The Big Con: Slaves R Us and the Advent of the Common Law Grand Jury [video]

While I am speaking here of Arizona state specifically, mirror activities are ongoing in other states, and even other countries. Visit to check on YOUR State. You will learn how many counties are involved, how many have been constituted, the people currently involved in the process and their phone number.

Last night I went to a meeting of the minds in Phoenix concerning the Common Law Grand Jury system they are implementing in Arizona. Met some great people, too. REAL people.

While I find some of the terminology outside my common vocabulary, I’ve done enough research to know the gist of what they’re talking about. Good thing I was forced to watch so many episodes of Law and Order.

It just so happened that last night they had a disbarred attorney of 22 years speaking to the group and she had the most interesting tales to tell about the Arizona justice system. Yes, indeed.

She, herself, worked in the Phoenix City Prosecutor’s Office and managed the Supreme Court Grand Jury system.

She was disbarred a few years ago for taking to task a judge who wasn’t doing his duty. Apparently it’s more common than any of us know. However, she is still active in the community, offering her expertise in litigation assistance and working with her partners to fix the badly broken system.

I took few notes but will say that this group is serious about creating The People’s Grand Jury, as opposed to the ‘captive’ Grand Jury which is overseen by the Judge, even though that is not the way the system was set up. The judge’s biases are too easily transferred to the jury members by osmosis.

The only purpose of the Grand Jury is supposed to be to determine if there is enough evidence to prosecute. Depending on the assigned Judge’s bent, the jurors may be coached “creatively”—telling them plenty of what they CANNOT do, but not informing them what they are legally allowed to DO—or what information they are permitted to ask for to enable them to come to their FAIR and unbiased consensus.

The group proposes that the Common Law Grand Jury will be granted access to the court buildings—not to control the process—but as a watchdog entity because the current system is corrupt from the police on up to the judges and the common man doesn’t have a chance in getting fair treatment much of the time.

They are trying to expose the corruption and get rid of the State Bar because it is controlled by the big law firms. There’s nothing fair, equitable or neutral about it. It’s become quite the racket.

They say getting even ONE CLGJ per county seat would be a huge improvement.

The next step is a meeting with former Sheriff John Mack, who set it up with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They are going to point blank ask if Arpaio and his people will support them in removing the individuals who are breaking the People’s laws. Law enforcement assistance is critical.

According to Mack, Arpiao is NOT a constitutional sheriff and Mack had great difficulty even getting Second Amendment support, never mind on the gun control issue.

Following that—they will be posing the same question to our Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu, who I believed to be on the side of the people’s constitution, but we’ll see how politics comes into play.

The group’s administrator reported that the current justice system is 75 per cent political, and only 25 per cent lawful. They aim to change that.

One of the biggest problems, he said, is that law school teaches the students “legalese”, which is the same WORDS we all use, but in legal documentation they have an entirely different MEANING, so the lay person has a snowball’s chance in hell of understanding the statutes being enforced, their rights, etc.

The system works against us and enables lawyers and the system a distinct advantage to steal our rights. And they did.

Essentially, we are slaves to be manipulated and stolen from, with our consent!

If you haven’t yet looked into this unfortunate situation that resulted when we allowed the government too much power rather than keeping it for ourselves, there is a series of great videos that explains everything. You might think it would be pretty dry material, but I find it really interesting.

WE ALL NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS. It’s been 250 years of pulling the wool over the eyes of Humanity. Now we’re awake and must correct our mistakes.

The system needs a complete overhaul. One day soon the justice system will involve Common Law rather than Statutory/Admiralty Law and rather than throw the book at everyone possible to make more money, it will be about new, fair laws that allow for victimless crimes, restitution, etc. We’ll put the “HUMANE” back in “Humanity” and return to sovereignty, our birthright.

Here’s the first of the 7 part video series to get you started. You can find subsequent videos on YouTube.

You may learn more about the common law grand jury initiative by visiting the web site National Liberty Alliance.

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16 thoughts on “The Big Con: Slaves R Us and the Advent of the Common Law Grand Jury [video]

  1. Sacredpeaks says:

    BP, Yes, Deavers was driving near White Horse Lake on Forest Service Road 109. They said his truck rolled over and he was found dead. Very little press on it here.

  2. Isn’t it truth and reality that every county, State, and Nation are Corporations, inescapably held in servitude to the Admiralty-Maritime Court-System Master Corporation arrogantly in full CONTROL UTILIZING
    Fractional Reserve fiat-‘currency’….
    Until that is ABOLISHED!!?

    • Kathy Zebzda says:

      Casimir, it is true that through trickery and changing the meaning of words, the Corporation has assumed power over us, and through education showed the lie to be the truth. We are generations not knowing the truth. Is it inescapable? No. The Common Law Grand Jury will, through education, make the changes. Education is the key. We have to learn to see the bonds that hold us, before we can cut them and regain our freedom.

