What an Arizona Border Guard Just Found: Did the Other Shoe Just Drop?

Update: July 10: I am really surprised that Western Journalism posted this article, because my first reaction was disbelief that the border patrol agent just ‘happened’ to to find this ‘evidence’ and that this was fearmongering, but I second-guessed myself. According to several readers, I was right the first time.

Of course there are ulterior motives to the immigration scam, but I didn’t expect the fear-mongering from Western Journalism. I think that’s what threw me.

The poking it with a stick thing—laughable, and precisely the sort of childish details the cabal uses because they think it’s more convincing. They did the same thing with Sandy Hook and other tales. Thank you, readers, for confirming my first intuition.

The additional news that border patrol agents were given time off… not sure if that’s true. Perhaps they wanted the good guys off the scene so they could replace them with their own men to control the borders as they wish without resistance.

Anyone who has been surfing the ‘Net for awhile knows the cabal has been trying to stir up trouble with respect to tales of middle easterners coming and taking over the country with their religion, etc. I just never believed the headlines like “Are You Ready to Spend ___ Hours a Day Praying?”, or “Obama is a Muslim and is destroying Christianity in the US”, blah, blah, blah and have never even posted them to give them “air time” because it’s so absurd.

On the good side, this article DOES tell us what they’re up to, doesn’t it?  Fortunately a lot more people know the only terrorists are in the federal government. 

And then there was Mike Adams’ article this week about how a Mexican immigrant rammed his truck and that THAT is a huge reason why illegal immigration from Mexico must be stopped? What?! I never expected that from Mike.  ~ BP

I was trying to think what ELSE the cabal is trying to accomplish with their border scam plan and here’s another facet.

Now, pretty much ANYONE can get into the USA through Mexico. It’s not all about bacteria, epidemics and massive amounts of taxpayers’ money.

The feds ordered all those guns and millions of rounds of hollow point bullets last year, and now their terrorists are streaming into the country just itching to use them. I think you know what happens next.  ~BP


What This Border Guard Just Found Shows We Are Being Invaded By More Than Just Destitute Kids

Photo credit: Vladimir Melnik / Shutterstock.com

While amnesty proponents are quick to call on Americans to show mercy to the poor children seeking refuge in America, empirical evidence shows the threat illegal immigration poses to America is exponentially greater than the thousands of kids streaming across the border.

As Western Journalism has previously reported, the threat of gang violence and disease is a constant danger to those working along the border and the nation as a whole.

Recent evidence, however, indicates the security risks extend much further to potentially include Middle Eastern terrorists bent on destroying the U.S.

Breitbart reports this week that one member of a security team working near the Arizona-Mexico border recently found what he believes is a Muslim prayer rug. He explained that he was working in the trenches with others on his team in an effort to intercept illegals unseen by Border Patrol officers perched on nearby hills.

“That’s when I saw this thing laying around,” he said. “And I was like, ‘What the hell is that?’”

Members of his team then joined him in investigating the cloth, noting that no one wanted to handle it without knowing what it might contain.

“I poked a bit at it with a stick and noticed some of the Arabic writing and was just like, ‘Oh boy,’” he recalled.

He confirmed that this was hardly the first encounter border guards have had with Islamic border-crossers interspersed among Mexican and Central American illegals. The contractor told Breitbart that six foreign nationals – from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen – identified as ‘Special Interest Aliens’ crossed the border in Texas before being apprehended by Border Patrol agents.

Increased illegal border traffic has concerned many legislators, including Texas Republican Rep. Ted Poe who believes terrorists are actively exploring ways to exploit America’s lax immigration law enforcement.

“Of course the way they would come to the United States would be through the porous border with Mexico,” he said. “The drug cartels will bring people into the country no matter who they are – for money.”

Photo credit: Vladimir Melnik / Shutterstock.com


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16 thoughts on “What an Arizona Border Guard Just Found: Did the Other Shoe Just Drop?

  1. M. B. M. says:

    @ Demitra M.N. ……….and after they were done “poking it with a stick”, they probably put a few rounds into it to make sure it couldn’t be used by any OTHER possible future border crossing terrorists that just might saunter on by.

    It really is getting quite comical, almost to the point of sympathy for the last gasps of attempted relevancy as their plans all start to circle the drain(s).

  2. Demitra M. N. says:

    Oh yEAh… those geniuses found a prayer mat JUst laying around at the border the same way they miraculously found the paper passport belonging to the terrorist JUst laying around after two entire steel structures (contents and all) fully disintegrated a few yards away. Oh, yeah. The only thing comical about the whole story is how ‘afraid’ they were of the mat; poking it with a stick, they were.

