Preparing for the Promised Fake Alien Invasion?

My friends, I thought I would pass on this interesting tidbit from a reader who was paying attention on TV.

Do you suppose the cabal is really going to try to pull off their decades-old plan for the fake alien invasion? Are they so desperate they think this could save them? The poor misguided creatures must consider it their trump card.

My understanding is that the Galactics (star nations) will not allow this bullroar—but heads up. 

The last thing we want is for the sleeping ones to fear those who will be our ultimate salvation. Wouldn’t THAT throw a wrench/spanner into things!  I wouldn’t put it past them at this stage. I will never believe they would surrender. 

It doesn’t sound like this programming is to prepare the masses for benevolent star beings.   ~BP

Carlos says…

“Hey, I just wanted to say that some suspicious shows and things are being said in my country’s (Portugal) history channel.

Like 4 weeks ago I was watching an episode of a series that HADN’T HAD A NEW EPISODE FOR MONTHS! And how does this new episode start, after so much time without a new episode? Like this: ”Within 2 weeks mass landings are going to happen. The governments know about this fact.” Sead by Francisco Mourão, president of Expolitica Portugal. I send him an email and he told me that everyone was told to say that, and go with it along the show.

Important: Most of the show they were telling to be in alert mode, and be carefull because they might be malevolent.

Now another show on history channel (that i’m watching right now as I type this) is saying -IN THE MOST CREDIBLE WAY POSSIBLE- that in 1913 the 2nd world war was because of an invasion by destructive martians. This is anecdotal and CLEARLY CABAL, to make us fear an imminent alien contact! They even put witnesses and investigators (Historians and such that i think must be fake) speaking in the show!

Look at the pictures

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10 thoughts on “Preparing for the Promised Fake Alien Invasion?

  1. Spock says:

    Some thoughts from me on this one :

    Well, what we have learned in the last decades and years was, that several informants (Wernher von Braun, George Kavassilas, Tolec, Alex Collier and others) are speculating on this scenario !
    All they say is, that when the cabal loses their handle on us, they desperatley will play their last card – the “alien invasion”.
    Tolec made clear in the past, that positive offworlders are controlling the surroundings of earth in space, so that it would not be possible that negative spacecraft from outer space could interfere here. He explains, that already here stationed craft and personal (cloned and DNA manipulated “Plejadians” are very probable) will do it in a last attempt to fool the masses once more !
    So what can we expect ?
    I’m speculating a bit here now….. Let’s assume that the financial collapse has been long planned and is now at the breakpoint. Something spectacular will happen when this is all over and done…
    Let’s assume also, that the artificially placed “Fukushima catastrophe” could not be solved by governments or earths people (regardless what Merhan Keshe from Italy is doing and has been doing to get that problem “off the table”). So what would be more conclusive than watching those “aliens” (i guess it would be the so called “plejadians”) doing a god job in getting this gigantic -woldwide- problem solved ?
    Than there are our religions, that are also on the brink of a collapse right now with all the pedophiles in church and the satanic ritualists. What would be more obvious to get this solved too by decreeing a one world religion after all (for all those that need and want religion because they are brainwashed) ?
    So, i don’t think this fake “alien invasion” is off the table right now – all is pointing in this direction…doesn’t it ?
    With an all surrounding plasma screen or hologram around earth -as our firmament or sky- they could show us nearly as much as everything to impress the people of earth once more and do a false flag again and fool us.
    We have to be very aware of what is going on and have to inform everyone what is real and what is make believe whenever this scenario is played out !
    I will not say that this must happen – but it is very likely at this moment that it could happen.

  2. Very cool, 29501. Very cool. I say “I dare you, you devils. Just try it. Go ahead and trigger The Event.”

  3. Recently, I’ve seen photos of the night sky with two or three red & white orbs that are most likely portals. I would describe them as looking like wormholes, but you can see what looks like a city skyline, near the bottom. I would say if they try to fake an alien invasion, some real starships would appear.

