Will Americans Wake Up on the 4th of July to Find Themselves Free?

Good question. WILL Americans suddenly wake up on Independence Day to find they are no longer slaves and have been awarded a freedom such as they have never known?

Doubt it. The whole world has been demonstrating big time for months… years! and yet America sleeps, over-steeped in their illusory toys and entertainment that keep them preoccupied and distracted. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

Most major countries in the world that were suckered into adopting the corrupt, PRIVATE, Federal Reserve banking system run by the Rothschilds and their clan, eventually realized what happened and have either thrown the banksters out or are protesting madly to say “NO! We’re not having any of it!”

Germans Want to ‘End the Fed’

Have Americans been so mesmerized by wealth and opulence that they just don’t WANT to wake up? Do they believe the appalling situation in their country will somehow right itself, miraculously, without them having to sacrifice to make it happen?

Why have citizens of other countries realized the truth while America seems oblivious? And why have a few in USA come to, while the rest continue to slumber?

Do they REALLY BELIEVE that they STILL  live in ‘the land of the free’ and ‘home of the brave’ —because their national anthem says so?

It’s looking like they are trapped in a time warp of some kind, like the film ‘Groundhog Day’. They believe it’s simply a spate of unfortunate occurrences that have converged on their country but will soon dissipate and life will go back to the way it was without them having to do anything.

Did the religion hoax really work? Do they believe that by praying long enough and loud enough to their God that they will be delivered from evil?

Even “Operation: American Spring”, which COULD have been a game-changer, has morphed into nothing more than a lobbying group, I heard this morning.

RFID chip implants

Barring a catastrophic event, it appears America will continue to sleep through the greatest con job of all time, while superior beings rape their country, clean out their bank accounts, poison their food and water, lie to them through their media, use their illegally-gotten taxes to start wars and murder innocent people  in other nations, steal their land and houses, treat them like cattle to be branded, sterilized, tagged, tracked and vaccinated to death, while they still believe they elect their representatives who will actually look out for their interests in Washington.

How can we break the spell? How can those of us who see the reality of it get through to the sleeping masses without the lamestream media? It’s a question on the lips of so many who watch the downward spiral of America.


The current in America is like a rip-tide. There is a safe way out, but if you go about it the wrong way, or fight to stay in one place, you cannot escape and will be swept out to sea and your early demise.

What more can we do to get the attention of such a huge, untapped source of potential? We’ve given our time and energies to research and share the truth online with anyone who is curious enough to seek it; we’ve joined marches against Monsanto and signed petitions and sought signatures for petitions; we’ve donated money to causes like the 911 Truth Movement for costly, strategically-placed billboards, and broached sensitive topics with friends and family only to be ostracized and considered conspiracy theorists or even lunatics.

Fortunately, some very inspired and brave people came up with plans and put their strategies into action to bring us free energy, healing devices, a new (old) justice system, and other offerings, but they are in the minority.

It’s a fascinating process we’re watching, and I’m sure even more enthralling from above where our Galactic brethren have toiled for decades to protect us and keep us alive until this time when, by some miracle, we are to rise above the darkness and take back our sovereignty and find the Light.

Will the people of the world continue to do their part, while America sleeps on like Rip Van Winkle, suddenly to awaken when it’s all over, blinded by the Light?

What transpires over the next several weeks will be one for the history books—the REAL history books.

I hope Americans will make time amidst the hotdogs and beer to ask the tough questions this Independence Day and ponder if they are truly free, and whether they are truly brave—and if they are not free, but ARE brave, what they might do to turn things around.

You may want to read this article:

Exposing the New World Order Before the July 4th Weekend: WTF Happened to the Principles of Freedom and Liberty?

Maybe miracles really will happen, and this July will prove to be one of them. I’m not holding my breath, though. Tasty morsels of promise like an RV don’t cut it. When I see it, I’ll believe it.  ~ BP


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20 thoughts on “Will Americans Wake Up on the 4th of July to Find Themselves Free?