    The only people who will buy this kind of stool are knee-jerk reactionists who make automatic self-righteous assumptions about other people first and look at the facts later. Sadly, after the damage is done.

    Those who leave knee-jerk responses on blogs, however well-meaning they believe they are in doing it, suffer from the same “reactionary” problem — they are prone to misjudging people and situations in exactly the same way. Essentially, the System’s “You are guilty until proven innocent” theme has completely been internalized in them and they are now applying it to their own day-to-day dealings with their brothers. Essentially, and the reason I am even bothering to point this out, is that that kind of programming has got to change on the inside first if we are ever to see that kind of change on the outside.

  3. Susun says:

    I am just not going to fall for the fear mongering…How are these immigrants related to the migrant workers who arrive to work the farms? Years ago, there was a presentation by Alan Greenspan that got a lot of attention, the gist was that our economy is dependent on these workers who spread across the country as gypsies with their families. They are essentially invisible. I have not seen any inclusion of them into the discussion. BP did you just group “Those murdering middle-eastern terrorists are coming to get us again—the ones they missed at 911…”??? Don’t you do your research and know that they were agents or set up and the planes where holograms? Where’d you go BP?

    • Susun, Susun, Susun… I was kidding! We know, of course, that 911 was an inside job, but there are many who actually believed the government about bin Laden et al and still do and those are the people this article is targeting.

  4. mountainbert says:

    Seriously????why are you guys jumping on the disinformation bus. You are actually helping instill the fear. How do we know the story is even true?????youre gonna make a lot of people jump to ….maybe the wrong conclusion…..maybe thats what the Cabal wants…….dont you vet your info first?????

    • mountainbert, I’d vet the articles if I had peeps for that. If you read the comments, it’s probably just the cabal’s next fear-mongering tactic. Those murdering middle-eastern terrorists are coming to get us again—the ones they missed at 911.

  5. Eugene J Martin says:

    I think i read the president knows the border guards have been given time off with pay not to show up at inspection posts and do their jobs . Does that sound odd ?

  6. Well now, I do think we have a job to do here. 🙂 How about if we ‘all’ rip apart their ‘little creation’ of reality, and UNdo it…recreating it as something else that matches ‘our intention.’ Hey, mankind has ‘free will’ and that means us too. So we need to focus and take the bull by the horns and rip their plan apart, then recreate it to our specs. Maybe… something like, ‘everyone that comes over the border is here to help this nation be FREE again.’ OUR Illusion made manifest. Just an idea. 🙂

  7. Shaid says:

    I am actually quite surprised by this article. I enjoy following this website & posts every day. However, this reporting I find very surprising because it smacks of inflammatory generalizations & racial stereotyping. To show a picture of Muslims during their call to prayer moment, and link that up with reporting of a few Middle Eastern people being caught at the Mexico border illegally, and linking those two pieces with discussions of terrorists seems like nothing less than Cabal activity itself. I agree with Todd’s comments. Fear mongering is not a helpful solution to our problems, nor is slanderous categorizing. And I certainly would not list Brietbart as a credible source for ANY balanced or unbiased reporting. Fear and separation is the same as divide and conquer. I thought we were stepping out of that with hopefully conscious reporting as opposed to inflammatory reporting.

    • Shaid, I agree on the photo. It came with the article. Perhaps they have an agenda. Fearmongering was the first thing that entered my mind, too, but there’s definitely something or MORE than one thing going on with the immigration situation.

      Perhaps the real purpose is still to be revealed. The fight against illegal Mexican immigrants has been raging for some time. Are they now switching to Middle Eastern illegal aliens for the fear factor? Possibly.

      Maybe this article is a smokescreen to cover up the child trafficking and disease epidemic angle of their plan. They blamed the middle eastern terrorists for 911 and it worked brilliantly, so why not this?

  8. Todd says:

    I suppose anything is possible. Is the shadow government paying ‘terrorists’ to infiltrate the U.S? Perhaps, but again being aware of this and/or buying into the fear are opposite ends of the spectrum. To label all these immigrants as Muslims and terrorists is just insane. Terrorists have been able to get into the country at will for decades. It’s time for us all to remain calm and present, and allow the divine plan to play out as it will. Besides, what can any of us do about the little games the cabal continues to play. They are running scared now, not us. This surreal play is almost over, so we can all relax and continue to educate and unify humanity, ;).


    • Todd, They’re not saying all the immigrants are terrorists, thank goodness, but there have been a few coming in. It’s something to watch.

      Mike Adams at Natural News did a piece yesterday about how his truck was hit by a truck driven by an illegal alien and how they must be stopped because they come here and become bad drivers. Must have been a slow news day. I don’t think that’s the biggest threat from illegal aliens.

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