Benjamin Fulford Update for July 7, 2014: Some Kind of Major Showdown Looming This Month… [videos]

Thank you, Ben.

Many of us have felt it, and now there’s more confirmation. If only it could be ‘that’ Event… but Washington DC seems to be preparing for something… and there have been reports in other areas of the US, like Montana, of United Nations armoured vehicles collecting. Brace yourselves. Maybe THIS event will trigger THAT event.  ;0)   ~ BP

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Benjamin Fulford – July 7, 2014: Some kind of major show-down is looming this month as new BRICS bank set to launch

There are many signs the ongoing financial war for the future of the planet is heading for a major inflection point as the BRICS heads of state meet July 14-16 to formally set up their alternative to the cabal controlled IMF and World Bank. The cabal has already signaled its displeasure by blowing up a bridge in Brazil, according to CIA sources.

The cabalists are also trying to make their own move to pre-empt the BRICS, by using the Abe slave government in Japan. World Bank lawyer (apparently she never quit) Karen Hudes was in Tokyo recently where she sent messages to over 70 governments falsely claiming Japan would provide the gold needed to back a new financial system, according to CIA sources in Asia who monitored her activities. Hudes did not respond to an e-mail asking for her reply to these allegations. In any case, Japan does not have the requisite gold, according to Bank of Japan sources.

The Abe government works according to a script written in part by Nazi drug smuggler and murderer Richard Armitage and Mossad scum bag liar Michael Green. Green lied to Asian gangsters that this writer was a “speed addict who beat women,” in an attempt to get them to agree to carry out a murder contract on me. Message to Green and Armitage: you are going to jail.

The plot written by these criminals for Abe also mentions the 311 nuclear and tsunami mass murder and terror incident as a great opportunity for the Japanese and US military to work together. The report can be seen here:

In any case, the attempt to use Abe to fool the world about non-existent Japanese gold may be connected to the cryptic occult numerology press conference by IMF head Christine Lagarde,

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    Thanks BP for posting this from Benjamin. Looks like things really are coming to a tipping point. How exciting. Athena

  2. Landofmind says:

    If we had 1 million from each state in unity (which is few) per state but many as a unit this could all be avoided. Lets face it, we couldn’t even get 2 thousand at Operation Spring even though millions said they would be there. Actually alot more then 2 thousand was there laying in the Arlington hills. My point, Everything was set up legal and no one showed to back a legal system up. Shameful that good people has to make the call.

  3. Robert Howard says:

    I am new. What is going to happen?

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