A Sobering Gift on Canada (Kanata) Day: A Tale of Genocide [video]

All I can say is, I’m sorry. I’m just so very sorry. The horrors these souls experienced in my country is beyond imagination, and almost beyond belief, but the witnesses and victims have done their part. It must end now.

People MUST wake up and accept the evidence and stop living according to some myth we’ve been trained like dogs to accept. To revere AND DEFEND! the perpetrators of these unspeakable crimes is sick. 

Where do all the missing children go? Now you know.

Canada—get out of denial, get off your knees and take the child killers to justice. It is YOUR DUTY as members of Humanity. The arrest warrants have already been signed at the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.

She taxes you to death (yes, your taxes go to her and the Vatican) murders your children and you respect her as the British monarch? She is no more royalty than you are. In fact—less!  Remove the imposter and take back your sovereignty.  How can you NOT?!   ~ BP

from Rev. Kevin Annett…

Happy “Canada Day” – Here’s a A Gift of Reality, amidst all the hype

Burned up babies, mass graves, Mohawk children executed by the Canadian army, and Indian women sterilized. Today, the hidden face of Canada and its churches. See the evidence at www.itccs.org, share it, and bring down this criminal regime. Long live the Republic of Kanata! Stay tuned.

(Note: One of the witnesses on this clip is William Combes, who saw [Queen] Elizabeth Windsor abduct ten children from the Kamloops residential school in 1964. William was killed at St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, February 26, 2011, shortly before he was to come to England to give his testimony).

Preview of Evidence of Genocide in Canada

Published on 12 Nov 2012

A sample of the evidence in the opening case concerning intentional genocide by the government and churches of Canada, and their sponsoring agencies, the Vatican and Crown of England.


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5 thoughts on “A Sobering Gift on Canada (Kanata) Day: A Tale of Genocide [video]

  1. macdonalddon says:

    I tried to forward this to others from my hotmail account but it seems to “malfunction” every time I try to…other actions are unaffected.

    Not a surprise, as my computer was hacked after visiting and reading articles about the “royal” pedophiles on the common law court site…and it took over 2 weeks to get microsoft to allow me to access my account again.

    Why am i interested in this stuff ?

    I personally became a target in 1990 breaking up a pedophile grooming ring involving a Brownie pack and went deeper into the hole in 1995 blowing the whistle on a conspiracy involving 2 gov lawyers…at least one of them loosely connected to a high profile pedophile ring molesting at a boys reformatory…one was an RCMP Sergeant.

    And I have information implicating a former New Brunswick Canada Premier…hoping someone will act upon it.

  2. patcruiser@aol.com says:

    Please delete me /my email from your email. Mailing list. Thank you so muc for your quick response. Sincerely, pat

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  3. Arlene Lane says:

    do not fear the reptilian elite, because fear is their narcotic, so just smile and show your contempt for these creatures are not human and send them to where they belong in hell. yours sincerely TONY LANE

  4. Dee says:

    Thank you for this BP.
    ‘None are so blind than those who will not see’ but the veil is lifting.
    Oh Canada, O Eire, O Gaia…We weep and mourn our precious children.
    We must revere Life! Not some phony royal family!

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