I have seen crafts, not sure whose they were. I never believed in reptilians, but I do not know for sure.
    I watch and look and listen too, then let the info sit and see of it passes the knowing test for me.
    These days have been very hard for me in fact 3-4 years of constant crisis. I was hit with scalar weapons by the military or? I lost my home, I hear the hissing of smart meters and haarp, I have made orgone, I have passed out flyers on GMOs,fluoride, chemtrails, harp, smart meters.I have gone to the Churches with flyers and spoken to these ministers telling them about this genocide, I have made a little difference I think.
    Honestly I would rather die than give into the monsters whatever they may be.
    So day to day or hour to hour I try to do the best I can and make a difference when I can.
    I am encouraged we are seeing at least headlines about arrests and more mainstream media covering some of these issues.
    I thought today, what can I do? Whether we are being misled or not, I have to be decent, compassionate, tell truth, help others, love and hope it all works out.

    • Wonders… wow, there’s no need for you to wonder about much, is there! You experience much of what we’ve been told and know it to be true. Thanks for sharing. You have done a lot to open the eyes of Humanity, that’s for certain. You have amazing stories to tell and that helps the disbelievers. Keep going!

  20. Keep going. Stay focused. Ignore ALL negative stuff. You know the drill. Regroup. Reset. Refocus. Remember. Represent. Recognize. Release. . . .

  21. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Things are changing. Nice the grid, matrix, earths magnetic field is weakening, hope it goes soon. This might be the grid the dark put in place to keep us slaves, unable to ascend, as humanity all at once. So if it goes we are free to ascend, raise out vibrations, well see.
    I have felt that this might be a joke, by my guides, and inner feelings say it is real. It is true that we are ascending and changing.

  22. baccus7 says:

    Dear Kat. I pray a lot. ❤

  23. baccus7 says:

    Spot on to what I have been feeling and thinking….all of what you wrote feels like it came out of my waking self. So tired these days. Becoming ambivalent. Numb was the perfect word. I used it yesterday, in fact. I feel like I am in a scary movie funhouse where the exit door keeps receding with every step closer I take…me alone with a flashlight and hope. The only respite is sleep. Well, now! Maybe that is the test. How many of us “waking” ones will quit and choose to go back to sleep? And would it matter? Thank you. It definitely feels better in my heart to know I’m not alone. Namaste.

  24. vendo4151 says:

    Well written post BP! … Some good lines and humor mixed with sarcasm and wit. Hitting the wall seems to bring out the best in your mode of expression. Nothing wrong with that. ….. As for me, .. I’ve been an observer of alternative media and new age, etc. for so long, that I’ve come not to have any remotely strong ideas about timelines and details. I have fascination and keep a hand in, as I have for so long, but I have no convictions or expectations about those aspects in particular. It’s like my own personal separation of church and state, if you get my meaning. A sailor once said: “Oh God, your sea is so great, and I am so small”. …. I’ve been saying for a long time, when the stuff really hits the fan there will be enough humble pie to go around for everyone. And certainly not just the new age set. Nearly everyone is going to get a big pie in the face. And I’ll follow your lead here: “but will it be yummy or arsenic laced”… …lol …. Good post guy … 🙂

  25. I think we are lied to, used like lab rats and know today could be my last. Iam not going to swet the small stuff , when i die ill find out or be asleep forever . I will enjoy the present because its a gift . Sunrise and sunsets are good sights , birds singing , butterflies. all good . The television is part of the control media, i keep my mind open and observe before rushing to a decision. Fear is only to be feared by those who allow it. MARTIN LUTHER KING said ” I will fear no evil” Life goes on and i hope a better place is waiting for the right time to see me.

  26. Andrea Forras says:

    Hello Big Picture, thanks for all the posting. You are doing a great job, and I am pretty much reading the same people as you are. I would be so glad to have some more info from you as just the website. Once, I remember there was even a picture, but hen it was gone. Thanks so much Hang in there, what we believein is true. There are awesome changes happening. And people like you, help them to happen.

    Greeting and thanks
    Andrea from tiny Austria

  27. gailsingle says:

    Same BP. I am enjoying this path much more than the old path though. I love to feel and allow and be. When I ask a question it suddenly doesn’t feel that important anymore – in fact it melts away. I have no dwelling. As for the money – it goes as quickly as it comes. Good I say – but still it does intrigue me. All things said and done I am happy and anticipating every moment with utter awe and excitement. No more thoughts of “just another day”.
    I have begun to write posts similar to this but then it dissolves and I just let it go. Hence I don’t post a lot. The allowing has left me empty of scarcity? Don’t even know what word to use here. ???
    Might be a good place to offer up my poem Words that I co-created with all that is. I find that there is not an “event” that happens that doesn’t lead me back to one of the group of verses downloaded to me over a four day period – synchronictically. Another word I’m sure you’ve heard enough of – time to change it up and leave the words behind perhaps. Much love.


