Return of the Goddess

The highest highs and the deepest lows are ours to experience, but the balance will come. Looking forward to the 7th…

Orion Diamond

hathoor-mainA cryptic message from my friend a few days before the Eclipse started an inner rumbling within my being.  The message read “Heart-stone awakens, Isis Goddess ancient portal”.  A perfect cryptic clue for the week that followed.  I knew something huge was happening within the universe and that we were all in for an energetic shake up of a proportion not seen before.

I spent the Solstice on the beach with friends activating ancient Geometric energies and portals of the Star Gate. It was a super charged day full of light and fun with a cosmic reading that blew me away.  I knew being this high usually means that the days ahead will be a deep recalibration process. So from the Solstice until this day I have been to the depths of despair and to the heights of the stars and back again numerous times.   The energy flowing through…

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3 thoughts on “Return of the Goddess

  1. My “special visitor” was able to remove my etheric implant. I am really starting to feel like June closed the door on the Old Paradigm. I think this week will see some remarkable things, especially since Monday is 7-7-7, a perfect number to defeat 6-6-6.

    May the blessings be.

  2. Carlos Pinto says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say that some suspicious shows and things are being sead in my country’s (Portugal) history channel. Like 4 weeks ago I was watching an episode of a series that HADN’T HAD A NEW EPISODE FOR MONTHS! And how does this new episode start, after so much time without a new episode? Like this: ”Within 2 weeks mass landings are going to happen. The governments know about this fact.” Said by Francisco Mourão, president of Expolitica Portugal. I send him an email and he told me that everyone was told to say that, and go with it along the show. Important: Most of the show they were telling to be in alert mode, and be carefull because they maight be malevolent. Now another show on history channel (that i’m watching right now as I type this) is saying -IN THE MOST CREDIBLE WAY POSSIBLE- that in 1913 the 2nd world war was because of an invasion by destructive martians. This is anedotical and CLEARLY CABAL, to make us fear an imminent alien contact! They even put witnesses and investigators (Historians and such that i think must be fake) speaking in the show! look at the pictures

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