New David Icke Video on Jimmy Savile and the Royal Family re: Satanic Paedophilia [video]

“This world is controlled by a scale and depth of evil which is almost beyond comprehension.” ~D. Icke

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6 thoughts on “New David Icke Video on Jimmy Savile and the Royal Family re: Satanic Paedophilia [video]

  1. Hera boyce says:


  2. Nancy C/Seattle says:

    Here’s a 9 minute clip from Clif High, the webbot/linguist forecaster guy, in which he describes David Icke as the new Gandhi that the ‘Powers that be’ don’t dare touch because he is “harmonized” with the Universe. Cliff starts talking about David around the 2:30 mark after explaining what he means by “harmonized”.

    Around the 7:49 mark, the interviewer asks if one becomes attuned to the universe “with your mind or with your gut”. Clif responds there’s no difference. That we have as many brain cells around our gut and intestines as in the thinking cortex of our brains. That it’s “intuition” and our gut “thinks in a different way”.

  3. James says:

    I had very vivid dreams all last night about some kind of organization that hurt kids and was trying to hide the fact. They were just about to get caught and they were freaking out about it. Something is going on.

  4. I sure would love to listen to that broadcast, but he charges for those, doesn’t he? I used to get the free version of his newsletter, but it wasn’t very comprehensive except for a vid or so.

    But, I do believe that he has all the right connections with the royals over there. Who would know better than he? They’re all going to be hung out to dry, and it’s a great time to be alive to witness the end of them. ❤

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