Feds Use Illegal Immigration Scam to Raise Money for the Cabal?

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So… the White House wants Congress to approve the money to help the immigrants, the agencies absorbing them, and the countries of origin?? Really?

Is there anyone out there who thinks the feds are going to use all that money to help others when they created the situation in the first place? The cabal needs money. Looks like they’ve created another way to get it. 

It’s just another earthquake or superstorm. They create the crisis and then profit from it, in multiple ways, creating thousands of victims along the way.  

And if you thought they might actually use it to beef up the border patrol… have a boo at the second article below. 

The entire scenario is preposterous.

 Be sure to check out the series of leaked photos of these immigrant children they say they are so desperate to help.  If you ask me, these kids were handpicked to come to the USA to further the agenda of the shadow government.

Why do photos have to be leaked, you ask? Good question. It’s just one more secret operation the feds don’t want us to know about.  What do they have to hide?  ~ BP

White House Requests $3.7 Billion To Address Surge Of Young Immigrants Crossing US Border

The White House requested $3.7 billion in emergency funding Tuesday, which would be divided among several government agencies, to address the surge of tens of thousands of children who have crossed the United States border.

The $3.7 figure is considerably higher than President Obama’s original expected request, which was $2 billion back in June.

A large portion of those funds, $1.8 billion, would go to the Department of Health and Human Services to provide better housing and care to the children and parents accompanying them. Housing for the immigrants has become unsurprisingly scarce, and HHS has been utilizing Department of Defense buildings in California, Texas and Oklahoma.

The Department of Justice would receive $64 million to hire more immigration judges and provide legal counsel to children undergoing removal procedures. Officials say that the White House will also seek a change in federal law that will accelerate deportation proceedings.

The Department of Homeland Security would get $1.1 billion to boost immigration and customs enforcement, and Customs and Border Protection would receive $433 million. $300 million would go to the Department of State to assist Central American countries in repatriating the deported civilians.

The White House has asserted that the funds are needed to cover costs like increased man hours from border patrol agents, increased surveillance, and temporary care and legal services for the inpouring of immigrants.

“The law will be enforced,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on Monday. “And what that means is it means that these children who have been apprehended will go through the immigration court process and if they are found to not have a legal basis for remaining in this country, they’ll be returned.” Earnest also said that the majority of the immigrating children would be unqualified for humanitarian relief.

Over 52,000 immigrants have crossed the border since last October. Obama has criticized Republicans for stalling immigration reform, while Republicans have accused Obama of willful ignorance surrounding the influx, including Texas Governor Rick Perry, who said last month, “I’ve known about this for two years. The president has known about this.” Obama and Perry plan to discuss the issue on Wednesday.

The request of funding will go to a hearing before the Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday.

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Exclusive: Border Patrol Agents Contracting Scabies, Agent Speaks Out, Given Cease and Desist Order

Murrieta- The Border Patrol Agent who is tasked with Health and Safety for the San Diego Border Patrol Sector has been issued a “cease and desist” order when speaking to media about the threat of illness as a result of thousands of immigrant children crossing the U.S. southern border.

Agent Ron Zermeno, who is also the Health and Safety Coordinator for the San Diego Sector was served a cease and desist order by his higher ups after he began to question the sanitary and health conditions for agents and for the 140 immigrant children who are being transported from Texas to California every 72 hours.

“Because I stood up and told the truth they are going to terminate me and I am going to fight it” says Zermeno who spoke exclusively to Benswann.com.

“They want to quickly get them through the system and get them into the community and let it become the communities problem” says Zermano.

“Every 72 hours we receive 140 children from Texas. In every one of these groups we are seeing some kind of disease or infection. We are seeing obvious scabies, head lice, kids coughing and spitting up mucus, poor sanitary and hygiene. These kids are wearing clothing they left their country in. Already we have had three agents who have contracted scabies from these kids.”

Previously, Zermano had warned media and Border Patrol leadership that as many as 40 children with scabies had come off one plane with 140 immigrants. Because Zermano’s job as health and safety coordinator for the San Diego Sector is entirely based on keeping agents healthy, it is even more surprising that he received the cease and desist order, which is the first step toward termination.

