Whoa! Or We are DOOMED!

My friends, I am flabbergasted at the response via comments to the Prepare for Change Update regarding circumstances at the time of, and post-Event.

Now I understand why the archons/negative influences MUST be removed from the planet before The Event takes place—because some of us—even those who know the plan and I thought were somewhat enlightened, awake and prepared for some discomfort—are not ready.

It sounds like some would kill someone else for their money!

It sounds like some are more concerned about someone else getting more money than they get, or what might be considered that—due to circumstances, ie. whether someone already owns their home or not.

It sounds like when the banks close and people can’t use an ATM to get cash, some would be robbing and looting!

You’re getting upset about something that hasn’t even happened. You’re anticipating the worst instead of the best. What is about to happen is a bloody miracle and we chose to be here for it.

There are millions of people on this planet with no roof over their head, dying of man-made diseases, no food, no potable water, possible targets of USA’s drones at any moment, and we’re arguing over who should get more money and why isn’t it going to be more?

Get a grip, people! Listen to yourselves. I am truly shocked!

Are we a bunch of heathens? Or are we elevated souls ready to march into our future as enlightened galactic beings?

I’m questioning my earlier beliefs about that. I really am. I must be completely naive to think that we could get through The Event smoothly and civilly. You’re literally scaring me.

And if this is the response from those who are aware of our current situation and imminent liberation, HOW THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO GET THROUGH THE FIRST FEW HOURS OF “THE EVENT’ when we then have the sleeping masses to contend with as well?!

Now I understand why the Preppers are the wise ones. They can hole up somewhere away from the insanity until it’s all over and some semblance of rationality returns to the cities and towns. This is the first time I ever believed it might be smart to be a Prepper.

Is money more important than freedom for eternity and a connection to Source? Really? More important than a rejuvenated physical form with no disease or aging? Jeshua really nailed it when he said the love of money is the root of all evil.

Whatever happened to Love over gold?  When all is said and done, we will want for nothing. We will bring Heaven down to Earth.

Why have I spent over two years sharing information to prepare people for this time? It’s looking like it was a wasted effort.

I can only hope that that beam of galactic light at the time of The Event has a miraculous and deeply profound affect on every soul on this planet. If it doesn’t, I don’t think I want to be here for it at all. I’d rather check out now and watch from on high. I’m not ready for Armageddon. Never was, never will be, and it’s abundantly clear that not many Earthlings are ready for The Event.  ~ BP




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I'm a Canadian freelance writer living near Phoenix, Arizona specializing in the 2012 phenomenon, spirituality, and wellness & nutrition. Over the past 8 years I've learned what our spiritual upgrade is REALLY all about and have access to insider information not shared in the mainstream media. I aim to dispel the myths and disinformation around The Shift and Ascension and help bring the world Truth. It is time. Welcome... and I hope this blog makes a difference in your spiritual liberation. ~ Molly A. Chapman

74 thoughts on “Whoa! Or We are DOOMED!

  1. Brianna says:

    Hello everyone. My name is Brianna and I am 17. I am really new to all of this. Literally I just started research yesterday. A part of me feels like I am a starseed. I want to know who I am and what I am. It’s something that I have been obsessing over for a while. I am a sensitive shy soul who just wants to be loved, accepted, and happy. Money isn’t the key to happiness. It justs gets you things :/ I attempted to do do astral projection last night but it was not completed because I got scared. I got up and my senses were tingling for I am a highly sensitive person. I decided to go for a walk and felt really unbalanced. I have such interest in astronomy and looking deeper into what we are. At first I thought I was one if the only people who felt that something big is underway. That there is more to life that all this material. Love is needed in this world/society we are in. I’m sorry if my comment made no sense. If anyone would like to help me understand all this. I’m kinda desperate (I am desperate) please e-mail me at briannadivers28@yahoo.com I am a very open minded person and I just want to understand this

  2. Spock says:

    I skipped this post somehow, but find it very important while reading it now.
    My thoughts on this :
    Mankind has been and is programmed with the use of money. “Money makes the world go round” and money is t h e material basis of our life !
    Who programmed us into this ? The anunnaki and the archons did it and they do all they can to brainwash us even more to keep this influence on us.
    So, yes it is most important that those brain parasites and terrible thoutforms cease to exist and stop their unending negative programming on us, before we “get the job done”.
    In the meantime i recommend listening to Michael Tellinger or read his “Ubuntu material” – there are ways out of this “money thing” and life will not end when there is no more money !
    The banksters are the greatest problem – this fight has definetely to be won before we are out of this “money swamp”…

  3. carologwin0@windstream.net says:

    Hi, there are good people out here. The masses have been brained washed as to what they will do when the collapse happens. I put it out on facebook about this issue. I say things that could get me harmed but I can’t abandon humanity to these evil scum. Try to help in this manner. The people must work together to save each other. Don’t give up! There are many who are listening and doing what they can. This is not what this world has been through in many life times. I even stopped watching tv, because demonic ideas coming thru. They want us to believe we are doomed, so the crazies come out. All you can do is what you are doing. Good et’s waiting to long to stop cabal. the more lies that come out and more deceit comes to surface the more no one knows who to believe. You can talk to me anytime here. I sent message earlier to you. Your not alone!!