  1. BP, the 7-7-7 is part of the White Magic. Simply declare your intention, and release it into the ethers, to manifest on Monday.

  2. Bobbie Chappell says:

    When I saw a policeman beat a helpless black woman on the news,
    I was sad. I cried myself to sleep. Will the silent majority allow this
    To keep happening? Police bruitality has to stop.

    • Bobbie, that kind of energy will soon be gone. They want us all to suffer, feel pain and misery, hate and every negative emotion. Don’t let it suck you down. Remain buoyant and light and as full of joy as you can. We’re nearly there.

  3. HaHaHa! Yes, I’ve had “Green Light” flashbacks this week, myself. Here are a couple of things to consider… Carl Boudreau has stopped doing his monthly astrology videos, claiming we’ve past the pivotal point. Christine Lagarde’s unusual numerology speech from January specifically references July, 2014 and the number 7, repeatedly. Most of the interpretations that I have read missed the most obvious date–July 7, 2014, or 7-7-7. The Asian families view both 5-5-5 (May 5, 2012) and 7-7-7 as numbers to break the power of 6-6-6.

    Maybe we can put some white magic into Monday?

  4. Thanks Rob, great article, and also for the link to Jean’s post. I have taken the occasion of a somewhat wet and subdued celebration here in the birthplace of the Revolution (Boston) to post a lot of thought-provoking (if not controversial and possibly alarming) articles and tweets on my various expressive outlets. Hopefully shed a bit of light and shake up complacency.

    My intro. to reblogging her post is as follows: “Wow~! We have become complacent as a nation. They have dumbed us down so successfully that most people will not even have heard of these things, much less feel empowered to change the situation. But change is what we need, and change requires knowledge, because knowledge is power. But only if we ACT on it!” -PB

  5. Todd says:

    This brilliant letter says what is on the minds of so many of us BP. We know the ‘shift’ is close, we know there is much happening behind the scenes that is for the light, and we should know that we are loved beyond measure, and that this ‘neon stage’ matrix will crumble before our eyes. Let us in the meantime be joyful, loving to others, and present. These thoughts and actions will bring about the ‘shift’ when the ‘time’ is perfect, ;).

    Thanks for all you do for us BP. xoxoxo, Todd.

    • So pleased to hear you are in good spirits and with a positive outlook, Todd. You all do that for yourselves. Not my doing. It’s not easy to stay positive and reject the negativity, but that’s what I aim to to, to keep my vibration high. We didn’t come all this way, for countless lifetimes, to lose the battle now. We’re nearly there.

  6. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:

    “..How can we break the spell? How can those of us who see the reality of it get through to the sleeping masses without the lamestream media? It’s a question on the lips of so many who watch the downward spiral of America…”

    Point taken. We must be proactive, and we must not give up hope. Don’t believe the hype. We are closer than we even realize!

  7. MrH2old says:

    Not a word about this on Dutch news

  8. Nancy C/Seattle says:

    The Internet and YouTube, launched in February 2005 are major 3D tools for liberating the world & these are America’s gift to the world. David Wilcock has said, “This is a frequency war” and this is something American’s can do. For the rest we’re going to need Chinese, Russian and off world help.

    I frankly am tired of the what-will-it-take unhelpful “sheeple” litany that Americans just need to wake up and “take back” their sovereignty. We have tried demonstrating with the Occupy Movement and it was violently put down by an orchestrated Federal & local crack down.

    For some time now, Americans as a group have heavily been under Cabal attack, more so than anyone else on the planet. America comprises 5% of the global population and yet accounts for more than 25 percent of all locked up humans. In Cobra’s most recent, June 17th interview he was asked if American’s should seek to move and this was his answer,

    Cobra: “Yes it’s good to move out of the US as that is the country under most strong attack from the Cabal as far as chemtrails, food poisoning, scalar weapons and on and on. Anywhere else in the world would be better.”

