Odd Military Maneuvers in Arizona on July 1st, 2014

Update: July 1, 8:57 pm: A reader supplied this link. Seems like fear-mongering to some degree. Look at the photo. I didn’t feel anything here in southern Arizona. Perhaps the second troop of helicopters was on the way to peruse the area along the lakes and dams of the Salt River.  Recommend you read the comments below.  ~ BP

This was a first, and on the first. These are terrible pictures as I wasn’t prepared with the iPad with a partially blocked lens. They look like insects.

At 10:45 this morning I heard a familiar but bigger-than-usual rumble, and watched as EIGHT Apaches picked their way across the chemtrail-free sky to the south, with a Chinook slightly behind.  (We haven’t had chemtrails in over two weeks other than perhaps just one day.)

I’ve seen two Apaches and a Chinook together before, but never this many.

8 apaches

In formation, they took the familiar route toward Florence, Arizona—home of the prison and a FEMA camp.

Were they transporting prisoners? Is it cabal-related or border issues related? Just maneuvers? Training? Testing new machines?  It’s definitely out of the ordinary and too far north for actual border patrol.


Then, at 12:05 pm, to the north of us this time, six Apaches, followed a good five minutes later by a Chinook.  Same gang? I don’t know.

The other day I saw 4 military jets flying out of formation in a northwesterly direction towards Scottsdale and wondered if there’s an airshow coming up… or is it something else?

And speaking of the military, when I met a friend and confidante for coffee this week to turn over the 5 (whoopee-do) signatures I collected on the Right to Know petition, there was a tanned and camouflaged fellow sitting outside Starbucks.

He affirmed that I could ask him a question, but when I enquired as to his stand on gun control, he didn’t miss a beat and replied, “I don’t talk about politics, ma’am.”

I said, “Well what do you and your friends think about—” and he cut me off. “I don’t talk about politics, ma’am. I just support the nation.” The personality of a carrot.

I went inside where there were a couple more guys in fatigues and caps getting their drinks. When I told Jane about the exchange she said, “Super-soldier.  Just repeating like a robot? Super-soldier.”

Interesting. Doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies about the military. Missing the human element and too much like an automaton—the kind that shoot first and ask questions later.  ~ BP

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9 thoughts on “Odd Military Maneuvers in Arizona on July 1st, 2014

  1. CarolW says:

    @Dan W, yes it is disturbing. We do live about 40 miles south of Vandenberg Air Force Base. It is up the coast just out of Lompoc, Ca. You can check it out on the web. I have toured it before, quite impressive and active launching rockets, etc. Anyway, possibly that is why the helicopters? I just have to say, it was very unusual to see this activity in our sky. Thank you for your comment! As they say …..”Heads Up!”

  2. Dan W says:

    @CarolW, that is a little disturbing about “4 Huge White Loud” helicopters in your area, especially after reading all the UN vehicles being spotted in the US (all white). The Apache Helicopters here in the Phoenix AZ area could be explained because they build them here in Mesa AZ at a smaller airport called Falcon Field, along with the fact we have a very large Military Base and presence here in AZ. Either way, things sure seem to be coming to a head, can almost feel it in the air. Be safe.

  3. CarolW says:

    I live in Santa Barbara,CA. On Sunday 6/30 early afternoon I was in my backyard trimming plants. All of a sudden there were 4 huge white, loud helicopters flying in formation, flying very, very low above my house. It seemed everything around me was vibrating as they passed over. I have never experienced this in my 20 years living in my quaint neighborhood, this never goes on! It was a bit erie to say the least. We also have not had the usual chemtrails. Feels like something is up.

  4. Reggie says:

    I’m in the Old Pueblo on the east side and have been hearing and seeing the same thing, and each time it’s window-rattling and nerve-wracking. I am glad, though, that we haven’t been bombarded with chemtrails lately. I really enjoy your posts. Thanks so much for your information.

  5. Mike says:

    *Sigh* BP, a person in uniform is not a mindless sociopath just because they choose not to answer a political question. I can tell you from experience that military members do not answer those questions because of the “CNN effect”. That man had no idea who you are. You could be working for a media outlet thats fishing for the next “juicy story” for all he knows. Given the presidents stance on gun control, you wont find a military man with a brain saying anything to a stranger that can be considered in disagreement with the commander and chief. Whats more, labeling someone as having the personality of carrot and structuring your story in such a way as to garner more support for a preconceived notion is exactly what the cabal does on a daily basis. We are better than that. Military men and women can also be far greater people than this post makes them out to be.

    • Mike… sigh… I never said ALL military people are like that. I said that was my experience, and there ARE super-soldiers out there. He could have been a little friendlier and needn’t have cut me off. Each one represents the whole. I am entitled to my opinion.

  6. Dan W says:

    Ditto, here in North Scottsdale about 11:00 am 6 Apaches came over my house in formation, this is the 3rd time in 2 weeks, very unusual for this. I’m an aviation buff and past pilot and know of no upcoming events, especially in this heat. Makes you wonder what other areas they are playing their military games in.

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