  4. jupiterbythesea says:

    It’s gonna be okay

    And I personally love your website and appreciate all your hard work.  It has not gone to waste!  I share your stuff with everyone on Facebook, too.  I stopped looking at other sites and read all of your news!  Some of those sites are getting too extreme, causing fear, etc.  There’s going to be some people who just can’t cope.  That’s just who they are.  Small things shake them up, so bigger issues will need a calm hand on their shoulder.   You know?  Got people in my family I’ll be concerned about when this happens.   They are so in the dark, it’s scary.

    But the rest of us who are ready, I honestly believe, will pull their weight and help humanity get through this.  I think it helps to be prepared, make sure the family is comfortable, etc.  That way, we don’t have to be thinking about such things when we could be out there directing mobs (ok, I’m small, so that is a bit scary to me) but by being patient and calm, holding on to the light, etc., will make a huge difference.  Imagine the millions of people who are aware and ready.  We’ll have this when it’s time.



    Karyn Wolfer


  5. Satpavan Khalsa says:

    Amen! I have two baby boomer friends who became multi-millionaires in 2013 because they inherited. I also in 2013 inherited after my Mom died in March 2013. For the first time in my life I have a financial cushion. It’s nice, but do I envy my multi-millionaire friends who are solid gold asleep, and will not wake up because their financial future is now secure? NEVER! I will enjoy my modest financial cushion until the Event, meditate and look forward to our new Gaia Sophia. Prison planet, be gone!

  6. Wayne says:

    The monetary system is the basis for control of all things. From this system, control of all other socioeconomic elements becomes possible – Energy, food, water, shelter, etc. Linking all necessities for survival to a monetized societal system, helps the elitists keep all others under control and fighting among themselves for basic human needs, as well as, the false illusion of raising above fellow humans to attain wealth and luxury through competitive advantage. As an eternal optimist, I continue to look forward to the day when the human species becomes civilized and attains true enlightenment. At the time this happens, the concept of money and control will dissolve forever………it was just a bad dream.

  7. Theresa Cline says:

    WOW!! that saddens me to here that people are already fighting over money already. But I have to admit that i’m not surprised. I’ve been listening to people too and was amazed of how they were talking. I’m hoping they will change and see we have to have love in our heart for each of us. Take care my friend their is a bigger plan out their. Love, T

  8. sharen brewer says:

    You said everything that I feel and know to be true and I hope the light that’s coming will calm everything down too. That’s exactly how I feel. There really are so many people who are walking around in a daze. I’m sure someone knows what caused this . I think that those who have raised their frequency are exempt. And that is why we see this difference. So when the light wave comes then maybe they will have their veil lifted so they can see and hear again. We can hope.

  9. El says:

    Hay folks… Get back to today… This very moment…
    Take your shoes of nd stand in the grass… We don’t have a clue what’s to be..best we can do is make this moment the best so you create the best for the future..Ease, Peace. And Love!!

  10. traceycooke says:

    Yes welcome to the world of the “me me me’s” and “the ugly and the ignorant”….now you see what the rest of us have to deal with these ignorants…they are greedy and self serving and that is why the planet is still in this ugly position….and the suffering continues…these knuckleheads DON’T EVEN REALIZE…THAT THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM…UGLY ISN’T IT??,,,THE FACT THAT SOME OF THESE THINK THEY DESERVE MORE THAN OTHERS,,,,SICKENING THEY ARE…I HOPE YOU CAN FIX THEM…WE HAVE A SAYING…”YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID”….AND MY TEAMS ARE REALLY SICK OF “THE UGLY AND THE IGNORANT”AND “THE ME ME ME’S”….HELPING DESTROY EVERYTHING!!!

