ET Technologies in Our Future: The Food Replicator

Can you believe it’s the last day of June already?

I’ll take this opportunity to say Happy Canada Day! and for America, Happy 4th of July. This is perhaps a good time to reflect on what “freedom” is, and isn’t. In truth, we don’t know what freedom is. It’s all relative.

Two years ago Drake gave the ‘green light’ and the allies were about to take out the cabal. “Enjoy the fireworks and keep your eyes to the skies”, they said.  It was to be a 4th of July like no other.

Well, of course the cabal freaked and threatened to take out massive numbers of Humanity if the military tried to follow through with that strategy… Drake was left “twisting in the wind”… and here we are.

I want to share this little update from Sheldan and Colleen Nidle because so many of us are frustrated, tired, disillusioned, angry, fed up, and ready to jump off the Liberation bandwagon—or a cliff.

We’ve been promised SO much, for SO long,  disinfo’d up the hoop and stuffed full of false hope, it’s no wonder we’re out of patience.

But we must soldier on. We mustn’t give the dark the satisfaction of seeing us give up. Our faith must be unwavering—no matter what appears to be happening. They are masters of illusion, and things are not what they seem—as you are well aware if you watched ‘The Lie NASA Told’.

Throughout all my challenges, I keep envisioning what I imagine our new life will be like and if you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you’ve heard me say this;  “Where’s my replicator?!”

If you’re pissed, in pain, starving, lonely and dejected, just IMAGINE what we have to look forward to… very soon.

Everything you saw on ‘Star Trek’ is a reality—just not ours—yet. The cabal has kept all that technology for themselves.

Your soul KNOWS what will be, or you wouldn’t be here reading this. The Light and the frequency we generate because we ‘know’ is assisting the ascension process. Expect miracles.  ~ BP

Note: While I wouldn’t currently buy anything from Nestlé, it’s interesting to see them trying. If you read the label on their products it’s evident they know and care nothing about our nutritional needs.

Colleen says…

More and more people are writing to me and declaring ~ “I want my replicator!” We have a great laugh because we know that life with a replicator would be so much fun!


In the article ~ Coming soon: food replicator machine will create food in real time based on your nutritional needs, from food conglomerate, Nestle, reveals they are working on a replicator to enhance food with your specific nutritional needs.

They may be on the right track but they have a long way to go. The replicator that our Galactic Neighbors use is based on zero point energy. It takes the spiritual and material composition and energy of let’s say an “apple” and converts it into an actual apple the way the Elohim and our Creator make it.

Right now Nestle doesn’t know how to use the endless energy of Creation (ZPE) to synthesize the food using the exact composition ~ both spiritually and molecularly ~ that the Elohim and our Creator do. Big difference.

Also, they say in the article that it will be expensive which rules out everyone having one. And yet, the GF uses free energy and can replicate the replicator (lol). Fascinating stuff!

I’m delighted new technologies like this are being openly introduced to the world. Opens people’s minds to the endless possibilities.

Source: Email blast from PAOWEB

You can learn more about our mind-boggling future at the PAO website.


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I'm a Canadian freelance writer living near Phoenix, Arizona specializing in the 2012 phenomenon, spirituality, and wellness & nutrition. Over the past 8 years I've learned what our spiritual upgrade is REALLY all about and have access to insider information not shared in the mainstream media. I aim to dispel the myths and disinformation around The Shift and Ascension and help bring the world Truth. It is time. Welcome... and I hope this blog makes a difference in your spiritual liberation. ~ Molly A. Chapman

10 thoughts on “ET Technologies in Our Future: The Food Replicator

  1. ProfessorZ says:

    Remember you gained your spiritual seat by Pinging off of the Neighbors. Go online and get some photos of Nibiru, sit in a space, and watch the gravitational energy pull you inside. Take a walk, but cause no strife amongst the inhabitants. As actions in this exercise are very much real and cause harm to those on the other side. Talk a walk. Take a drive. Fly, but do not have any meetings or any face to face with Lord President and the Secretary. The Rainmaker and Marshal deal with this high level faction of government. You are merely the observer, but your presence takes up space, will empower you, and limit them. The ten rings of purification will aid prior and following entries or what we call “spacewalks”. Set up businesses there. Depending on the situations operatives in black (you will know them as your people rest assured) shall protect. Be not afraid for divine protection is all around. As you read this the energy of doubt they try to pervade. Do this and ensure our victory sooner with each exercise. We will accept nothing than Ultimate Victory!

