Two Urgent Calls for Help from Our Online Community on July 3rd

I’ve heard two pleas for assistance in the past 12 hours or so and decided to pass them on so that anyone who can help, or knows someone that can help, may relieve some of the burden on these poor souls. I feel so helpless. I hope the angels are listening.

Beginning with the most dire:

1.  A dear reader of this blog finds himself in Las Vegas—HE’S NOT GAMBLING—DON’T GO THERE!—through an unfortunate set of circumstances, finds himself with nowhere to live.

He went there to work in a casino because he hasn’t been able to find work in Washington state where he lived and was willing to go where the work is.

To flesh out the details, here is some of what he wrote last night: (I hope you don’t mind me sharing this, but I don’t know a better way to help you, Todd.)

“I’m in Las Vegas dealing the World Series of Poker, and am finding changes foisted upon me and my life that will test my stamina and sanity.  The ‘girlfriend’ I’m staying with here has turned a 180 on me, and no longer is in need of my friendship or services.  At the same time, my lodging in Spokane has vanished, so I find myself suddenly homeless, sigh.  After expenses I have  very little money to find a new home, job, and/or community of like minded people who are willing to take me in.  I will work for food and housing, but at 58 yrs. old am unable to physically last more than a few hours without a break.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.  I am okay mentally and spiritually, and know that somehow I will be where I’m needed.  I guess it’s time for a grand adventure and I have no fear, only Love for those I’m leaving.  Do you know of a commune perhaps, or have contacts with anyone that could use an able body until I find work?  As I am dedicating myself to service to others, my needs are small, and I still feel passionate about aiding in the awakening of humanity.  I was intending to start a blog when I returned to Spokane, but that may have to be on hold for now.  I’m also contacting others to figure out where to go.

So grateful for your friendship dearest, and have been out of the loop on line since coming here in May.  I know there is a place for me somewhere where I can make a difference, and maybe teach or something.  My passion and gift of writing may be another avenue.  At this point I am trusting in the Divine plan to show me my way, ;).”

If you can offer any solutions for Todd, please leave a comment to this post and I’ll put you in touch with this struggling gentle man.

2. This one is a less desperate situation, but Dani at ‘Removing the Shackles’ blog has some cats that need new homes in the Toronto, Canada area.

She posted this today, and you can read her post directly by clicking here .

“The final note for today is a personal request that is very emotional for me.  For the past year since our family moved to Morocco, one of my best friends has been looking after our cats.  We had hoped to be able to ship our cats to Morocco to be with us, but that hasn’t worked out, nor is it in the best interest for our feline family members.   After a year of loving care, my friend can no longer look after them any more as they are moving. We cannot bring them here, and so we need to find them a new loving permanent home. They are in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario Canada.  If you know someone who would like to adopt two loving  cats, please contact Nick at (…since I can’t get into my email account).  Mobius is a Grey and Black tabby striped boy  who is 2 years old and neutered.  Iggy is a 14 month old boy who is white with coloured tabby spots.  Both boys are indoor cats and unvaccinated, they are use to being around lots of kids and love to play- but are NOT good with dogs.   I am hoping that one of my GTA readers will be able to help us find them a new home with a family who will love them as much as we do.   Because of my communications “issues”, this matter has become an urgent need!”


The challenges that are arising for so many of us these days are staggering. Something simply HAS to give!  If all you can do is shower these folks with love-light, please do that.

Thank you everyone.  ~ BP


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10 thoughts on “Two Urgent Calls for Help from Our Online Community on July 3rd

  1. Bob says:

    I have an opportunity for work if Todd would like more information.

  2. Todd says:

    I am so grateful to you all for the suggestions, and will pursue them this weekend. I AM so very blessed to have this network of lightworkers helping me to find my way. Thank you all so very much for the info, and I will keep you all updated as to where I land, ;). Love and Light, Todd.

  3. peaceanimal says:

    For Todd — there is a Lightworker meeting in LAS tomorrow! That’s where I was led : — also found info on hostels:
    and finally info on LAS homeless shelters :
    There are better days awaiting us all! Blessings, Todd — and BP

  4. peaceanimal says:

    I found a Lightworker community meeting in Las Vegas — tomorrow! ( :

    Blessings! Kris

  5. Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to Todd and everyone else on the marble; help them live free and easy.

  6. Arvel says:

    Bp, concerning the gentleman in Las Vegas; St Vincents on north Las Vegas Boulevard has a great work program run by Catholic Charities. They will take you in immediately. Be advised, you must be sober and drug free. They will test.
    Another option is Las Vegas Rescue Mission on Bonanza road. This option is more geared to someone with alcohol or drug problems. They have a limited number of beds.
    Hope this helps.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Steve and Barbara Rother, in Las Vegas. office phone number 702 871 3317. Lots of great folks in that community. Good luck!

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