  11. Ines Radman says:

    BP don’t get me wrong, I love your work and strive to inform as many people as I can, but Im not sure I buy into this Cobra Event thing, there are too many unknowns there and inconsistencies. For starters, how does anyone know how many days the banks will be closed? How can anyone foresee that? The plan is too cut dry, it doesn’t take into account that only 1% of the population knows what is going on, so how do you deal with 99%? Yes, someone mentioned that it’s just fear and it will dissipate, but it doesn’t resonate with me, I have done an expose on Cobra and I must tell you not one person disagreed with me. That doesn’t mean I’m right, far from it, like you, I put out what I feel is right, but the illusion we live in is so grand, the deception so deep, that we really don’t know who is who. Be cautious, be cautiously optimistic is my stand. I would love more than anything to see the end of this slavery and genocide of the human race, but it’s not that simple as they like you to believe. I felt different months ago, but now after reading Dr. Neruda’s interview about the Wingmakers, I question everything I believe in. The only guarantee in life is that everything changes. Keep up the good work.

  12. Andy says:

    This is good. Everything has to brought to the surface to be cleared.

  13. Jk says:

    I agree. I “awoke” 3 days ago. It was suden and abrupt and that’s ok because that was aparently what was in my cards. I’m trying to quickly catch up but I don’t have 1 single person in my life that a: believes me and b: is someone I can talk to and throw ideas around with. I don’t even know why I’m commenting on your comment, lol.

  14. Veronica says:

    Please don’t loose your faith. I really admire you for your blog and comments. See it as seeding and developing conciousness. Many times I feel as well that I’m talking against walls and money and greed really is the bad guy in this world. But I believe that the day will come that enough people will be awake; it’s so difficult for them to step out of their creation of how life should be with money and must have’s instead of living the real life of caring about each other and live in light, love and peace. If we all continue with our work, one day it will happen!

  15. Seems you got “caught-up,” as in ensnared by expectations, momentarily. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Its all small stuff until it isn’t. (God taught me that.)

    Seems that your name is Robbie. Mind if I call you Robbie? OK.

    Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to the following people: My immediate whole family, Robbie, aka BP and Starship–I like Robbie, Susanne R, cutelilgypsy, Kris Murdock, Charlotte porterfield, Oroborus Anaphaxeton, Nick, leahanna412003, Alverta Cole, Reba, pure124, Karin Lacy, Landofmind, 1st Anonymous, Kat, Jim, t . nevers, Chris, havonapilgrim, Rick, Sacredpeaks, Angel 4 Light, jeweline, Stephen, Sara Light-Waller, Charlene Pao-Watt, Jan in Las Vegtas, MC, Roger, awapuhi, Margaret, Demitra M. N., Casimir Milosh, Gengerman, vendo4151, Judith Gibson, peterpansblog, Aeon Phlo, Lenore, 2nd Anonymous, Vanessa, unityoness2013, gypsydawg, 3rd Anonymous, 4th Anonymous, Sharyn, daveashwell, cindyloucbp, and all others on this precious, blue-green marble; help them live free and easy and achieve and goals they set. And so it is! We are dearly Loved and supported, always.

    Holy Spirit, thank you for your new Love rays enveloping the Great Mother at this beautiful and pivotal moment of Now; let me increase you. And so it is!


  16. John Stevens says:

    Hi ya I’m def ready for the Event, bel me. LOL Cheers and blessings

  17. cindyloucbp says:

    BP…I LOVE your blog, I LOVE your point-of-view, I LOVE the Event taking place to seal the positive changes on our planet. I AM sending LOVE to all the naysayers. I LOVE YOU! LOVE is the only answer…

  18. daveashwell says:

    Hey BP mate, you should know that the creator has a “Plan” and those things are NOT included in his “Plan”, I am sure. I believe that EVERY HUMAN on the planet will be in such a state of euphoria and bliss that these types of sorry acts will never even come to mind. So settle down mate as this =is not like you, you are BIGGER than that. Love you and thanks for all the work you are doing for all of us. Namaste.

  19. Sharyn says:

    I know the disappointment of realizing ‘does anyone actually really get this’? BP- there are plenty of us who hear you, appreciate, agree and support you. It’s unfortunate that folks who know the least (in all terms) are the folks that speak the loudest. All is not lost and sometimes we need to be reminded that everyone is on their own path-whether we understand their place or not. If educating, enlightening, informing, hoping and caring is your mandate or path, just do it anyway-regardless of others ignorance. Keep up the good work for as long as it’s in your heart, I see plenty of names and comments above that think the same. Best wishes.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Keep the faith…..forgive them for they know not what they do they are still living in fear. It is through our encouragement and sharing the truth we help to raise the consciousness of others so stay the course. We need to stay out of all judgment as it separates us from source — source does not judge, ever! Remember we communicate at our core in spirit which is truth – our eternal essence knows truth. Drop your mind into your heart that is where spirit resides the mind is just a program the dark uses to deceive us, so listen to your heart. Become an observer rather than make attachments and set your intent to spread truth – the change in us will cause others to change — go within and as we raise our vibration towards source we also help to uplift and raise others. Once the tipping point hits there is no stopping it!!! Take courage maintain integrity, compassion, humility, and valor. Source IS, I AM, YOU ARE — Hue-man!!!! Love and blessing to everyone! Thanks for your sharing with others.