  2. ProfessorZ says:

    Good discussion. I have been looking into zpe replicators as things came to me a month ago. However, this should be a present-distant goal. Current project is Free-Wifi and no dead space and general Net energy, so you will be able to go anywhere pop open your laptop and click internet explorer. Boom! Online! How this is achieved? First and foremost we must increase our ZPE. Our Earth generating/ processing power is based on sattelites, antennae, and certain arrays just like a hardwired computers. Yet without the clunky metal fixtures as used by Man. ZPE is powered by planting trees, rock and wood formations, and the aligning of tree stumps; for as you remember, the aforementioned products are much more complex than any computer chip or part developed in Silicone Valley. As these products in and of itself contain universal energy.
    With this influx of power, the ZPE will actually power our everyday products without Man’s complicated hook-ups. My mother-in-law made toast without it being plugged in. So this will actually cause negawatts, and lower usage means lower demands, which means less prices.

    Secondly, we need to start working together on certain fixed projects; the more concentrated energy the better. The Cabal do this why can’t we? Remember, our spirits are stronger, they have proven only victory over other warriors by use of fear, deception, lies, illusion, and will. With spirit, will, intention, and wisdom they will be crushed. We will not cry Uncle this time. See something you don’t like. Block it! Period! Let them show the darkness of their grain, and we shall show the ferocity of ours. They know nothing of Hell. We have been living millennia without the existence we are meant to and remembering having, while they enjoyed the perpetual AHA moment and the toys. The Prime Love and Light are moving in ways mysterious to our foes. Do not let them fool you. For soon all shall fall upon their faces and relinquish their power to us who deserve and know how to truly wield it.
    7/13. Focus all your light energy and intention on transmuting.
    Also,…comet ISON, put forth intent to to slow down speed. At 00.0. Stagnation. Death. Hell Z.
    Time to start the Collective. The Aquarian Mind is not One. Rather individual and unique minds working towards a common cause. The Cabal is one mind. The weakness for one is weakness for all. Please standby for project update.

    Aries +18.04.10
    End trans….

  3. Lenore says:

    Well, I just wanted to mention….If any of you followed Tolec when he first showed up….before anyone knew about him…he talked about waiting in the middle of the night for directions where he was to drive to. Then getting in his car and driving somewhere in the middle of the night in the desert. And sure enough, a ship would showed up right at the place he had heard, and he was invited on board….One of the stories he told was about their replicator that he saw…..He couldn’t believe it and asked them to reproduce pizza for him….and they did….The Andromedan’s replicated a bunch of other foods for him to try….he said it tasted identical to our food…..It was during the first few times they picked him up and they would take him places, show him situations to watch his human response, so they could learn more about humans and their emotions……Even unpleasant things that disturbed Tolec, things he didn’t want to see, but he knew what they were asking of him and complied….It was for future referencing….dealing with humans…..
    Just thought I’d add this very interest story…..

  4. I’m seeing good points and questions. What a great discussion this will be; and hopefully, more of us will make a show here. As in ‘show up.’ 🙂 Clarification-wise.

    As far as the food replicators? Well, honestly I really don’t care about them. My first impression, actually was ‘it had the flavor of something cooked in a Microwave; but if the timer wasn’t set just right, or true flavor not recalled correctly then, ewww, horrible.’ I’m sorta the other way…the grower, loving to share a home-made meal; the BBQ and so on. And, when we truly think about it, especially after reading “The Enlightenment” so many times, we can create anything we’d like, just from our ‘imaginations’, just was Talawanda created his own Universe for Alana, prepared by his imagination. Gosh, when I think about that I wouldn’t want to accept technology if we don’t really have to. That would be putting our own capabilities on the back burner, so to speak; although, I certainly ‘know’ they mean well.