  4. Rich Buckley says:

    A few years ago, a couple of us with personal UFO encounter experience started an alternative UFO contact website. We labeled the project website “First Contact Project” and used the URL (old records can still be found on the Way Back Machine)

    We were quickly targeted by someone and sabotaged with so many hits that it exceeded our service provider’s contract with us, apparently by the 10′s and 100′s of thousands of rapid fire hits in a continuous denial of service attack. After three months of warnings the service provider had to close us down. I thought my service provider was extraordinily fair and tollerant in their 3-months of warnings. A year later one of their salesman in a moment of candor said we had been sabotaged in their opinion, but they could not muster the resources to protect my website further. It was just too massive an attack.

    So what stategy did two guys land on that triggered such a vicious level of response from forces unknown?

    The simple germ of our idea was to let the public instruct the website how to make first official contact.

    The theory is based on an old statistical formula discovered in “the meditation effect” that when 1/2 of 1% of the Square Root of a population collectively meditate positive energy in feelings of love, compassion, understanding, and tempered in wisdom, that reality is changed towards that end. This is a well tested concept I would not presume to explain to the obviously awakened readers on this excellent website who all seem so well informed already.

    We did the arithmetic and set the goal at 8000 people of perfectly harmonized souls. Little did we realize how powerful the energy we had set in place would be.

    As our survey elements began to take shape and pieces began to build a strategy began to form. Then we were immediately attacked and sabotaged by some agency that took very keen interest in our little mission. Enough had been received however that we had developed a rudimentary outline for first friendly official public contact.


    Humor (friendly humor) seem to be our portal energy through which first contact would best occur.

    Extraterrestrials that most people found acceptable to deal with had to relate to our human value system. Apparently one workable avenue to reach through to us humans is to demonstrate you understand our humor if you are an ET.


    The idea that was developing was for the ET’s to present us nonthreatening aerial displays at air shows. Follow behind the air demonstration team at a safe distance, then zip away at such speed that viewers would understand something new is happening. Do it in a humorous and safe manner globally.

    For example as the Blue Angels do their star burst formation, follow behind them at the same speed then on reaching the top, zip away at stunning speed. Most people watching would at first assume it’s all part of the airshow but become amazed to observe the stunning ET CRAFT exit speed. This would raise all sorts of public questions, discussions and conclusions.

    Over the course of a year or two, the global effect would be….hey wait a minute, more is going on here than we thought; let’s all talk about this. It all has to carry a message.

    What is the message?


    About then, i.e., about the time humor was becoming the contact emotion coming out of our website survey, I started to notice a YouTube video reported “UFO seen at air-show” so I figured we might be on to a workable solution….humor underlying the interaction would be nonthreatening.


    Then our website was sabotaged.

    I thought it was a neat little experiment and would force alien contact to emerge that respected our human values and we could adapt over the course of a few months.

    This beat the alternative fear based “alien invasion” scenario von Braun talked about and would probably help set a new treaty between civilizations, even if the other civilization were so advanced as to be using thought created flying craft projected into our 3rd dimensional existence.


    If you want to pick up where we failed, give it a try. 🙂

  5. vendo4151 says:

    Hello there, …. hey, .. what about that most unusual roundtable with Drunvalo, Gilliland, Webre, and others that is tonight, July 5.

    Didn’t I see this posted here weeks ago? Got anything for us on that? Will it be available soon after on MP3 or utube? …. Any issues about listening live?

    Thank you for anything you’ve got on that.

  6. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    This is worth noting. I believe that the ET’s, Galactics, our space Family, what ever you wish to call them are Nice. The mean ones have not been allowed to stay, and are gone. SO I think ask the nice ones, our family to come and show they are peaceful. Do share that they are peaceful. If our governments try to stage a fake invasion, than we should protest that and say we do not believe it. Share with your friends the evidence, what you find, that the ET’s, our space family are nice and here to help.

  7. futuret says:


    • Please stay calm, everyone. Let’s not get our knickers in a knot. This is the end of the cabal’s reign and there will be all sorts of crap and chaos as they writhe in their death throes, striking out at anyone within striking distance—-which is everyone on the Internet.

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