  3. Kathy Zebzda says:

    Reinstating Common Law is a peaceful resolution to all of the fiction. We have sent informational literature to all Sheriffs in NY, and other states are doing the same. It is our belief that with Honor, Justice and Mercy we can achieve our goal. We will not use pitchforks! We will force those who will not live honorably to step aside, because the structure beneath them will crumble.

    I caution all who read about this movement to remember the three guiding principles of Honor, Mercy and Justice. We can do no wrongdoing, as that would have us out of our integrity with our oath as a jurist. We are to hold each other to this standard. Being vindictive is not living our oath.

    Anonymous, there has been a great deal of blinding the people to the truth in our country and our world. There is evil that has created great injury to our people, in the name of good citizenship. We have learned well and many in their roles as judge, attorney, police officer, etc were raised in the fiction we all were raised in. When the truth is revealed, many do not believe, especially if there livelihood is threatened. Education in the truth will set you free from your blindness.

    Your hope is mine as well.

    Thank you BP for allowing this discussion!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What if it is all a Hoax? What if it is all about money? What if they are all actors on a world stage? What if . . . not that I see the connection of all the actors W***A****1, but I am leaning towards it the fact that it all may be a well scripted hoax! The scripted sheriff’s at the numerous false flags . . . these are not sheriff’s. The scripted witnesses at the same false flags, are not true witnesses. Belief that the truth will be released 90%. But HOPE their is a peaceful solution . . . no matter where it comes from 100%.

  5. Sacredpeaks says:

    Thanks BP for sharing this! Not one Sheriff in Coconino County has affirmed they will uphold the Constitution and their oath of office. If a Sheriff is not willing to uphold their oath of office they should be removed.

    • Sacredpeaks, You’re very welcome. My understanding is that any member if the judicial system, right on down to police officers, will be forcibly removed, if necessary. That includes sheriffs. Or… Maybe they will all have an epiphany, repent, choose the Light and help round up the others.

      Oh, and I didn’t share this in the post, but the gang said, if the sheriffs don’t support the People, “…the pitchforks are coming.” (That would be us)

  6. Kathy Zebzda says:

    I do appreciate your recommendations for things to read. My point in communicating is to educate people, to open their eyes to the possibility that they have been deceived. Sometimes it must be done slowly and with care, as some of the concepts, especially when one is a novice to the concept, go against the grain and cause emotional distress. I recognize this in my readers, and attempt to gently guide those new to these ideas, without scaring them away. We all come to this understanding when we are ready.

  7. Thanks. I signed up today.

  8. Darren says:

    There are only two kinds of law: common law and Roman Civil Law. Soul filled natural people or legal fictions, corporations.

    The first is of, by, and from the people, i.e. life, from the “ground up and inside out “.

    The second is the law of rulers, born in abstraction and power considerations, administered by coercion “from the top down.”

    A common law court (a court of record) has unlimited jurisdiction and is independent of government.

    All governments are corporations–legal fictions, abstract constructs of the mind. They are unreal entities. All men and women, as sovereigns, are morally free of all overlords, governments, bureaucracies, or external authorities who would seek to exert any control to the contrary.

    A “government” is an abstract construct, a legal fiction that enables some people to rule others by force. Someone in a government has automatic power over the lives of others not for any merit or accomplishment on his part, or direct relationship with the people “governed,” but merely because he occupies a position in the artificial institution.

    The dominant political undercurrent of the 20th Century has been an unrelenting effort to eliminate freedom and subjugate humanity under a one world commercial government.


  9. Kathy Zebzda says:

    Thank you for sharing your perspectives on the meeting in AZ. Just to be clear, Law and Order is where most of us learn about how things in the legal realm should occur. Unfortunately for us, this is one of the tools of indoctrination! They teach us to get a lawyer. They teach us the Judge is the rule maker and decider. They don’t tell us we as members of a courthouse jury, we have the authority to judge the law and the accused. If we the jury (not Grand Jury) decide the law is wrong, we can judge so.

    The Common Law Grand Jury will take a role in training jurors in Common Law, our foundation, which comes to us from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We will hear from our peers when they have an issue, and decide if there is wrong-doing. If so, we can find a solution. If a trial is needed, we will refer it to the court for trial.

    I for one do not use jargon like slave, which does not assist anyone to understand, but does create emotional reactions.

    Please go to the NLA webpage which you referenced, and become informed.

    We are all on this ship together, and hopefully we can steer it into clear waters soon. Thank you for your thoughtful account.

    • Kathy Z … It was a most enlightening evening. They also told us how lawyers swoop in to probate and manage to pay all the necessary fees on behalf of their clients, making many scheisters rich and leaving nothing in the trust or estate for the dependent or surviving families, respectively. Bastards.

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