    And, if we “Go by the book,” like Spock stated, and Capt. Kirk…which that logic and information must have been there, we don’t even need bodies, unless we care to incarnate one. Plus, if you consider that movie, “The Rath of Kahn” look how he twisted a good technology, to create a new planet within hours, and wanted to make a weapon out of it. I know it’s probably a far cry from reality; but when you look at it seriously, we’re living in a illusion that others have always wanted us to see.

    I keep thinking about the video regarding the destruction of the paple key, too; and about the ship that’s been seen for how many thousand years, and it makes me wonder…why were religious leaders lying and hiding so much of the truth, and ‘doing’ so much evil, to keep the earth in darkness, and how much longer would we be in this mess, and sorta confusion of the masses? Is that the intent? To exchange one humanity, for a future humanity? Yes, I know they’d teach us, but then you have humanity making the rules again, right? Well, maybe not; but I’d sure love to have direction from the Source, The ONE, the Creator.

    Everything has been made more than complicated, that’s for sure; but, those who have been successful are the ones that possessed this and other secrets, but never shared it properly. We never had the opportunity to ‘learn it all’ before the 1990s, when the move “The Secret” came out…and by then it was too late. And of course, they had to ‘sell it off’ bit, by bit; book, by book; video, by video, and conference by physical conference that we had to pay up the yin-yang for. And still left people wondering who had the real answers, when all along they split up the information and were making money off it of. That was ‘so wrong’! Christ was giving it away; he never asked for money; but, for the information he gave the people rewarded him as they pleased. He never asked them for money. Remember the loaves and the fishes creation, to feed the multitude? He gave it away; he didn’t sell it, and had some left over.

    This is why people like James Arthur Ray was put in jail; he left the back door open. And I met this jerk at a conference…and I do mean he was the worst of the self-loving/serving idiots I’ve ever seen. Everything he said there I’d heard on his You Tube videos, and was nothing new…but I was going to take a shot at that tent business, until I met him. I only introduced myself because at that time I was writing for the American Chronicle and announced his engagement. He was barely grateful, then as soon as I tried to ask a question, his goon-girl standing next to him, on his left, grabbed me by the shoulder of my blouse, after his rolled his head to the right, and she yanked me away from him, and in ‘my face’ with EXCUSE ME! That’s it!; while the much younger ‘cute chicks’ were allowed up to 4 minutes to speak with him; I had less than a minute.

    The end-game to those actions came a little while later…when he was arrested and jailed. Now, his ‘oh so mighty career is over.’ I doubt within the furthest reaches of my mind that anyone would ever go see him, or want to listen to him again. I know I don’t; and his near tears with the mainstream media when he got out was a joke. He went from his self-made, superior being, back to square -0-.

    Those that had all the knowledge were selling it for money, where Christ-like people ‘give it away.’ And as Talawanda stated ‘they were playing their game’ but this one hurt many. BUT, that’s it. I guess I said what was on my mind about it.

    I do believe however, our best interest are a concern to the ET’s; but even Drake didn’t bother to ask each of us, ‘Is a food replicator what you really want? Or how many of you feel that you’d rather be taught to ‘create your reality, including your favorite food?’ He was always incommunicado; as in celeb status. Drake’s a lovely man, and I so thank him for his time in the service, and wish him blessings; but the truth of the matter is is that he was totally unreachable to most of us…and that’s a fact. Everything had to be vetted by Grammy J. So his celebrity image blew up in his face because he did speak too soon. He couldn’t wait, and tipped everyone off too fast. He knew the military was listening. He should not have given anymore information than what he was told to on those days; no hints; but he did, with love of course; and I think had he done what he was instructed to do, they maybe could have pulled this off back then. I mean, look at how long the chemtrails stopped for. But, even David Wilcock hasn’t breathed a word about Drake, since those first couple of interviews.

    Oh well. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m stuffing my nose back into the book again. I just know there’s something I’m not getting there. But more than anything, I believe I must straighten my attitude about ‘me’ first; and I’m most certainly, and without a doubt, ‘NOT perfect.’ Blessings and Light BP – ❤ ❤

  5. liane says:

    I’m with you BP, i dont buy anything with the nestle name on it and i would definately not trust them with something like that. I would rather starve.