  21. Anonymous says:

    No one really knows what will happen or what people will really do.
    What is going to happen will happen.
    Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be, whisper words of wisdom let it be.

  22. gypsydawg says:

    BP: some of us are on your page. Please hang in there. You are providing a great service to humanity. Many blessings!

  23. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Not doomed, just clearing out the old, it will be gone very soon, and we will have peace, and a clean planet. We will be changed, full health, ageless, very creative, and such.

  24. Vanessa says:

    I am sure there are many people who are not greedy and are coming from a point of love and happy to share. My teacher 25 years ago told us that if we don’t raise our vibrational energy and come from a place of love then we will not be able to live in the new higher vibrations of love and peace- so nature it seems will take its course. I am sure your work has had a positive effect on many- thank you for your work

  25. Anonymous says:

    BP, some times the frustration pours out, I poured mine out yesterday. For myself I feel the system has done a good job of keeping us guessing. I watch SOHO on 3 min news and see all the elements, poles, planets, cubes etc. It confirms the “lie NASA told” in respect to the anomalies from SOHO. What it all means I’m not sure, but at least I see them current day and time. Which gives me hope that “the battle must still be going on”. Greed seems to be connected to the inability to feel compassion, it is very prevalent in our degrading society. I also feel the media and it’s content drama reinforce the degradation of society.
    do not loose faith . . . we just need to get rid of the corrupt DNA that allows us to act less then human. Emile

  26. Lenore says:

    It also seemed many of those expert commentors are people that never saw the original information from Cobra to begin with…
    Disclaimer, the rest of this is comedy….
    But I’m way more interested in the “outing” of the Andromedan’s, and wonder which location in Andromeda they hailed from…. I want details…
    I was aware of the whole Karl Haushofer/Shicklegruber situation(Karl wrote Mein Kampf, not Hitler) with the Thule and Virile…but the info I had lead back to a Reptilian underground super complex that sits on the Tibet and India border, where Karl met with what he called “The little green men” I swear, not making that up…so who were they?
    That’s where all those folks were getting their “Great White Brotherhood” juice boxes from….Blavatsky, Bailey, Besant, Gurdjieff etc….
    I guess now people can finally understand how Blavatsky started her Lucifer Trust Org. Then everyone balked about the “You light up my life” NAME (yes, Debbie Boone wrote that song about you know who, seems she’s a compromised Monarch butterfly) Anyway, Blavatsky changed it to Lucis Trust, so know one would know, which still exists in DC today!….Look it up!
    Ah, the wicked web they weaved……Even the Red Hat Lama’s or should I be calling them the Red Hot Lama’s and the sizzling pedophile rings…Now we can see why….All the baddies are living right under foot there….What other influence could they have, them sitting in meditation, opening their chakras chanting and guess who pops up????
    The Hindus have written references in the Vedas about the reptiles in that area, who they called the Nagas…..
    So I just can’t wait to see how this all plays out for Alex Collier and Tolec……. lol……..
    Way more funnier than a bunch of serious ranters on the other page….
    If your not laughing your crying, so don’t cry baby, don’t cry…….!

    • Lenore, are there not both positive and negative factions in some of the star nations? Must we label them all good or all bad? Sounds like a trap to me. They just don’t want us to trust anyone, esp. the ETs.

      • Lenore says:

        Agreed….the whole news release is interesting…with naming the Andromedan’s….
        But I started to think about something Billy Meier’s talked about decades ago….He mentioned a group of very dark beings here inside the earth, and called them the Giza Intelligence. He said they were very evil and their home base was under the Giza plateau, and they were the ones completely influencing the third reich.
        The Thule and Virile societies, which was at the heart of the third reich, thought they were getting off planet ET transmissions from Aldebaran and they, Hitler and all his elite SS officers, believed that with all their hearts, this was true. Because their mediums were receiving scientific designs to create anti gravity space ships, which they did create. It was those ships that defeated Admiral Byrd in Project Highjump in Antarctica, Hitlers hidden top secret base at the time….
        But..after researching last night all their activities, I think the Giza Intelligence may have been fooled them….they were getting transmissions alright, but not from off planet 🙂

        The story I heard was similar to what Cobra said, but a bit different…When the third reich started to rise in power, the Giza Intelligence decided the reich and Hitler could be perfect for a surface take over. Hitler was already under mind control. I won’t go into that here….
        Using Hitler and his movement, which was easy to control through symbols and propaganda and a little thing called starvation…..The Germans were staving…and it was the reich that feed them bread…..

