Something Happened at Odessa on Friday—But What? [video]

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Tidal waves that don’t accompany an earthquake or significant explosion—what’s that all about? A foiled cabal false flag? Another nuke exploded out at sea? A strike on Russia?  ‘Somebody’s’ got their backs.  ~ BP

Scientists in Odessa at a loss to explain 2 meter tidal wave that rushed ashore preceded by an obtuse sound of an explosion


Scientists in the city of Odessa have failed to explain for the causes of an unusually tall tidal wave that rushed ashore Friday in the city’s beach areas and in the neighboring port town of Ilyichevsk.

“Measuring equipment didn’t register any tremors of the crust or any other geophysical events that might have triggered a tsunami of this kind,” Dr. Konstantin Yegupov, the chief of a seismic survey station at the Odessa State Academy of Construction told reporters.

He said the researchers had not confirmed the versions of either an underwater blast or the so-called rump wave.

All the evidence available to us points to a local surge of the sea, presumably in the area of Chernomorka and the wave moved from the northeast to the southwest but we can only theorize about the nature of that surge,” Dr. Yegupov said.

A special commission has been set up by the regional branch of the state service for emergency situations response to establish the causes of the phenomenon.



Another article states…

“A total of six people, including four children, received traumas and were taken to the region’s central hospital,” Dr. Yegupov said.

Along with it, rescue services did not confirm the reports on a child who had allegedly died that went viral in social networks.

The press office of the emergencies service claimed the number of injured was so small and no one had died owing to the fact that there were too few visiting holidaymakers in Odessa this year because of the tense situation in all the parts of Ukraine.

A tidal wave more than 2 meters tall battered the beaches of Odessa and Ilyichevsk Friday. Eyewitnesses claimed its emergence had been preceded by an obtuse sound of an explosion.


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6 thoughts on “Something Happened at Odessa on Friday—But What? [video]

  1. I can see I’m the only one talking here. lol 🙂 Well, that’s okay because at least you’ve got at least 2 that have time for the moment. SO, here’s what I came to offer. But, the only ‘bad part is’ you have to get to the very end of the article to make the connection; and right here is what could be the answer.

    As I was searching some from the pictures from the UK, after that one link you posted, I got way into looking at ‘back in the day’ pics, which led me to that ‘underwater’ base; and then to this site looking at all sorts of old pics from the UK. Which, BTW were interesting..their underground RR to be exact. So I’ll just say that this article I believe, gives us the answer to the question…what happened there. I could be wrong, but you know if I am, I’m dog gone close. Do you recall Operation Orpheus being discussed? I’d heard the name, and of course I had to read it. I was a tad disappointed throughout, but interesting it is, so it hung on and at the very end the answer just ‘popped out’. See what you think; and this is from the UK

    • Leahanna, you could be right, of course. It could be as simple as that. It just seems coincidental that with so much going on in Russia, the cabal trying to stifle their worst enemy, all kinds of fireballs, explosions and ETs around in the past year or so…

      • Well, do you recall when Ben Fulford talked about the charges that were set near the fault line, to create that Japan quake, and destroyed (might as well say) Fuki? I’m getting the impression that this is what they’ve been doing to test the waters. Like, how much explosive to use, to cause a tsunami, when not using haarp? Since they are rather close to the navel base, and our ships are in those waters, I put nothing past them. The last paragraph and sentence just made so much sense to me.

      • I KNOW the cabal is not resting on its laurels for wreaking havoc. They always have multiple irons in the fire and we must be on our toes. However, much of what they would love to do is prevented by the Galactics.

  2. Okay, I’ve checked the USGS Reports and there’s nothing for that day, except near California. All the others have been rather large, today. Many updates on the magnitude, for the ones that hit in Japan, at their Volcano Islands…6.2 and 5.8. So there has been activity, but not Friday.

    However, what I did come up with by happenstance, while looking around the Navel Bases in Odessa, it could just be related to something that happened locally, in the Caspian Sea or the Black Sea. It has to have something to do with those bases. Or they may be in the middle of demolition of the abandoned, underground naval base that Russia owns, which you can find here.

    They’ve been slowly dismantling it since 1991. Many of the door handles and such were removed illegally by the residents…but they took to action against it..not like the would here.
    This is why I said by happenstance, because this is the second time I’ve come across this abandoned base in the last 3 months, not realizing the two links were related. This gives much better photos of it. Thought about going a last ditch safety measure. Got my passport. 🙂 ANYHOW…

    We do have our navy in the Caspian and Black Sea, and it could just very well be that they’re using some type of miniature haarp, ya know? They could have also snuck into that abandoned base and are going through the back door. I do not trust them either. 🙂 There are no military guarding it…that I could find out. How can we even trust what they do, when we know the deception that’s going on. Since that is an underwater base, our ships we know have some stealth capabilities that they never talk about. But…it’ll have to be a wait and see, I supposed. I feel, however, that it has something to do with their sonar tests (ours). The same ones that killed so many whales and dolphins. They could have had it up too high, which may cause that explosive sound, without there being any explosion. That would most certainly upset the area.

    You know, I was looking at the size of Russia on the world map and we’re like dwarfed in size next to them. Could fit 4 US in their area. 🙂

  3. Well, that is a small title wave as 2 meters is 7 feet. There’s waves taller than that in Hawaii, when the wind’s blowing rough. Actually, that was Maui, and people were out there surfing in them. But they don’t call them title waves. There was one in 1958, of 1,729 foot tall tidal wave that hit Alaska, and that was the largest one ever recorded. Now that size I’d be very worried about.

    Hey, you never know. It’s possible that one of the old mines they used to use during WWII could have sunk, which they do…and maybe drifted that far. They were ‘all over’ the place. If there was a submarine that wasn’t aware of it, in those waters, and maybe not picked up on their sonar (because of rusting and carbuncles) they may have possible hit it, and it wasn’t a big enough explosion to show on the surface because of depth. It’s so hard to say at this point. But then again, it could be another small volcano that exploded; but you usually see signs of those, on the surface. They’re erupting all over now. The ocean floor is totally disrupted, and has been for quite awhile. I don’t think that the use of HAARP has helped, that’s for sure.

    I’ll check all my USGS reports I’ve received. There’s been a LOT of quake activity, so I’ll check to see how close these locations are to here.

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