Common Law Grand Jury Update for June 30th, 2014

This update came via the Prepare for Change newsletter. Take note, America! This is not the time for hesitation and sitting back waiting for someone else to do it.  We must “be the change”, as they say. 

In my opinion, this is one of the most exciting things unfolding on the planet.  ~ BP


From: Michael Ellegion

Common Law Grand Juries are Forming all over the U.S., and the Importance of becoming a member of them:

Some of you who I have had a chance to speak to within the last few weeks, have learned about the fact that Common Law Grand Juries are in the process of forming all over the U.S..  And this process is quickly gaining momentum, as more and more  people are quickly Waking up to the urgency and responsibility to “take action” and to restore our sovereignty and freedoms that the cabal has destroyed in their agenda of total world control.

And everyone who is involved in this, either who were first strongly Guided from Within by Higher Light Forces to start this extremely important “movement”, or has more recently been Inspired to “come on board” and join those already involved in this re-constitutional process, are also definitely getting much positive and powerful “Energetic” support and guidance from “Behind the scenes”, from our “Friends Upstairs”/Galactics.  Yes, to “go for it” and reclaim our country and planet from the cabal.

This is an extremely important point, of how we are all being not only strongly guided, but Protected and Watched over, so that the cabal will NOT be able to sabotage this very important movement.  But I have heard that besides those of us who are directly involved in reforming Common Law Grand Juries, there have been many more people who are hesitating to “get involved” and “standing on the sidelines”, and mostly for one reason.  Something that has often stopped many from being able to participate; and that is that these people are somewhat concerned in their F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).   That something “bad” could happen to them from the cabal, if they involve themselves by joining with the rest of us; that somehow they would be “targeted”, etc. by the cabal, and because of this, they are afraid to “get involved”. 

But I would say to them, that it is time to not allow fear and intimidation to control us any longer.  That if “we the people” will “raise up en masse”, through a peaceful, but powerful and orderly, Constitutionally Lawful process, of “speaking Truth to power”, and standing in our in own Light and Truth, and calling upon the Higher Light Forces and God to give them the strength, Guidance and Inner Knowing.   Of the fact that this movement was, as stated, first actually inspired by the Divine Creator and the Higher Light Forces, for the people of this country and all throughout this planet to join together in Solidarity and reclaim our Common Law Rights, that the cabal cannot and will not be able to stop this movement.

John, who moderates the Monday night phone conference calls (and who is a very dedicated and religious man of Higher principles), has shared the fact that all of the “alphabet soup agencies” (CIA, FBI, NSA, etc., all investigated this “re-constitutional movement” of lawfully forming Common Law Grand Juries, and they all had to admit that there was absolutely nothing “illegal” about this and have been forced to allow this movement to continue, and they have admitted to him that there is nothing they can do to stop him and everyone else who wants to participate in this process. 

There is now much excitement beginning to build, as more and more of the states of the Union-19 states-as of right now, as of the 23rd of June, have become “Reconstituted”, and more in the coming days and weeks will also follow suit.

A few weeks ago, Laura Legere and I signed up to be members of Common Law Grand Juries that are forming here in the state of Wash.  Once Wash. and all the states have completed the entire process of being “Constituted”, the Common Law Grand Juries will literally have Authority to force all corrupt judges, sheriffs, and others who do not uphold heir “Oath of Office” to be arrested and removed from positions of power over us, and any so-called “laws” that are not in accordance with the original “organic” 1870 U.S. Constitution, will be eliminated by the true “will of the people.”  

This is very exciting, and as mentioned, every Monday evening, there is a phone Conference call which you can participate in and learn about this continuing process of more and more of the states become Reconstituted, and how everyone who is interested in more personally participating in this very historical process can become a member of these fast forming Common Law Grand Juries.  Go to

Also, coming up on Sept. 12. 13 and 14, at the Mt. Shasta Ascension Portal Conference, I will be doing a presentation, which will include info. about the greater “Galactic” significance of these Common Law Grand Juries, and how this is connected with the Galactic Councils (see the other email I also just sent about this upcoming conference at Mt. Shasta.  I also have info. posted at my website,, about this Conference-looking forward to seeing some of you there!   Also, by the way, for those of you who are interested in attending this conference, please sign-up for it through the link at my website, because I do get credit for you reserving a space there, thru my website, as versus doing it directly through the ‘Mt. Shasta Ascension Portal Conference’ website.  Thanks).



Michael Ellegion


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3 thoughts on “Common Law Grand Jury Update for June 30th, 2014

  1. Eldon Warman says:

    Great idea; however, there needs to be more exact research done.
    The 1870 US Constitution was amended after the rump Congress of 1861. The anti-slavery 13th Amendment and the right of the corporate UNITED STATES to own slaves (citizens) is part of the Articles of incorporation of the Vatican owned UNITED STATES. The last time the original Constitution was in effect was before the American Civil War, with the last Amendment (13th) being the teeth of the Constitutional provision against public servants having foreign allegiances.

    Also, it should be noted that even the original Constitution, without the implementation of Article 5 of the Articles of Confederation, leaves no provision for the people of America to have a means to control corporate government, even by Common Law Grand Juries.

    • Eldon, The research has been done and the law of the common man is on our side. If they didn’t have a leg to stand on they wouldn’t have got as far as they did to date. Judges are being trained as well as juries, states reconstituted and law enforcement authorized to arrest those who try to uphold the illegal statutory laws. It’s a done deal.

  2. Margaret Newson says:

    Dearest Soul, this IS very exciting! I’m from UK but no matter. I haven’t yet read it all but I’m pinning my thoughts on all this and Kevin Annett. As for fear, I think that those who keep in this vibration will attract it. I m not qualified in this area but when young I would have liked to have gone into law but was not to be. I feel that once the Vatican and her at Buckingham palace have gone then we can replace the distorted Vatican/Gregorian calendar and raise the vibrations of humanity in one big swoop by bringing in the new dispensation of 13 Moons/28-day synchronometer/calendar.
    Thank you so much for your great energies here.
    With Love and Blessings

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