        I believe this is who Karl Haushofer was dealing with, psychically, even though they thought is was the Aldebarans….And they were the Aryan super duper race….Funny what ET’s will tell you to get you to do what they want you to do….They played right into Hitler super race illusions….and empowered him, which made him think he was right.
        A very powerful combination….

        It’s my assessment, that we have many, what I like to call, renegade groups(some light, some dark, some neutral) They have banded together after battles in space and after planetary losses.…As far as the Nords go, they aligned with several groups when they lost their home planet. So, who ever the Giza Intel are, and who ever Cobra is fingering, with the Andromeda label as the Chimera’s is unclear, and maybe the very same thing…..
        Andromeda is a huge galaxy…..so…I’m disappointed that Cobra wasn’t more specific, but maybe he can’t be at this time…
        Billy Meier’s never named them as far as race or where they came from, just alluded to that fact they existed and were inside the earth, and very dark and powerful….and he gave them the name above.

        I believe there are many groups, banded together trying to survive and waiting on the universe to present them with a collective direction….which we may actually see in our lifetime if we stay alive long enough :))

      • Makes me think of the dark entities that Andrew Bartzis described in an interviw with the Zanny Mystic at Mt Shasta..

      • havonapilgrim, I don’t believe for a minute “they” are telling us everything that’s going on. They don’t want to scare us. We’re such babies! LOL

  27. Aeon Phlo says:

    Truly we have to understand that this is exactly the response that comes from a humanity taught chaos. This is built into their language.. to react rather than breathe. ITS does not good to name call or point fingers.. We must be prepared for those who are not awake and do not understand by creating places where they can detox mind, word, body, spirit and soul. YOU can not just tell some one to stop eating meat and then expect them to do it.. its the same with scarcity and anything else you throw on the table of change. I have been at this, like many for a long time and I have heard and seen alot.. I have helped many and had miracles happen they could not deny. Yet.. they cussed me out the door because life is easier when your in denial. ITS hard work to stay clear, pure and on top of life where you get nothing but results and your own reflection to look at. This is the language of love and it builds and it takes time and compassion. We understand this and are preparing healing centers that will have the proper tools in place to help even the most resilent and stubborn hearts. So keep moving forward and know we will take care of our own.. for many its the first time they have actually been taken care of … and so they may think its too good to be true.. be prepared for that.. I am. If you want to start collaborating talk to me. i am ready for this event. I LIVE already on very little and eat what I can forage or get from exchange. I am also working with many that already have advanced tech for healing and integration. LETS PLAY.. FAMILY.. LETS build this TRIBE FROM THE GROUND UP.

    I am Aeon and I am here to see this through. IT IS MY PURPOSE. I call upon the ground and sky crew.. LETS do it as ONE.

  28. you’re not wanting to be here for the event unless it miraculously changes people feels a little like you are rejecting the event unless it is on your terms. the beam of light will certainly be miraculous but for those that are not ready to receive it, (even though it will be acknowledged by all in some way) may continue on with their 3 D ways. the event is more like a birth…. even the “light workers” (as well as the true light workers that don’t want any thing to do with being called a light worker) will have to grow up….. and the light workers who are a…holes concerned mostly about money will either have to go on the fast track of learning to be in a light body or repeat the third grade.

    • PeterPan… I think my terms are the same as the terms of Prime Creator. There are only two ways to go: service to self, and service to others. If the bulk of Humanity is locked into service to self mode, which could lead to violence, could it delay The Event? Hopefully PC is more forgiving than those with the entitlement viewpoint who believe THEY are entitled to money but others are not, or deserve much less money.

  29. Judith Gibson says:

    The people who left the negative comments may be newbies, who needed a jolt to help them at least start to wake up. So, maybe they were just venting, hoping someone would step in and assure them that, “Yes, there are forces at work, that will set us all free.” Money won’t be needed, because there will be prosperity, and health for all.”

    I’m always so surprised to find people I run into, while shopping or just walking in my neighborhood, who are so aware of what has been going on. Their attitudes are joyful and you can feel the love emanating from them.

    I’m 73, and have been on my spiritual path since I was about 18 years old. For so many years, I couldn’t even speak of what I knew about, or that I meditated and did conscious astral traveling. People were just beginning to realize that there really is something to astrology and numerology. The mindset of people has now evolved dramatically, and I see it everywhere.

    Thank you for all you do to keep us informed. You are a true warrior for the Light.

    Judy G.