Zermano says he isn’t the only agent being targeted. In fact, San Diego Sector Deputy Chief Scott and San Diego Sector Chief Beeson have sent a memo to all agents requiring a mandatory review.

“They are being told that they cannot talk to their loved ones or even their wives about what his happening at work” says Zermano.

“I told the public and the media about unsanitary conditions at the facility. The truth is Mr. Scott and Mr. Beeson’s plan was a failure because it is not securing the border. Our primary goal here is to protect the highway and keep these transcontinental organizations from doing business and we are pretty successful up here and they don’t care.”

As we have reported, over 50,000 immigrant children, many from Central and South America have crossed the southern border since October. These children are being sent to Border Patrol facilities which Zermano says are not equipped for medical care.

“You have to understand my level of frustration as a health and safety officer. What is the protocol for keeping things sanitary? They are using Clorox bleach and water as a spray. Why are we using a D standard when we should be using an A standard to protect our agents and the community”

Zermano went on to say that his bosses are more worried about their promotions and their bonuses than protecting the country.

“We swore an oath to protect this country and that includes the health risk to this country.”

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6 thoughts on “Feds Use Illegal Immigration Scam to Raise Money for the Cabal?

  1. Sacredpeaks says:

    BP, Please keep us posted in this. We need to watch this closely. Congress already approved a $46 Billion dollar bill for border security earlier this year – obviously a complete failure and boondoggle. Just a few months ago a Texas judge found that human trafficking across the border, in particular child trafficking, had increased over 70% and that DHS was complicit in facilitating this. A week ago a large guarded DHS convoy with several very new/expensive buses with tinted windows came through Northern Arizona heading North. Also came across this interesting article from Zen Gardner about the UN’s position on migration policy: http://www.zengardner.com/globalist-multicultural-migration-agenda/

  2. As a side note, BP. I know the kids in South America are not that bad off. I’m good friends with a teacher there, and according to her, it’s the opposite. American’s are going there in droves to live. That’s also comes from the expat communities as well.

    These are all from Mexico, but I hope people realize what would happen to us if WE crossed the border without a Passport/visa or other papers that are required. Government assistance is one way…JAIL and the key tossed out. Financial help? HA!! Yeah, if you have someone to pay your bail in the US we’ll let you make the call. Sounds right? They’ve not changed nor ‘bent’ their laws for ‘anyone’ going there illegally. Why ‘must we pay for them?’ Wow..just too much good news, eh? 😛

  3. Hmmm, not looking good, is it? BP? Was it your blog that had the information about the one nurse that quit her job, and decided to tell Americans about these kids being sick in the first place?

    Anyway, I can see there’s one more whistle blower here; which is good. Let’s hope someone in the ‘truther movement’ can get him on their show for an interview. That would certainly be interesting. I mean, it’s not mainstream media…so he could slip a few words out, right? 🙂
    The borders are in trouble, and I know Oath Keepers went down to Texas, and Drake is complaining about them ‘working for the state.’ I know they will not relinquish their Oaths to the Constitution, though.

    On another note, however, I’m wondering how many peeps saw that John Bonnoer (sp) is suing O’blabber-mouth for breaking every constitutional law on the books. That was sure interesting; which makes me wonder ‘if’ they’ll cave on this ‘false flag.’ That woman in the picture is the one that was waiting for O’blabber to ‘save her’. Sighhh
    Just another false flag for yet more money. How freakin’ sad is this? Blessings ❤

  4. I don’t think this is a scam. I think there is a lot of fighting in south america. Perhaps sending all these people back is a good idea. With some ideas, ways that they can help bring peace to where they came from. We need to try and find a peaceful resolution to this. From what i have see, these kids are running for their lives, from the violence. So maybe we all stop using illegal drugs? This is my understanding of why there is the violence, drugs, gangs, and such. The gangsters, drug-lords need to change, live in a peaceful way. They need to rebuild the areas where they live. If we can help them do that good. Being loving, peaceful, is the way this will change, and world wide also.

  5. Landofmind says:

    Very good story

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