    And finally American are much more “awake” than most think. Here is just one example. On March 19, 2014 the LA times published an article titled, “Nearly Half of Americans Subscribe to Medical Conspiracy Theory.” http://articles.latimes.com/2014/mar/19/science/la-sci-sn-medical-conspiracies-study-20140319

    This was not a poll but findings of a social research study of 6 “conspiracy theories”. The results on the Agenda 21 question were most enlightening. 12% of Americans absolutely & an additional 46% were open to the idea that “genetically modified foods have been widely disseminated by Monsanto Inc. as part of a secret program called Agenda 21, launched by the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation to shrink the world’s population.” That meant only 42% of Americans flat out disagreed with the idea that there is an Agenda 21 conspiracy to kill us off.

    I think fear and despair frankly feeds the Cabal. When I catch myself slipping into either low vibrational state I have several sites I check out not for feel good “inspiration” but for hard core data. Here are 2 of my favorites by Z.S.Livingston.

    Doomsday Is So Hard to Schedule, May 2011

    Failed Genocide Plots & DNA Accommodation, February 2005

  9. Great say as always!
    Sometimes it’s feels like beating our heads against the wall as the shifts are so minor as to not feel anything at all. Holding the belief in positive parallel realties from my view is our best hope. I’m really not up for being on another sinking ship or continent again. Too wearisome and catastrophic- keeps the continual mass tragedy consciousness in our cells and beliefs. Time to change the cycles with a call to arms, joining hands, beating drums, sounding horns combined with strong solutions. We can do this. And with the currency status change which is imminent it will awaken many from the slumber. Maybe HR 2847 which went into effect the first, isn’t such a bad thing – it could be a real positive game changer?

  10. good stuff in the linked article as well … ” Exposing the new world……

  11. David Pirie says:

    It’s been so long now i’ve been struggling with the Gordian Knot of how can people’s minds just simply, totally shut down!
    All my family, son, et al, like all of you! The joy is when i find some youngseekers/Knowers – I’ve gathered some dozen, many enlightened;
    the full joy is, i’m 70!

    Peace Light Love Truth

  12. Wanderer says:

    Wait til the Petrodollar crashes… that’ll wake a few fools from their drunken stupor, I would imagine. Help is on the way…. spreading from the rural areas first, ironically, as more of a sense of community exsists there already. Grassroots movements have begun.

  13. Spud says:

    The Boiled Frog Effect – Put a frog into a beaker of water and turn up the heat. Turn it up too fast, he jumps out. Turn it up slowly, and he stays put, not knowing that is is being slowly boiled to death.
    The Bush/Cheney klan has been doing this to Americans ever since Senior (former CIA Director) was part of the pack that whacke JFK. They and their puppets – LBJ, Ford, Nixon, Regan, Junior, and perhaps Clintons and BO thru blackmail – have been deliberately crippling the USA (creating a problem) so Americans will accept their NWO agendas (as a solution.). Wake Up and Smell the Treason
    See CIA Asset Susan Lindauer 911 Truth on Youtube, or reports on veterans today.

  14. Robert Howard says:

    I think more people dispose these people but aren’t sure what to do if we storm DC he will declare martial law and totally take over with military vehicles

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  15. Robert Howard says:

    Also. Have you reported on chemtrails. People just don’t believe our govt is out to kill them. They don’t know these people

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    • Robert Howard, thank you, glad you like the blog, and yes, I have numerous posts on chemtrails.

      Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing we can do about the chemtrails, and I don’t like to HAARP on it, if you’ll pardon the pun. The Lightworker community and the awakened ones are appreciating good news and uplifting posts these days, as they are flagging in their attempts to stay positive and create a better world through positive intention. We’ve seen little evidence of it, but there had better be a whole lot of incredible, positive things going on behind the scenes because we can’t wait much longer.

  16. Robert Howard says:

    I love your website. I just joined. I wish all the sheeple in this country would wake up. All these aliens bringing all these god awful diseases In might be helpful. When college students think a picture of Biden is dick Cheney we are doomed. They want to keep us drugged up. Dumbed down and distracted. Amen

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