  30. vendo4151 says:

    You’re scaring me people! … lol … Seems I’ve said that now and again myself. I wouldn’t worry about it BP. The last bastion of the fraud is the human mouth. And the bigger they talk the smaller they are. It take balls to really be bad. And a little humor and some in the now fascination goes a very long way. … When you see a shooting star are you worried about it impacting the earth? … Same thing with a shooting mouth.

  31. Gengerman says:

    Nobody knows what’s going on. Some are closer to others but anyone who is still babbling “love and light” doesn’t have a clue. Yeah, many are trying to do the right thing but so very few know what that is and the context surrounding it. Most people aren’t even capable of seeing, much less acknowledging a simple FACT. They run entirely on their programmed beliefs. You could spend a lifetime just trying to get one Walmart shopper to recognize a f***ing chemtrail and still woudn’t be able to. I have noted for some time how it would be so easy to enslave so many.
    I’ve known for some time that we’re not getting out of this by ourselves, no way, no how. All indications say that our help is here, the process of freeing us has been initiated and cannot be stopped. Let’s hope that’s true cause our time is running out fast. In any case, why the hell be afraid?

  32. 1.The funds could first be given for the personal immediate needs of Established Trusted Light workers.
    2. They could be entrusted to choose worthy Humanitarian recipients, and accept responsibility for clean, sensible distribution.
    3. Then regional and locality’Mentors’
    Release discretionary funds to individuals, until all eventually receive their equal fair-share.

  33. Double D says:

    Try and not forget that we have ALL been duped by the former PTB and many people are so deeply frustrated that they easily lose control and instantly forget that everything we need already exists within. There are many who forget quickly how much “real suffering” is all around in every part of the world as there has always been. Patience and awareness are crucial now more than ever. We will be fine and the chaos will cease very soon. We must above all else stay positive. Thank you BP for all you do and all you share. It is of great value and truly appreciated. Blessings and light.

  34. Demitra M. N. says:

    While many will follow and even drink from the waters you lead them to, fewer will be spiritually quenched. You just can’t know who’s who but as long as your own thirst is being slaked it doesn’t really matter.

    See you at the next watering hole. 🙂

  35. Margaret says:

    Not a wasted effort for me BP, I guess you got a negative noodle there.
    Great blessings, all is in Divine Order.

  36. awapuhi says:

    They want us to behave just like they do and our kept in fear to panic, because it works and keeps them in power.

    BP – I too have felt discouraged from time to time and so appreciate your voicing all the whys I have seen in some others too.

    If one understands the history of money and why it was created AND that humanity does not need it, they would hugely welcome this shift into only exchanging our human value . . . which is priceless.

    For t. nevers – RE “Why I am no longer a lightworker” video . . .
    I began to figure this out by last year. And while it was not a welcome realization, it has helped to ground me most deeply into who I really am and what this holographic reality / story really is. The revoking of all agreements is critical in order to also stop the looping. (Andrew Bartiz put out revoking docs last year) Also, check out The Arrow Project info & WingMakers tools to see if resonates. (google The Wes Penre Papers for this info first, as his research on things is excellent) Even if it does not resonate, it’s very interesting.

    Am keeping an open calm mind & pure heart as possible,
    Ginger Snap!

  37. Roger says:

    Ignore them Robbie. We love you! Bring on the Event we’ll love all the more!

  38. MC says:

    Your work in appreciated and know that Love is the answer regardless the question. Continue what you are doing and allow your light to shine. Ask yourself always “What would Love do?” I absolutely enjoy all your work. Love and Blessings.xxx

  39. Jan in Las Vegtas says:

    Starship, I appreciated the listing of all of what will happen at “The Event” and after. We have received this all in bits and pieces from other sites, but this is great. I printed it and keep it next to my bed so I can get the vision of what things will be like and use that during my prayers as if it has already taken place. Positive, positive thoughts. Don’t let the scare mongers get to you.

  40. Although there are some who still go into the ego response, there are many that do not. I hold in my heart a space for them and put positive energy out. I believe that we need to hug them in our light and not take our light, but be absorbed in it. Stay true to the course we will be alright.

  41. The piece that we can’t anticipate and that really is key, is surge of light coming from the galactic center that will bathe the planet at the time of the Event. If this plasma light restores the workings of our mind that have been interfered with, or completely shut down, by to scalar tech interference, bad food & water, chemtrails, etc. even for a few minutes, we have a window of opportunity for good behavior instead of bad. Of course, some are likely to react to this change of mind with great fear, but others may take that moment and consider their actions before robbing, stealing, or otherwise acting like naughty little archons. We know that it will be a challenging transition, we are more assured of that with every day. But when I falter I choose to remember a very old piece of wisdom from the Gnostics (before Christianity). Gaia holds faith for us. Now we just need to live up to her faith in humanity. I think that we can do it, even if it’s a bit rough around the edges. Hugs. And many thanks for all your great work here.