    Blah Blah
    Blah Blah Blah
    Words are blah blah
    Blah Blah Blah

    They cannot even nearly say
    All the things happening today.
    Like feeling all the joy and hope
    And coming home from our elope

    We ran for fear of missing out
    Boy did we not figure out!

    Figure out that love lives here
    Right here right now
    It was so near!

    Our world is precious
    This I know
    And everyone can do and show
    Appreciation from their core
    That and much much much much more

    Our words wreak havoc all the while
    When really they should make us smile
    Never use them needlessly
    Even when speaking to a tree

    All life can teach us who we are
    And show each other from afar
    The joy and peace we do desire
    These are the things that lift us higher

    A word of note before I go
    I just want you all to know
    My life is better in many ways
    By using words to thank and praise

  28. I wonder why today…why now is everyone feeling extra edgy? Look up, the stars have plenty to do with it. Did you know that dis-aster means turning away from the stars? Faith, sista…just have faith.

  29. carologwin0@windstream.net says:

    Hi, just want to say I understand your feelings well. The veil is to come down. Energy grid. Nothing is as it seems so use your energy to feel out for truth. Energy can be felt from others and their stories. I am sorry your over come. This will happen more as things transpire. deal with what you can, give the rest to god. Stay focused, and know you are not alone. Thank you for all you have done so far. Go outside and sit on the ground and let the negative feelings go out to space. Cry if you need too. Its not good to hold all this stress inside it can make you sick. I send a comforting hand on your heart to calm and send healing love. Have a great week my friend.

  30. Jimmy says:

    Great points BP. I have (as I suspect many others) about these same scenarios you just described. What if we are just been led to believe there is a way out coming soon,… & so that we just sit here waiting, while they make their final adjustments to their great take down of society. I hope not.

  31. Janis Gilbreath says:

    I’m with you 100%. Have been feeling this way for the last couple months, but still continue to try to remain positive in the posts I send on to my readers. I try very hard to remain positive as I long very much for Ascension and getting completely away from 3-D. No more war, no more greed, no more corruption, etc. – only Love, Peace, Sharing and Helping others. We cannot depend on others to bring these energies forth, but must BE those energies and project them outwards to others so that they, in turn, can forward them to others.
    Janis Gilbreath

  32. Kat says:

    It bothers me ALOT that no one ever suggests saying a prayer – yes, TO GOD – instead of endless reading of good/bad channelings/blogs/conjectures…God is the only answer, and there are many paths to Him/Her. Kat

  33. It’s because things are becoming so much clearer on the world stage. We are finally able to see who the aggressors are through the recent actions in Gaza, the SSG has exposed its plan for “Greater Israel” to the point where it has become obvious that they are willing to do anything to get it, ISIS, 9/11, wars for control, surveillance, etc. This is one huge battle playing itself out. At least there is growing awareness, we could have all been blind sided if no one was watching.

    What I have gotten about this is that all of the negative elements needed to be exposed before World Peace and technological evolution as well as spiritual evolution can happen. We are at the exposure point right now, and it is getting ugly energetically, but that means we are almost to the good part. When everything becomes clear and all pieces fit, like a puzzle, the negative elements can be brought to light and peace will happen. Then we get the opportunity to create a level one society here. A society without wars, basic needs met for all, civil rights and justice for all. We are at the core of it now.

  34. Ally Starr says:

    Two thumbs up on this, KP…..like many others, I’ve had all those thoughts too…..(had, hell, have)…….are we immersed in a story like reading a library book and becoming part of the experience…..is it our story or one we have chosen to jump into???? Someone else made reference to earth’s magnetic field and I can’t remembe who……that it has to reach a certain point (balance? zero?….I forget) for something to happen that I also forget…..I wish I’d saved it somewhere….might have had to do with duality…..might have even been on that radio show you just participated in……Right now, it is validating to read other people having the same thoughts, feelings, similar experiences….we are in good company, and I send my best wishes to you all.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I’ve been wondering if any of this is really REAL or not. Everyone around me is on that treadmill called life and are totally clueless about any of this. So am I the one that doesn’t have a grip on reality? I feel like I’m in limbo all the while praying for a better future. Beam me up Scottie!

  36. Carlos Pinto says:

    keep this on your mind: Become free, or die trying.

  37. Gaye Estey says:

    ….exactly how I’m feeling.  I don’t feel like giving an explanation for anything anymore.  As soon as I do I come up with another something to consider.  Take one moment at a time.  Read, “Who Moved My Cheese” again.

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