JP Morgan Bankruptcy Lawyer Killed in Hit & Run [video]

Joseph Giampapa

Thanks, Patrick.

They just never give up, do they?  Isn’t this over thirty banksters, now? I’ve lost count. And each time the cabal collects on the insurance? Nice scam.

Looks like JP Morgan is determined to stay in the lead.

The moral of this story: “Thou Shalt Not Squeal”.  ~ BP


The banker suicide saga has just reached a new level as a top level JP Morgan attorney has been exterminated in a hit & run incident involving a minivan.

JPM attorney Joseph Giampapa was killed over the weekend when he was struck by a minivan in a hit and run incident.

Giampapa was reportedly hit and thrown 150 ft and was pronounced dead at the scene. No charges have been filed.

It gets better: Giampapa was JP Morgan’s top commercial bankruptcy lawyer (SVP).

Somehow we suspect the incident was not inflicted by a soccer mom.


The JP Morgan outside counsel manual, listing Giampapa as their Commercial Bank Bankruptcy SVP:

Commercial Bank Bankruptcy & Workout
Joseph Giampapa, SVP and Associate General Counsel

Giampapa’s legal profile:

The Columbus Dispatch’s coverage of the incident:

Recall that Jim Willie informed SD readers several weeks ago that international bankers are dropping like flies to prevent details on massive FOREX fraud from reaching investigating authorities, and that European banking source “V” stated that the banker hit list includes top level banking executives, and also stated that suicided JP Morgan bankers Ryan Henry Crane & Gabriel Magee knew each other and had uncovered something.

Joseph Giampapa JP Morgan

Perhaps Giampapa had also uncovered too many secrets.

AMTV’s take on the increasing banker deaths:




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  1. kandel61 says:

    I should have put a smiley face at the end of my question. You didn’t seem your usual sweet self in replying to your follower’s comments on this article. I have followed your blog for close to 2 years now. I use to follow Alex Jones and even as arrogant as he was I continued to follow him until a taxi driver in NY called into his show and told him how he had been spreading the word about liberty and promoting his show to his customers. Alex Jones barely gave him any acknowledgement and quickly ended the call. It was at that point that I cancelled my subscription to his Prison Planet website. I enjoy reading your articles and your varied comments across a broad range of subjects.

    • kandel61, I picked up on the humour, just didn’t know to what you were referring. Apparently I’m not allowed to be annoyed. Why is that?

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  2. kandel61 says:

    Who are you and what did you do with Molly?

  3. Robert Howard says:

    There must be something big in the works. I wish I knew what to do with our life savings to keep it safe. Horrible what’s happening. I hope everyone behind this goes down with us. Maybe they won’t have time to make it Underground

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  4. James says:

    You know, if you are so sensitive and defensive to reader comments, you should just turn off the comments or something! The woman driving around D.C. and getting shot, with a baby in the car, was major headline news a few months ago. I would google it for you and provide a link, but you would probably bite my head off anyway.

    • James, if you recall, I said that I prefer not to focus too much on the negative news and provide more upbeat, encouraging, positive posts. I definitely don’t want to dwell on a story like that because it brings down my energy. If I missed it, I consider that a GOOD thing. Feel free to follow those stories if you like.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This happened months ago when other bankers were jumping to their death, it is not new intel.

  6. Robert Howard says:

    What about the black girl with a baby in the back seat that Secret Service chased around DC and finally ended up shooting her in the head 5 times in the back of the head. With the baby in the back seat. What is the latest on that ?


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