  42. Stephen says:

    I just finished reading your comments and I’m quite amazed at your comments. They are very defeatist.
    Humans have been brainwashed, managed, mislead etc. for 25,000 years and the population generally speaking has been leveled. Your post(s) are not going to overcome this in a day, a week a month or a year. The pendulum has swung so far to the left that it will take time to bring it back to center. This is a managed PROCESS which will be WON over time.
    I understand your feelings and at times disenchantment but you/we need to stay the course and lead by example in order to bring about the desired/necessary change.
    All the best.
    PS I really look forward to your blog everyday and take heart that you ARE making a difference albeit more slowly than you desire.

  43. jeweline says:

    …”It will calm humanity in the light of love energy and end duality. It’s a magnificent energy not seen or felt before on earth. Everyone on earth will feel and know something has happened.”

    I truly believe we will all be changed for the better spiritually, mentally, and physically instantly when we feel that special pulse from the Galactic Central Sun. It’s time to stop sweatin’ the small stuff, and exercise some faith.

  44. Reblogged this on Angel 4 Light and commented:
    Great posting. Thoughts I myself feel very deeply about as well.

    The most important issue today is how to share Love. We need to focus on helping each other and stop nitpicking over the little things that will not matter in the end. Be blessed.

  45. Sacredpeaks says:

    I’m with you BP! Yesterday I ran into so many homeless people that needed some help. It just breaks my heart to see hundreds of veterans, mothers with children living on the streets and camping in the woods all around me. We need to live in GRATITUDE and be thankful people! DO your meditations daily and remain calm. Things will get better once the CABAL/Chimera are gone. Hang in there! We can do it!!!

  46. Rick says:

    Shame that we don’t all realize that once we have true freedom, everything else will fall into place

  47. Wow, I have to go back and read those comments. I am shocked that my fellow “Starship Earth blog” followers were so brutish and immature. I hope that it is a consolation for you to know that there are those who would not disappoint. You are a rudder, able to confidently and consistently steer through these crazy times. We are so fortunate to have your input.

  48. Chris says:

    Fear and worry are pointless. It will be what it is. Humankind has suffered endlessly–it is hard to shine after so much deprivation. Not everyone will successfully make the shift. But I know that bad situations bring out the best in people. Hand in hand so many are going to be walking into the Light. In the end it’s all about Love.

  49. t . nevers says:

    scary ain’t it ? that’s the future my friend …….

  50. t . nevers says:

  51. Jim says:

    People end up being greedy because they never learned how to open their hands to give and with a closed hand, it is hard to receive. In very simple terms – you get what you think about – since they are thinking “don’t have” – that’s what they are getting a lot of!! Try thinking about what you “want” and in a matter of days, these things will begin to show up in your reality, so don’t fail to see them when they arrive.

  52. Kat says:

    PLEASE don’t lose faith because of a few out-of-touch ninnies…your work is so important, and has opened many more sleeping eyes than these few unfortunates…BTW, they may react differently when the changes are front and center. I have lived in the NY area for 20 yrs., after growing up in the Midwest; we’ve had 9/11, hurricane Irene and “Sandy”, and I’ve seen so many materialistic, low-frequency folks pull together and behave admirably during some pretty rough times. The human soul knows all the answers for each of us, and as you said, each of us signed up to be here now. Don’t be discouraged; we need your lovely Light…Thanks for all you do, Kat

  53. Anonymous says:

    This totally resonates with me. What is my intention? I always ask myself this when I am in want of something. It’s become second nature to do this so that my focus aka thoughts vibrate at higher frequencies (energy). Do I drop in htz? Absolutely. Over there years I’ve gotten really good at recognizing where I am at energetically and deciding to stay there or move. It’s liberating. Money is energy. Fear is energy. Yes, an illusion too, like money. My intention channels the energy. We all know we are here by choice. The question is what human experience do I want to have? How I channel the energy will determine my experiences. Whatever the experiences maybe, I will thrive, in this physical form or as my essences.

  54. Landofmind says:

    People knew this was going to be a government highway”Bumpy”. Things might change for a thousand reasons but a huge reason is because our pres. has the rights to your banking system more then your bank does and theres certain powers out there that isn’t liking this one bet. More bankers will probabley commit (suicide) before this is over.

  55. Karin Lacy says:

    Hi BP;
    I’ve been subscribing to your blog for a few months now.
    I very much appreciate your passion and your work on behalf of all of us.
    And I love that it’s commercial-free.
    This is my first comment on your blog.
    This particular email inspired me to tell you that I agree with what you say.
    On my long journey of living openly as a Lightworker I learned to have no expectations from anybody serves me best.
    Rarely do I get any response to my writings. Yet I must keep doing what I have to do.