  6. I realize many have found their inner guide which always guides to the truth, I am saying beware of where these so-called gifts are coming. I am also aware of the destruction of our planet by multi-nationals. I Just saw personally the destruction in the Joaquin Valley, billboards posted on deserted farmland saying “Tell Congress to Turn the Water back on” . I witnessed a “Weed Board” in Seattle infiltrating communities to persuade them to use Monsantos Round-Up to kill non-native plants of which many are medicinals. The women for the weed board had been given grants by Monsanto for their education and non-profit (that info was given to me by the locals, thank god they are informed)
    Nestle did a lot of damage in the past, I do not buy their products.
    As far as uninitiated, time for them to look into some things, I learned by observing and then testing these ideas, always asking for the truth.
    By the way I recently had a couple of personal items teleport, gone then back, amazing.
    I found this blog through Nasa Lies video of which I have had the same reaction most have had here, relief and tears.
    I like this blog, lots of good info here and good people, your moderation is good too.
    I do not believe people aren’t ready for their own higher consciousness to unfold to them. Although I do believe the reason we have not progressed more is because we are being held back by many nefarious technologies, GMO’s, Chemtrails, HAARP, EMF’s etc., I agree with you there.
    My advice to anyone is always wonder about everything and ask for the truth. Be curious, have no fear. The truth will come.

    • Thank you, Cheryl, and welcome. We have a fabulous group here who contribute much, in many ways, to the greater understanding. We have old hands and also new ones joining in every day.

      I believe the uninitiated or newly initiated are here to learn more so they can determine their own truth, and they ask some good questions.

      My biggest, burning question to date is, “What the hell are the thumb and the face doing in “The Destruction of the Papal Key” video?! LOL If you have that figured out, please DO tell.

  7. themadhatter says:

    Hello, I didn’t know where to post this … but if you’ve been listening to RON VAN DYKE he goes on about 555 defeating the 666. Well, today a 555 (count the end point circles) crop circle arrived in UK … … it is 555 … and notice too the address … Ackling Dyke, Nr Sixpenny Handley, Dorset (DYKE – 6 Pennies 666)

    Crop Circles 2014 – Ackling Dyke, Nr Sixpenny Handley, Dorset

    Here is link to RON VAN DYKE’S last video today … THE GOAL IS TO END FINANCIAL (666)TYRANNY … RON VAN DYKE (555) Solfeggio 555 Hz Mandala … CHANGE IN DIVINE ORDER


  8. Does this bring people together? You don’t need food to live, see breatharians and sungazing. Why does this smack of Monsatan and other multi conglomerates? Yes I could not eat and sungaze but I would miss chocolate cake, the pleasure of going to the market, the joy of sharing meals. Everything these trangeneticists are doing is an unraveling or reverse engineering of what we as beings can do, ie;teleportation, I have teleported and met Rolling Thunder, late Medicine man aka (John Pope). I have been allowed to borrow animals bodies, I can read minds. You can do what the siddhis can do. Yet again big business likes to pretend they are doing something beneficial. Where is the joy from planting a community garden here? How do we pass time in this perfect paradise earth with all her abundance? Why aren’t we planting fruit trees everywhere?Why not look at this beautiful creation and start tending our garden to reproduce even more, then trade with other areas for a variety that doesn’t grow here. Seeds beget seeds beget seeds, wild things erroneously named weeds grow, and are our medicines. Our bodies and souls know what we need, that is the craving you have. Meet others enjoy the seasons, taste, smell, observe all creatures and care for this planet.
    If these multinationals were so benevolent why don’t they feed the world with their accumulated profits? Are these the same people who sold baby formula to natives in India and Africa to get them dependent on their invention as opposed to breastmilk? Did these people also poison the groundwater of these places? They will be know by their actions, I think that is a Bible passage. By the way have a look at Santo Bonacci teachings on youtube or
    Learn to discern folks,

    • Cheryl, you’re both preaching to the choir and expecting too much from the uninitiated.

      Most of those who read this blog ARE discerning, AND we welcome the new techologies that have been withheld from us for decades.

      Why aren’t we planting trees and gardens? Possibly because the government is forcing people to rip them out in some places in the USA in their efforts to starve us and kill us with malnutrition.

      The world is not yet ready for sungazing and breathing their nutrition. Those things will come MUCH later, unless a whole lot happens overnight.

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