Super Security in Washington has People Spooked July 4th; Be On Your Toes

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This account is from an awakened one who visited Washington yesterday and they feel like something is up.  ~ BP

“They had a huge fence around the DC area and around the National Mall on July 4, 2014, to funnel people through security checkpoints (I ended up having to go through 6 just to get to the central area of the national mall, which is funny because if I’d gone through the Smithsonian Station, I wouldn’t have had to deal with that bullshit unless I wanted to see the Memorials). The sad part is that they had a maze of fencing and checkpoints just to get to any of the war memorials. The checkpoints were TSA-style, complete with BOTH bag checks and wand-to-body checks. If for some reason you set off the wand scanner, they pulled you aside and gave a choice of leaving the area or getting a full pat-down…complete with a canine on your heels. Some of those dogs were NOT friendly. There were also military patrols all over DC…


And then they had USAF-SF and MP’s located all along this fence (some solo and some in groups of 2-4 personnel), watching and scanning the crowds and making sure no one tried to scale their precious fence.

Seriously, I understand securing DC on J4 and I have seen J4’s security before, but this SHIT was fucking insane! This was very close to a police state….they’re getting ready for something. And I’m not imagining this shit btw–I actually overheard several say they were uneasy about being assigned like this and that “there’s something going on that has everyone freaked”.

–so much for those Humvees on the train being shipped overseas….looks like a lot of them are staying here”

You may wish to visit the Watchmen of America web site and the chatroom there. The members share interesting intel and articles from blogs and websites.

Note though, that while on “High” alert, it is not RED, and has been at this status for as long as I’ve been visiting the site, so just remain calm.  ~ BP

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3 thoughts on “Super Security in Washington has People Spooked July 4th; Be On Your Toes

  1. James says:

    I 100% agree with this article. The politicians in Washington D.C. are spooked because they know that mass arrests are very close. What they don’t understand is that their little feeble attempts at security are going to fail big time at that moment.

  2. Rich Buckley says:

    Does this seem to be related to possible rogue energies spinning off from the apparent stark failure of former NSA trained operative, Col. Harry G. Riley’s (Ret.) Operation American Spring?

    Several voices warned that Riley’s hard-right-wing-only-need-apply OAS mass tactics would fail and rogue neo-Con factions would try to start violent protest in DC. Does this seem related?

    • Rich, it doesn’t feel like that to me, but I don’t know. I would caution people to be ready for anything at this point because the cabal is sinking fast and they’re going to ATTEMPT to take as many as they can with them. They could have tried to cook up any number of plots to trigger martial law—their long-term plan.

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