    Do you know of somebody in your circle of friends who would be interested in starting an Ubuntu community with me?
    I laid it out in my Open Letter to David Swanson, author of “War is a Lie”.
    Many blessings to you, Karin Lacy

  56. pure124 says:

    Hi , I am one of the newbies of two years to all this information, what a journey ive been on. I too have read some of the comments on the pfc website. From day one of reading all this information my belief in mankind/ humanity has been unwavering. I believe we will do it. Its all to easy to despair. I want to thank you personally for all the information you send out. I live among extremely unaware peeps….but do you know what no matter what happens I have faith….it comes from deep down in the pit of my heart. Sending you loads of thanks for broadening my horizons’ . I look forward to reading all your posts x

    Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________

  57. Reba says:

    No you’ve not wasted your time. I love your site and appreciate all you’ve done. Unfortunately the us society is trained to be self indulgent, self focused, what I call WIFM / “what’s in it for me.” Placing self interests above all. It’s why this place I’d such a mess. It’s in giving that we receive, not I got mine now you get yours & if you don’t have it’s your fault. If it gets that horrible I will be with you on the front lines. I am so tired of the nonstop death & destruction of all life. It’s wrong. Any financial based system is wrong. It breeds the worst and they rise to the top. Again thank you and your work is not wasted.

  58. Alverta Cole says:

    It is truly amazing what people are thinking, only themselves and money. I appreciate you for the job you do keeping us informed. I look joyfully for the event. It will be a time of rejoicing, loving, happiness and peace. I think the few that responded with such disgust are the minority. Keep your spirits high.

    • Thank you everyone for your uplifting comments. This is a huge concern to me and really set me back on my heels. Thank you for giving me a shred of hope that we may be able to pull this off without killing each other. The negativity the archons are hitting us with, and the compression, are forces to be reckoned with. I feel it.

  59. Dun’no about anyone else, but I agreed with Spock. I want the miracle of being ‘unchained’ just as the elephant in India, and the dolphins. I want to learn what I need to know about who and what I am; and this from a person who came to the very edge, and nearly committed suicide 9 years ago. Was I crazy? Nope…because I could ‘not’ get a helping hand from anyone. Did I grab state aid? Nope. So it’s not all about the money.
    Me…all I’ve ever really wanted with all of my heart is the ‘freedom’…in a nutshell that’s why I’m working hard at trying to survive. There’s no sin in that, just as judgment we should withhold..

  60. Nick says:

    BP,,,It’s always been said that everyone makes a choice,,, you can do no more than report,,,,and remember the “Shills”,,,

  61. time …. to time… the process has already started and nothing will stop.. hugs.. 🙂

  62. Charlotte porterfield says:

    This is a great article and I could not agree more. I am frightened that people are not more enlightened and ready for these changes. I don’t care about how much money my neighbor may get, I am concerned for our futures. I will accept what is in my future, my husband suffers from agent orange and I would welcome a healing for him, much more than gold. If they told us we will be okay, then I have to believe that. The universe is great and it takes care of us! Thank you for all you do! Charlotte Porterfield

    Sent from my iPad


  63. Kris Murdock says:

    Please do not worry about this. It is just the last stage of awakening, even for those who you’ve thought were already there – the last vestiges of fear raising its ugly head. If everyone could embrace the Ubuntu philosophy of a moneyless society proposed by Michael Tellinger things would make a lot more sense to those still struggling. It will all be clear once the process has begun – I think light bulbs will go off once everyone realizes “The Big Picture”. Your work is not in vain. Prepping is a good idea, always has been, but so is community and cooperation and the good of all. The two can and do co-exist. I live in a small town and we got hit by Arthur recently and were without power for a relatively short 3 days – some are still without around us. What I found tho that it was a catalyst for waking even more people up to things they had never even considered before. Everything is according to plan. We are winning this and there is a glorious light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thanks for all your good work in your efforts to bring enlightenment to the world. It is a valuable service and very much appreciated.

  64. cutelilgypsy says:

    much Love and Light sent your way

  65. Susanne R says:

    I totally get you, BP. The anger and me-me-me is really dominant right now, see it all over twitter. The majority of people are not walking the walk. Too many have reams of high-falutin speak, but when it comes to money they become vipers. Yeah, any higher civilizations out there are certainly seeing this. Unfortunately these vipers are selfishly and venomously destroying, or at the very least certainly drastically inhibiting, any forms of human ascension to a higher consciousness. Just really deeply disturbed and selfish people. Really sucks.

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