Cobra Update — July 1, 2014: Cosmic Goddess Activation Report

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cosmic Goddess Activation Report

Cosmic Goddess Activation was successful as far as Resistance Movement and Pleiadian Goddess groups throughout the Solar System and certain groups within the surface population, including our core group on Ibiza, are concerned. Our core group managed to go very deep and was successful beyond expectations. However, there was infiltration in some other groups and/or individuals and this has to be cleared out, since the message of the Sisterhood of the Rose must be kept in its purity.

Because of the delicate nature of this activation the Light forces have instructed me to keep it low profile, but anyway we had more than 100 Sisterhood of the Rose groups participating:

You can watch the video for the activation here:

Or join the official Sisterhood of the Rose facebook group here:

The incoming Goddess Love energy has been transmitted towards our planet through an object named 2012 VP113, which is a small planetoid beyond Pluto. It looks like a pink egg and acts as a prism to transmit cosmic Goddess Love energies into our Solar system:

Therefore it would be good if you could add the pink egg meditation at the end of your Weekly Liberation Meditation every Sunday.

This small planetoid body is a necessary bridge to prepare human consciousness for an official public announcement about the existence of planet X:

The cosmic Goddess Love energy has reached the surface of this planet as a clear ray, having its main anchor in a certain subterranean location on Ibiza, where connection with the Goddess energy is still active and maintained by people who have access to that location, after more than 1500 years of suppression.

This incoming energy has triggered a massive purification of the etheric plane around the surface of the planet and clearing of one aspect of the remaining primary anomaly.

It is interesting to note that Jesuits are beginning to be worried about the expansion of Goddess consciousness. After all, just before the creation of the Roman Christian mind programing cult by Constantin the Great in 325 CE, Isis worship was more popular than Christianity across the Roman empire and you need to understand that connection with Isis was not erased. It was just suppressed and now as the pressure is being lifted, that connection is coming back again.

The Goddess wants Love among the people on this planet and Love it will be.



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5 thoughts on “Cobra Update — July 1, 2014: Cosmic Goddess Activation Report

  1. Spock says:

    And one last hint i found in the youtube comments section to “The lie Nasa told” from Yellow Rose :

    Question from a user :

    “How could IsIs be evil since she was always depicted as the life bringer and one that spoke of the truth, and she was an original species of the planet, she bore Lilith through her mDNA . So lilith was actually a daughter which became covenanted to IsIs as a sisterhood bond.

    Answer form “YellowRoseforTexas”

    they lied.
    She was an utter horror “ICE IS” – she kills children without batting an eye.
    “ISIS” was her egyptian coven name. Lilith also had many many other names: “Shiva” “Ashtar/Ishtar” Not to mention the ones in the north, in China, in S America (the ‘Vulture’ now) Each promotion, gives them a new name.

    That’s enough from me now on this topic…

  2. Spock says:

    I just stumbled over this clip… “Lady Isis” as a mummy at Bohemian Grove :

    It gets more and more suspicious in my opinion…

  3. Spock says:

    I hope the “sisterhoods of the rose” do not hollow “Isis”, that was the same person as “Inanna” or “Lilith” – anunnaki bloodline, as “Yellow Rose” told us in her videos :

  4. Tara says:

    Very interesting, thank you! Ashtara

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